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WA Delegate: The Federal Republic of Latin and Central America (elected )

Founder: The Empire of Emporer Islands

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July and August Government:
Prime Minister: Latin and Central America
Minister for Justice and Attorney General - Cliffton
Minister of Defence - New Nationale Einheit
Minister for Foreign Affairs - Forssaland
Minister for Recruitment - Perlamo State
Deputy Prime Minister, Government Chief Whip and Minister of Interior, Cultural and Citizenship Affairs - Norton Island

Next Election Period: September 2015
Security Category: SC2. Heightened Security

Supreme Judge: Love Island
Regional Judges: Two Chaoses and Centralton

Emperor Islands Capital City, Governor, Love Island

Embassies: India, Asia, Gay, Soli Deo gloria, North Africa, Confederation of Nations, United Empire of Islam, The Species Alliance, Cashnatchee, Lebanon, The Arab League, Commonwealth of Free Nations, Libertatem, Yokai, The Covenant of Shrek, Far East States Federation, and 9 others.The Commonwealth of Kings, The Commonwealth of Crowns, Role Player Coalition, Capitalist Paradise, Federation of Free States, The Mid Pacific, Glorious Nations of Iwaku, Coalition of Catholic States, and New Republica.

Construction of embassies with The Utopian Freesocialists has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with Nelborne Union has commenced. Completion expected .

Tags: Free Trade, Large, Democratic, and Monarchist.

Regional Power: Moderate

Central Pacific Empire contains 67 nations, the 164th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Furniture Restoration Industry in Central Pacific Empire

As a region, Central Pacific Empire is ranked 408th in the world for Largest Furniture Restoration Industry.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Federation of DerlarkaCorporate Police State“This is our land”
2.The Federation of Deutsche Lufthansa AGCapitalist Paradise“Lufthansa - There is no better way to fly”
3.The Community of Allied EngineersNew York Times Democracy“Rose Island + Making a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow”
4.The Federal Republic of ArquillaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Fly high and proud”
5.The Federal Republic of ContaWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Faith, Unity, Integrity”
6.The Incorporated States of North of SouthInoffensive Centrist Democracy“In the midst of the desert, she may rise”
7.The Empire of Robert adriansInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Paz y justicia ”
8.The Empire of BatemaFather Knows Best State“Unity gives Strength”
9.The City State of Emperor Islands Capital CityInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Capital City of the Central Pacific Empire”
10.The Principality of VaudauScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Peace and Justice”
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Regional Poll • Proposed Amendments to RL 33: Regional Mapping Law (IC ONLY)

The Federal Republic of Latin and Central America wrote:Vote Aye or No to the amendments proposed by the Interior Minister on the RMB.

Voting opened 5 hours ago and will close . Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Last poll: “Proposed Amendments to Regional Law 8”

Regional Happenings


Central Pacific Empire Regional Message Board

The Republic of Forssaland wrote:FOREIGN AFFAIRS UPDATES

North Africa:
Iíve had no response from this region on my request for greater communication. I donít know whether itís an embassy worth keeping.

No other updates to report today.

I thank the Minister for his update. The Minister will note North Africa is a role playing region, and thus has little interest in establishing deep ties with other regions. This embassy was established after France 1 fled the region to hide in North Africa, and the founder was very helpful in our efforts to get him to return. Thus the embassy will remain open.

Not every region with have an embassy with will desire deeper ties, and that is fine. The Species Alliance, for example, is a mass effect role playing region with little interest in anything else.

Citizens views on the inclusion of the Defence Minister in the SC are welcome. As this would be a constitutional amendment if it was proposed it would need go to referendum.

The Republic of Forssaland wrote:FOREIGN AFFAIRS UPDATES

North Africa:
I’ve had no response from this region on my request for greater communication. I don’t know whether it’s an embassy worth keeping.

No other updates to report today.

Really? In my experience, North Africa is a region whose embassy with us should be cherished. In my travels, I found them to be very helpful, kind and encouraging. Perhaps this telegram I received from their delegate might enlighten members of the region abit more:

"Indeed, I can understand your concerns, considering North Africa has experienced her share of raid attempts and threats throughout the years herself. I have not heard back from any of my members yet, so I do not know how many of them will be interested in attending, but as soon as I know, I will happily send you a list.

Best of luck, and try not to let these invaders get you down too much.

Best wishes,


Delegate of North Africa

New Nationale Einheit

I have made it clear to the Minister that I'm not willing to consider embassy closure with North Africa. In my experience, they are a vibrant role playing region and their delegate is exceptionally friendly.

Conta and New Nationale Einheit

Press Statement: 29th July 2015

In 1 week, an influx of visitors will begin arriving in the CPE for the Festival. At present, there have been a number of invitations sent out, security issues are close to being sorted out, the mood in the region has been lifted significantly and virtually all the domestic issues are in order. However, do not forget the RPM's Big Political Issues debate, more information pertaining to this will be published at an as yet, unconfirmed date.

I note that the founder of the Conferderation of Nations has CTE'd. I am sad to see the decline of activity within the region.


We are proud sponsors of the CPE FESTIVAL

Cheque of $500,000 given to event organizer, Conta



Citizens and Government of the Central Pacific Empire:

I am looking forward to our upcoming first-annual regional festival. This will be a great time in our history, and I can assure my fellow citizens and the rest of our attendees that my office will be relentless in making sure all precautions are taken to ensure the safety of everyone. I will be here during the festival, as I will be hosting the forum on regional and national security as well as facilitating our safety procedures alongside our other leaders. We will make this a safe and memorable success, together.

Chancellor Dieter Himmler
Minister of Defense

Latin and Central America and Conta

There is quite a bit going on, so I would like to sum it all up so everyone is across the many discussions, issues and events:

1. The CPE Festival launches next week, and is being organised by Conta. We are expected additional visitor nations, so the Foreign Affairs and Defense Ministries are coordinating to ensure everything runs smoothly. The Security Council is also in regular conversion on these matters and is monitoring the situation.

2. The Draft Mapping Law is about to be presented. I ask that all Imperial Councillors vote on the matter quickly so we can get it resolved, and then we can start to better shape the map and interact with it.

3. We have been having a debate on public holidays and the high amount of religious public holidays. I think eventually we need to phase these out, but it needs to happen in a slow and considered way. Whilst Christian nations are a majority (just), there is still almost half of the region that is non-Christian. Further, smaller minorities should not stop the region for celebration of their feasts. I think they can be celebrated without having a region-wide public holiday. I will be throwing some ideas to the Prime Minister following our discussions, and get back to you all on this.

4. We have started discussion on whether the Defense Minister should be a part of the Security Council. I personally feel it makes sense and is the right thing to do. Constitutional amendments are very lengthy processes and take quite some time. I ask that as many people as possible provide their views now. I will then aim to capture a balanced view and put forward the amendment.


Proposed amendment to RL 33: Regional Map Registration Act 2014

1) The purpose of this Act is to formalise the Central Pacific Empire regional map, and outline the process for map registration and changes.

2) The Map shall be that submitted and approved together with this Act.

3) A link to the Map should be provided on the Regional Info Page, for easy and public access.

4) All citizens are entitled to hold land mass within the region on the map.

5) The process for registering an area on the map:

5A) The Citizen Nation is to make a request to the Interior Affairs Minister

5B) The Interior Affairs Minister is to update a Draft Map;

5C) Repeal this clause requiring a monthly map change.

5D) The Interior Affairs Minister is to place the Draft Map on the RMB via a link for public consultation for a period of atleast 24 hours.

5E) During the consultation period permitted under (5D), the Imperial Council and affected nations only have the opportunity to submit a dispute. In this case, the provisions of Section 7 of this Act are enacted.

5F) Following the 24-hour consultation, should no dispute be raised under 5E, the Interior Affairs Minister is then to present the Map to the Prime Minister for Approval.

5G) Should the Prime Minister be satisfied the Map is appropriate and grant Approval, it must then be presented to the Emperor for publication.

6) to 6D) Repeal these clauses requiring a monthly map change.

6E) The Emperor is responsible for placing the map on the Regional Map online and updating the link to the new map.

7) Dispute resolution

7A) Should a dispute be submitted, the amendment must not proceed.

7B) In this instance, the Interior Affairs must mediate a solution, taking into consideration:

7B-1) The historic placement of both nations on the map in relation to the area in dispute;

7B-2) Any previous claims to a particular area;

7B-3) A statement of claim from the disputing parties.

7B-4) The Map Amendment must then be re-presented under Section (5D)

8) The Regional Map is effective once it is loaded and make publicly available.

Latin and Central America and Conta

Voting is now open on the amendment to RL 33. Voting is via the poll, which I remind the region is for Councillor's only.

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