Central Pacific Empire RMB

WA Delegate: The United Kingdom of Lentheric (elected 44 days ago)

Founder: The Empire of Emporer Islands

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Prime Minister: The United Kingdom of Lentheric
Minister for Interior Affairs: Aanon Bay
Minister for Defence: Raindrop Valley
Minister for Justice: Cliffton
Minister for Foreign Affairs: Centralton
Minister for Immigration: Norton Island

Next Election Period: 25 October 2014

Security Category: SC2. Heightened Security


Supreme Judge: Allied Engineers
Regional Judges: Love Island and Cesare Monticello


Emperor Islands Capital City, Governor, Al Khafji

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Embassies: India, Syria, China, GREAT Britain, United States of America, Central Eastern Europe, France, Israel, Asia, Philippines, Gay, Soli Deo gloria, North Africa, Federation of Free States, Confederation of Nations, United Empire of Islam, and 12 others.The Species Alliance, New Republica, Cashnatchee, Lebanon, The Darwin Allied Republics, The Arab League, Commonwealth of Liberty, Callington, Commonwealth of Free Nations, Libertatem, United Governments of South East Asia, and Yokai.

Tags: Free Trade, Large, Democratic, and Monarchist.

Regional Power: Moderate

Central Pacific Empire contains 54 nations, the 218th most in the world.


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The Largest Trout Fishing Sector in Central Pacific Empire

As a region, Central Pacific Empire is ranked 407th in the world for Largest Trout Fishing Sector.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Empire of CyrahziaWA MemberBenevolent Dictatorship“From ashes, we will be victorious!”
2.The First Nationalist Federation of FaiklirenCapitalist Paradise“Labore et Honore”
3.The Federation of Deutsche Lufthansa AGCapitalist Paradise“Lufthansa - There is no better way to fly”
4.The Principality of KaquInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Power is maintained through protection”
5.The Sultanate of MishallistanInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Tanah Mishallistan yang Mulia”
6.The GREAT Britain Ambassador of Feynland PacificAnarchy“Darmok and Jilad at Tanagra”
7.The Republic of GrosteinInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Extende Ad Astra.”
8.The City State of Emperor Islands Capital CityNew York Times Democracy“Capital City of the Central Pacific Empire”
9.The Holy Empire of His Holiness Pope FrancisInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Miserando atque eligendo”
10.The Holy Empire of VicegenerantInoffensive Centrist Democracy“The Head of the Pacific Islamic Movement and Islam”
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Central Pacific Empire Regional Message Board

The Kingdom of Cesare Monticello wrote:Ah. I see your reasoning good Sir!

So if we are looking at politics as the definition you gave then lets look at it from this angle; Politics being the study of power, which can be either negative or productive, is true, as your x and y example. From this standpoint, yes, religion is political in that it studies the power of God over his creatures, us being his loved ones. But religion itself is not that narrow. It studies not only the awesomeness of God's power over us, but why God's power is awesome, why God loves us, why God choses the things he choses to do, and the nature of his existence. All of these, plus many more aspects of religion, encompass many forms of study. For instance, religion is political in that it studies God's Word and it's power over us, but religion is also theological in that it studies the very nature of God, it is also philosophical in that in studies the meaning of life on it's own standards.
Religion then, using your definition and good example, is political although this is not the complete scope or nature of religion in it's entirety.

As to some of the other good points made, sure. For the example of the Middle East and other religions such as those.
Religions, again having the nature of encompassing and dictating all of our actions and motives in life, will conflict with society. But in some societies the religion that is the most seen is then absorbed into the cultural of said nation, which that religion becomes apart of who that "middle eastern person is" even if they do not practice it or believe in it, it has become s unifying factor for the nation in which all citizens are united through mechanical solidarity(or when a society as a common set of shared beliefs and values)
Therefore those nations are more inclined to not only accept that said religion, and deem it imperative to preserve unity and moral consensus, but officially adopt it through Law, where the law itself acknowledges said religion, making the religion not just a culture but a legal entity. Resulting in the national churches or religions groups in those nations.
My point here being that, religion will be in conflict with politics expect when a religion produces for a nation, and the people, the above mentioned consequences. The exception to the exception is revolution.

Religion is an ongoing struggle - religion seeks to convert and evangelize - therefore religion seeks power (prescribed through different means). This approach is now welcome in my books!

The Incorporated States of Norton Island wrote:Religion is an ongoing struggle - religion seeks to convert and evangelize - therefore religion seeks power (prescribed through different means). This approach is now welcome in my books!

Ah, no my friend. Relgion does not seek power. It merely seeks to free someone! I know thats hard to understand. But religion means to free people from earthy cares and detrimental vices that make them salves to things that are unhealthy to them and limit their true psychological freedom.

Religion seeks to free, not to contain. In religions rules, those rules help the person become free.

How are nations dealing with zombie crisis?

If other regions are concerned with my news broadcast, that is not your concern. My news in no way represents the CPE and I always receive complimentary telegrams for it

You are annoying other regions. That is our concern.

The Republic of Conta is researching a cure.

The Federal Republic of Latin and Central America wrote:You are annoying other regions. That is our concern.

Responses are overwhelmingly positive and entertaining most of the time. Yes, people like Defero Populous - who don't like them, but must do. Secondly, the news resource has nothing to do with the CPE, and is not reflective of it - so if your trying to silence my news, good luck!

Raindrop I have no intention ink of silencing you. Most of the time you speak you make the RPM's arguments for us :)

Defero Populus International News: 31 October 2014

Good evening and welcome to DPBC News, Defero Populus Broadcasting Company News

Iím Joseph Patriarch.

In The Sovereign Republic of Defero Populus today, the lead team of scientist that contributed to the regional cure were awarded medals by the President in a public ceremony. The President also said during the ceremony that regular government duties will resume tomorrow. Also, thanks the highly efficient Defero Populus Military hundreds of advance cure missiles were sent across the region to end the zombie epidemic. The cause of the epidemic is still unknown, but scientist have ruled out Ebola as the cause.

Moving on, in the Central Pacific Empire meanwhile, the region has been devastated by a similar zombie epidemic. However, they do have some early promising results, but it looks like it too little too late, and all of them will probably be dead soon. This seems to be due to a lack of leadership within the region or a politically meddling founder. The last we heard come out of the region was Raindrop valley news which is reflective of the region as a whole was not only insulting, but also inaccurate. This anchor finds it incredibly hypocritical of raindrop to call Defero Populus a political meddler when their own founder has way more power over politics such as given the power to appoint people (RL 14.4), needing the founder's approval to form a government (RL 1.3), and could actually single handedly keep an old government in power if he refuses to approve the new government (RL 1.20). The founder can also unilaterally change laws and the constitution (RL 9.18), and could indefinitely hold power since only he can end his power (RL 9.19). Further, the founder must give assent before anything become law (A 3.10). Raindrop has made further insults by misspelling the nations name ("Defero Populous" : page=rmb/postid=8399909), and I would like to point out that all it takes is one button push to silence this incoming news.

Thank you, and have a good evening.

Next time Raindrop when I telegram you about something do not put it as an insult in you news thing, and completely ignore any conversation we were having.

What were you saying Raindrop? :D

Wow! I love that we now have a rival news source!!!! Woohoo! Haha I hope they keep this up. This is link Fox v NBC

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