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Founder: The Authoritarian Anarchism of Mesahnar

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"History is cyclical, and its prevailing current is downward, declining from a Golden Age through Silver and Bronze Ages to a Dark Age.

We live in a Dark Age, in which decadence reigns and all natural and healthy values are inverted.

Even in the depths of the Dark Age, there are hidden Golden Age counter-currents: survivals of the past Golden Age that sustain the world and serve as seeds of the Golden Age to come.

It is not futile to think and live according to Golden Age principles in the depths of the Dark Age. Indeed, those who do so play an important role in the passage of the Ages."


There is no greater oppressor to the unconventional and different than democracy.

Tags: Anti-Fascist, Anti-Security Council, Anarchist, Snarky, Anti-General Assembly, Anti-Capitalist, Minuscule, and Anti-Communist.

Community of Independent Nations contains 4 nations.

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The Most Primitive in Community of Independent Nations

Nations were ranked by World Census officials based on the number of natural phenomena attributed solely to the unknowable will of the gods.

As a region, Community of Independent Nations is ranked 9,330th in the world for Most Primitive.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The KPA Comrade General of The Monkey Brigades IILeft-Leaning College State“Behold! The power of THUMBS!”
2.The Timchiland Red Fleet Squad of Panda SoldiersLeft-wing Utopia“Left Unity”
3.The Authoritarian Anarchism of MesahnarFather Knows Best State“Violence in the cause of righteousness is heroism.”
4.The Holy Empire of Hinei Ma TovDemocratic Socialists“Behold how good and how pleasant it is.”

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Post by Mesahnar suppressed by Vandoosa Zweiundfunfzig.

Hello, wetwork. Do the wars against the vile World Assemblists continue?


Post by Mournivalian Domain suppressed by Vandoosa Zweiundfunfzig.

Hi Mesahnar, there has been inactivity, and oddly enough, an anti wa region is hard to motivate to join very body they oppose :P

I am reconstituting GG and a vital factor is a renewal of our acquaintance with the NatSov-antiWA/SC cause.
Sadly we lost almost all our original members, but I will not relinquish either my home nor my passion for the fight. The Gallows will be reborn.


Post by Mesahnar suppressed by Vandoosa Zweiundfunfzig.

A lot of Anti-WA'ists don't seem to comprehend that undermining the heavy hand of the corrupt from within is the only real way to make dents in NationStates; and those, in turn, seeming to come only proverbial inch by inch.

Oh wow.. pretty large bomb dropped here yes!

A thank you to the The Black Riders, for constructing embassies with them that they never would've accepted from any region outside of their control.

Hello everyone, it is lovely being apart of this nice region. I hope to do great good in the region. Seamair is proud to be here.

Hello, everyone. Welcome to a region too long devoid of refreshingly aggressive, violent behavior such as displayed by you in the past few days. I am Mesahnar, Founder and Absolute Leader of a region once filled with bleeding heart liberals, but a graveyard ever since they learned that the complete freedom to behave any way they wished, but without any 'executive' power to wield over other, didn't give them the satisfaction that they apparently thought it would. Curious, that.

Anyway: one wonders if the mere fact of my existence, and my having actually been waiting for an "attack" like this, make you less, or more, inclined to stay in this region and interact with purportedly, one of the more historically sociopathic members in NS community history (just ask Lady Nevadar)?

*Awaits reply, while going back to writing transdimensional invasion fiction.*


Post by The Monkey Brigades II suppressed by Mesahnar.

You seem to misunderstand our intent. We aren't here to be your new regional playthings, we're here to end your embassies with fash regions. That is the extent of it. We have 0 plans on staying.

Aha. Then you seem to misunderstand mine. I do not desire "regional playthings", but others to civilly interact with even while maintaining express focus on hostility and/or otherwise viciousness of whatever available sort against the damned Pro-World Assemblists throughout all NationStates. If you are unwilling to cooperate, then perhaps your plans on leaving should be accelerated by a factor of instant, despite what disappointment it might bring to your "fascist" Invader overlords.

...Meanwhile, I think I'm now supposed to proclaim "death to the dirty commies", or some such? Huzzah huzzah, and all that, as the DEN's Black Rider division always says, right?

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