Central Pacific Empire RMB

WA Delegate: The United Kingdom of Lentheric (elected 34 days ago)

Founder: The Empire of Emporer Islands

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Prime Minister: The United Kingdom of Lentheric
Minister for Interior Affairs: Aanon Bay
Minister for Defence: Raindrop Valley
Minister for Justice: Cliffton
Minister for Foreign Affairs: Centralton
Minister for Immigration: Norton Island

Next Election Period: 25 October 2014

Security Category: SC2. Heightened Security


Supreme Judge: Allied Engineers
Regional Judges: Love Island and Cesare Monticello


Emperor Islands Capital City, Governor, Burgundaholmr

Embassies: India, Coalition of Catholic States, Syria, China, GREAT Britain, United States of America, Central Eastern Europe, France, Israel, Asia, Philippines, Gay, Soli Deo gloria, North Africa, Federation of Free States, Confederation of Nations, and 14 others.United Empire of Islam, The Species Alliance, New Republica, Cashnatchee, Lebanon, The Darwin Allied Republics, The Arab League, Commonwealth of Liberty, Callington, Catian Gulf, Commonwealth of Free Nations, Libertatem, United Governments of South East Asia, and Yokai.

The embassy with Coalition of Catholic States is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 3 hours.

Tags: Free Trade, Large, Democratic, and Monarchist.

Regional Power: Moderate

Central Pacific Empire contains 56 nations, the 201st most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Populations in Central Pacific Empire

The following nations have the greatest number of citizens.

As a region, Central Pacific Empire is ranked 191st in the world for Largest Populations.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Syrian Diplomat of TapiralaysiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Representing the region of Syria”
2.The Empire of CyrahziaWA MemberBenevolent Dictatorship“From ashes, we will be victorious!”
3.The United Kingdom of LenthericWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Fear God, Honour The Queen”
4.The Discoverian Failed State of DiscOrdantCorporate Police State“A Rising Star Gathers No Dust”
5.The Kingdom of ShakovinaDemocratic Socialists“What is necessary will be done”
6.The Empire of Emporer IslandsFather Knows Best State“For the Nation”
7.The Republic of Bankstown CityInoffensive Centrist Democracy“City of Progress. Silver Knight of the CPE!!”
8.The Republic of MigratonInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Welcome land for all”
9.The Incorporated States of North of SouthInoffensive Centrist Democracy“In the midst of the desert, she may rise”
10.The Kingdom of SalayFather Knows Best State“Santos . Kingdom . King. People”
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Regional Happenings


Central Pacific Empire Regional Message Board

Foreign Affairs Ministry Notice

Our efforts are on calling WA members in our allied states to support the liberation of Coalition of Catholic States following a request from the said region.

I put myself forward to standing in the Nov-Dec elections!

I firmly believe the Government of the CPE should do everything in its power to help another region who holds an Embassy with us if they request assistance... but, if we examine our military force, which we do not have and the amount of WA members are too low to even consider military force... but we can use what little influence we have with regards to our foreign affairs...

No you have not been exceptional raindrop, you have been largely absent. You cannot provide any evidence for your competentence at all.

Dear CPE voters,

It has been a great two months for me. As justice minister, I have worked to begin sifting through our laws to ensure laws are enforceable and consistent. Some of this involved public changes to laws (seen through the amendment to RL.5) whilst others were working with ministers to ensure laws affecting their ministry were actually being enforced and used well.

I also appreciated the Prime Minister consulting my ministry during the term on key matters of procedure and legislation.

For this reason, I feel I wish to continue contributing to this region and so I nominate myself as an independent candidate. I would love again to take up the justice ministry, but appreciate each PM has their own agenda, so I look forward to working with our next leader on a successful government.

I also call on all citizens to seriously consider standing for elections. We have a great regional system, and when you get into it, there are so many challenges and opportunities to play with.



Hello Everyone,

I would like extend my most sincere apologies for my prolonged absence on nationstates. I have been very ill recently and got back from my place of study, where there is no internet access. I have come back home and and behold we have no internet! I am ashamed to have missed the LGBT festival and to have not been involved. Sorry for this.

Best wishes,


We have been kicked out off Coalition of Catholic states and banned.

I am trying to ramp up diplomatic pressure for action.

I must also add Philippines have given me a terse response to our calls for support. I find this quite rude!

Your Airline. Your world

I wish to put myself forward for the next elections as a candidate. Our party will stand for:

1. We support electoral reform based on a party-based proportional representation system. We continue to lobby for this as the most democratic and fairly representative system.

2. This term has presented the reality that we should be allied to a large defender region. We will advocate and actively pursue this type of relation.

3. We will continue to aim for a 60 + population.

4. We will continue the great work started by Minister Cliffton in reviewing all laws for judicial consistency and continue to support the great changes and personnel in our Judicial Branch.

5. We will continue to strive to keep the region with new daily discussion points set by the Interior Affairs Minister.

Vote for the Progressives at this election! Vote for real change!

The Incorporated States of Norton Island
The Republic of Bankstown City

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