Conservative Paradise RMB

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The CP Alliance Security Force of Guardians of Paradise

World Factbook Entry

Member of the 'Conservative Paradise Alliance'
(forum=, along with the region Conservative Paradise Reborn, and of ACCEL (

Regional motto: "Right in Word and Deed."
Further data:,

Embassies: Right to Life.

Tags: Conservative and Medium.

Regional Power: Moderate

Conservative Paradise contains 24 nations, the 463rd most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Populations in Conservative Paradise

The following nations have the greatest number of citizens.

As a region, Conservative Paradise is ranked 114th in the world for Largest Populations.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Kingdom of GodwinniaFree-Market Paradise“For Honour and Freedom”
2.The Kingdom of St EdmundCorporate Bordello“Free as the Sea”
3.The Incorporated Consortium of PropserinaCapitalist Paradise“Least Corrupt Government in all NS, 26th May '07”
4.The Dominion of Princess Edwina IslandNew York Times Democracy“Peace and progress”
5.The Incorporated States of St Edmund AirCorporate Bordello“Fly St Edmund Air!”
6.The Joyously Anti-Metric People of Happy HexadactylsCivil Rights Lovefest“Base ten good, base twelve better”
7.The Protectorate of St Edmundan AntarcticNew York Times Democracy“Brrrr”
8.The CP Alliance Security Force of Guardians of ParadiseCorporate Bordello“Because we're right”
9.The Borderlands of GC Cable and WirelessNew York Times Democracy“Linking The Lands In Peace”
10.The Dominion of The Sky Blue HordeCapitalist Paradise“Ride, ride to the World's End!”
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Conservative Paradise Regional Message Board

Oops! I didn't really expect anybody else to be very active here during Halloween, and was too busy fighting zombies elsewhere (in four other regions, two of which were saved...) to check here on the day. Sorry!

As I'm fairly sure I've mentioned here in the past, the most reliable method of contacting me quickly is through The Free Bears of Bears Armed as that's currently my 'main' nation.

And unfortunately I couldn't have been much help here during that crisis, anyway, because time-zones & other RL factors meant that I couldn't get online until the plague had already been running for about 12 hours and by that time it would probably have been "too late" for my nations in this region.

However I've just given Kemelom access to the regional founder too, by TGing its password to them, for use in any future emergencies.

There is mistaken identity, and then there is really mistaken identity.
Okay, so Im a bit overweight and the beard that Ive grown over the last half-year or so (which isnt particularly long, yet, but is rather bushy) has quite a bit of white in it, but even so
A small child who saw me a few days ago looked up past the belly to the beard, turned to his mother, and in a hushed voice enquired
Is that Santa Claus?



Not sure whether I'll be able to get here tomorrow, and certain that I won't be able to do so on the day after that, so

"MERRY CHRISTMAS (or other Seasonal Greetings of your choice), EVERYBODY!"

With the introduction of the scientific advancement measurement, I'm happy to report that 25/28 nations in this region, at the time of this post, are above the world average (exceptions are GC Cable and Wireless (ironically), Mortz-land, and Delphinland). Great job, guys.

Greetings. We would have been third in 'Most Devout' nations in the region, which is somewhat saddening, but we are honored to be here nonetheless!

Good to have you here!

This region seems somewhat inactive. :(

I will now join a region founded by an acquaintance: a fellow Brother in Christ. Should Conservative Paradise require assistance in the future, I shall return!

So, does anybody else here have an opinion about the new option for setting your nation's demonym & its associated adjective?
I like it, this being a feature that I'd already been hoping for (and had been amongst the people asking for...) anyway, so while I was logging in to my various nations in this region today in order to keep them alive I went around and changed the settings for the [many] cases where the game's new coding didn't get it right in the first place.

I've set a demonym & adjective for the region's founder, too, but of course Kemelon can change those if they prefer different ones... or if the rest of you want change, and Kemelon's willing to go along with that.

Hello. I am a new member and interested in becoming our WA delegate. Please endorse me. Please!!!

I can assure you that I am quite Christian, and quite conservative.

The Republic of Elihow wrote:Hello. I am a new member and interested in becoming our WA delegate. Please endorse me. Please!!!

I can assure you that I am quite Christian, and quite conservative.

Welcome! Wassail!

No endorsement possible from me, I'm afriad: My own WA seat is now permanently assigned to a nation in another region...

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