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WA Delegate: The United Socialists of Daukulis Country (elected 37 days ago)

Founder: Communist beach

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first Re-founded: 6/19/08, once again 03/12/14 Enjoy a Communist Utopia. A socialist version of Amsterdam on the sunny beaches of Cuba.

Forever green and anti-imperialist.

Historic member of Warsaw Pact.

Bring a picnic, smoke some weed.
Power to the People, indeed!

Flying the U.S. imperialist rag is prohibited. To fly the red, white and blue use a Cuban or North Korean flag!

Sister region: Hippy Haven

Embassies: Hippy Haven, Red Army, Antifa, Communist Socialist Alliance, The Isle of Wight, Red Army Headquarters, Communist International League, Socialist, CSSR, Marxist union, The Internationale, Buddhist Communism, Union of Federal Socialist Republics, The United Socialist Nations, The International Socialist Bloc, Communist Russia, and 36 others.The Communist Republic of the Tea Party, Greater Interstellar Warsaw Pact, Socialism, Communist Party Central, FARC, International Communist Party, Free Socialist Coalition, Bay of Pigs, united socialist states of indi, CRFI, Sucre, Luanda, FMLN, Union of Socialist Confederate Republics, Trav khar, World Alliance, Soviet republics region, Socialism in One Country, North Korea, The Communist Party of NationStates, Espana, Guatemala City, UCR, Communist Democracy, The Cooperative Union, In The Flesh, Revolutionary Vanguard, The Island of Mythology, Council of The Federated Nations, The Communist Region, Atheist Empire, The Communist Empire, La Republica de Cuba, Wintreath, Das Kommune, and Communist China.

Tags: Anti-Fascist, Communist, Eco-friendly, Password, Liberal, Socialist, Medium, and Founderless.

Regional Power: Moderate

Communist Beach contains 13 nations, the 947th most in the world.


Password required

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The Most Avoided in Communist Beach

Nations ranked highly are considered by many to be the most inhospitable, charmless, and ghastly places to spend a vacation, or, indeed, any time at all.

As a region, Communist Beach is ranked 16,494th in the world for Most Avoided.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The United Socialist States of EasoFather Knows Best State“Nobody says anything”
2.The Democratic Republic of Furry WolvesScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Free your mind...”
3.The United Kingdom of TesegosPsychotic Dictatorship“This Motto Space For Sale”
4.The Commonwealth of UPS Air CargoIron Fist Consumerists“Delivery Status: Pending”
5.The John Lennon Utopia of Strawberry Fields-Scandinavian Liberal Paradise“Let me take you down Cos I'm going to Strawberry Fields”
6.The Communist Paradise of EZLNDemocratic Socialists“Para todos todo, para nosotros nada”
7.The People's Republic of Socialist SloopjeLeft-wing Utopia“Workers of the world, UNITE!”
8.The People's Republic of ComunistanAuthoritarian Democracy“Dominence”
9.The Dominion of MageuCapitalist Paradise“Prosperity Comes From Within”
10.The Federated Commonwealths of ArashinWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“Arashin-Empyrria United!”
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Communist Beach Regional Message Board

Dada nouveau

37 days ago


Looks like I missed all the fun. :(

I'm sick for one day and I miss the first interesting thing to happen in months. Damn it.

Right, was quite the speedy rescue. Truly appreciate the effort of all involved.

By Lazarus, The Pacific, Wintreath, the FRA, and UDL according to that one post, Daukulis Country do you know who all showed up? I'd be interested to know.
(Or someone could telegram me)

I'll get that out you, strawberry fields, in a little bit. I was getting ready to go out of town when it all happened. I'm out of town for tonight and coming back tomorrow. I'll get you the info. then. In the meantime, the region is under password protection for awhile. Once again, thanks to lazarus, the pacific, Wintreath, FRA, UDL, Spiritus, and the Rejected Realms, all were integral to resecuring the region. Most of the people I unbanned were those that came to our rescue, and there are still notably lots of people that have offered to come to our aide, even today, which should not go unnoticed. All said and done, we were able to react quickly, although the timing was close, since, like I've previously stated, I was planning a trip out of town and didn't curtail the invasion sooner. I'll update everyone in a day or two. Once again, sorry for the hullabaloo, and glad the regions secure again.

No worries, i'm sure you got a lot on your plate.

I already got my answer anyhow. We got aid from a lot of places. According to page=activity/view=nation.daukulis_country/filter=endo we had over 20 people endorse you just before update.

From the places you mentioned and a few from North Korea, Regional Defense Committee, UCR, and Juche Union. In fact the delegate of North Korea retired their 90 day+ seat as delegate just to help. :)

Welcome back, The People's Republic of Comunistan! Glad to have you back in our ranks :D

Thank You, It is good to be back :D

Welcome back The Hard-Line Faction of Zutroy! Glad to see a decorated comrade back within our ranks!

Glad to be back; tasks at college caused a temporary lapse in my attendance here.

Good to see we've fended off an invasion attempt. Judging from the earlier comments here on the RMB, it looks like the perpetrators were libertarians trying to convert our pristine communist beach into a bizarre Galt-like fantasy. I applaud your patience in attempting to debate them, The United Socialists of Daukulis Country. You've really got to check your brain at the door before trying to engage in a dialogue with bozos like that.

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