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WA Delegate: The Confederacy of New Nationale Einheit (elected )

Founder: The Empire of Emporer Islands

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Most Nations: 269th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 1,403rd
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Prime Minister - New Nationale Einheit
Deputy PM and Minister of Interior - The Intergalactic Universe Corporation
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Kasinox
Minister of Defense - Norton Island
Minister of Recruitment - Ichaland
Minister of Justice - Aanon Bay

Next Regional Election: June 25th
Security Category: SC1 - Ordinary


Supreme Judge: Burgundaholmr
Regional Judges: Jagala and Georgiaville


Emperor Islands Capital City, Governor, Latin and Central America

Embassies: India, Gay, Soli Deo gloria, North Africa, United Empire of Islam, Cashnatchee, Lebanon, Libertatem, The Commonwealth of Kings, The Commonwealth of Crowns, Role Player Coalition, Capitalist Paradise, The Mid Pacific, Coalition of Catholic States, The Utopian Freesocialists, Nelborne Union, and 11 others.Turkic Union, Borealias, Cyberius Confederation, The Allied States, NationStates, Lazarus, Singapore, Australia, Next Generation Alliance, Confederation of Corrupt Dictators, and Imperium Slavicum.

Tags: Free Trade, Democratic, Medium, and Monarchist.

Regional Power: Moderate

Central Pacific Empire contains 49 nations, the 269th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Furniture Restoration Industry in Central Pacific Empire

World Census analysts spend quiet weekends in the countryside in order to determine which nations have the largest Furniture Restoration industries.

As a region, Central Pacific Empire is ranked 4,287th in the world for Largest Furniture Restoration Industry.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Galactic Federation of The Intergalactic Universe CorporationCompulsory Consumerist State“The Paragon of Corporate Power, Luxury & Style”
2.The Pristine Island Republic of The Great Galapogopian IslesFather Knows Best State“Protege Mater Natura!”
3.The Environmentalist Republic of The Great Archipelago Of MidaniaCompulsory Consumerist State“Midania Forever”
4.The Imperial Capital of Emperor Islands Capital CityCapitalist Paradise“Capital City of the Central Pacific Empire”
5.The Dominion of Aanon BayInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Sempre pensiamo del Signore”
6.The Holy Empire of Raindrop ValleyFather Knows Best State“Under God, the Patriarchate and the Church”
7.The Community of Allied EngineersNew York Times Democracy“Rose Island + Peace & Progress”
8.The Federation of Deutsche Lufthansa AGCapitalist Paradise“Lufthansa - There is no better way to fly”
9.The Federal Republic of ArquillaNew York Times Democracy“Fly high and proud”
10.The Allied States of Coalition FederationNew York Times Democracy“When we fall, we still stand with our union.”

Regional Happenings


Central Pacific Empire Regional Message Board

The Democratic Republic of Kasinox wrote:Since we're talking about reforms, I'd like to let the public know that my goals, if re-elected, is executing the reforms on our relationships (new Embassies, closing others, re-establishing them).
Conta, I completely agree with you and your ideas, it would really help the region. I actually find a balance between old and new ministers fitting. And to your idea interchange: I've also been thinking about it. Sure, we have the ICT and it'll help, but it isn't enough in the longterm. I'd like to tell you two things though:
I don't hate you and hope you don't hate me. I'm sorry for the fuss that happened a while agan, and I agree that your move was more than necessary to get the ICT going, I wish you could've been given more credit.
Second: Why is your flag the region's?

No problem. My flag is that of the CPE because I don't generally use it for purposes other than gameplay within the CPE.

Kasinox, New Nationale Einheit, and The Intergalactic Universe Corporation

I also support NNE's plans. I would back NNE to serve as PM, I would back you as Interior Affairs and me as Foreign Affairs or the other way round and maybe the IUC as Recruitment.

Kasinox, New Nationale Einheit, and The Intergalactic Universe Corporation

The Democratic Republic of Kasinox wrote:A reminder that the Factbook needs really good cleaning. Btw the current and the next Government will need to be added, as well as any new citizens and my entry in the RLP
I support your plans. I personally could see you as Pm, me retaining my position and Conta for the recruitment.

Oh yes, our Factbook requires a major overhaul.

Kasinox and The Intergalactic Universe Corporation

The Hausmacht Times


Himmler Discusses CPE Reelection Campaign

Questions by Wyatt Mulliner
Anchor and Managing Editor of Hausmacht News Tonight

Q: Chancellor, you are already the longest-serving regional Prime Minister after serving three consecutive terms, your fourth term is coming to an end, and you are now seeking a fifth term. Why should the region stand beside you again?

A: First of all, I am not doing this for me. I was never here to break records, just to help the region I cherish move forward. My first three terms were uninspiring, but this term has seen much success. We passed the Regional Officer Act, approved the Sexual Diverse Persons Act, and completed what was already started and signed the Interregional Cooperation Treaty along with our allies. We all worked very hard to accomplish these things, and I would like to thank Conta for initiating the all-too-important treaty. Without the dedication, the treaty would not have happened.

Q: Will you be reshuffling your cabinet if reelected?

A: I definitely will. When you are wanting to change things, the cabinet is where you begin. It is severely imperative that I have individuals in the positions that are in real need of attention, like the roles of Foreign, Interior and Recruitment Ministers. I also want to begin, if possible, to have weekly cabinet meetings. We need to agree on an agenda and stick to it. We need lasting results.

Q: Chancellor, what are your plans for a fifth term as Prime Minister?

A: Wyatt, my government will be taking a good, long look into our electoral procedures, which few of us believe requires sensible reform. I favor an electoral process that calls for regional elections to be held less often, like every four months. This is not definite, but just one idea we will be looking into. Recruitment has also been lagging behind, and we must change this. We require an aggressive recruitment campaign, and one way to boost this would to be more active in the NationStates community, which would include a recruitment message in the forums. We will look everywhere for realistic and lasting solutions.

Q: Lastly, Chancellor, what do you like most about the Central Pacific Empire?

A: I love the people, my fellow citizens. We are a close community, and while there may be disagreements here and there, the mutual respect never falters. Unity is our redemption, and we must always remain united and strong. I feel at home in the Central Pacific Empire, and I will always do whatever I can to make positive things happen, whether I am Prime Minister or not. My loyalties are and always will be here. Our commitment to our region is what will keep us treading forward. What I also like most is our unwavering dedication to the continuity of our community.


Kasinox and The Intergalactic Universe Corporation

We cannot allow ourselves to stagnate in our journey to success and stability. Please, for the benefit of my future, of your future, of the future's of nations yet to arrive in the CPE- Put your hand up to stand in the election.

Kasinox, New Nationale Einheit, and The Intergalactic Universe Corporation

I would like to stand but won't have time over summer.

Conta, New Nationale Einheit, and The Intergalactic Universe Corporation

The Kingdom of Ichaland wrote:I would like to stand but won't have time over summer.

Hope to see you run again soon.

The Intergalactic Universe Corporation

I agree with Conta. Recruitment , foreign affairs & Legislation has the potential to boost a region's activity level. Out of this, Recruitment is the most difficult job. Fresh blood is extremely important if the region has to sustain longer; otherwise the region resembles a dead horse being beaten to life time and again.
Newer nations are generally shy of asserting themselves and may require that nudge to come into the forefront.

In other news, I am proposing a proposal in the CoC cabinet to give the CPE the MFR ( Most Favored Region) status, as we are so similar as are our strengths and weaknesses too. The primary condition would be that the MFR region would be at the top of the Embassy list.

Kasinox, Conta, New Nationale Einheit, and The Intergalactic Universe Corporation

Office of the Prime Minister
Government House | Emperor City

Election & Legislative Update

Citizens and Government:

First of all, I am still waiting for Emporer Islands to review and approve the passage of the Sexual Diverse Persons Act and the signing of the Interregional Cooperation Treaty, as well as to add the Regional Officer Act to our Regional Info Page.

Pertaining to what I wrote above, if I am reelected I will also propose that the Prime Minister be the one to approve passed legislation and signed treaties. This could be assisted by the Deputy Prime Minister and the Interior Minister as well. Government should be in charge of government, and having the Prime Minister waiting and waiting to get things approved only stalls the progress that was made. This would require much discussion.

I am also encouraging others to get involved in our regional elections. All citizens are able, and it would be nice to see some fresh faces. The election process is a sacred time in this region, and having fresh faces and new ideas would help us prosper even more.

Keep Strong,

Dieter Himmler, New Nationale Einheit
Prime Minister

The Intergalactic Universe Corporation

I would love to run in the election but have w lot of commitments this month.

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