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WA Delegate: The Dominion of Aanon Bay (elected 49 days ago)

Founder: The Empire of Emporer Islands

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Prime Minister: The Dominion of Aanon Bay

Minister for Interior Affairs: The Republic of Bankstown City
Minister for Foreign Affairs: The Commonwealth of The Kingdom of Mercia
Minister for Justice: The Republic of Centralton
Minister for Facilities:The Kingdom of Ichaland
Minister for Defense: The Incorporated States of North of South


Supreme Judge: The Confederation of Allied Engineers

Regional Judge: The Republic of Love Island. 1 x position vacant


The City State of Emperor Islands Capital City, Governor, The Federal Republic of Shem

Security Category: SC1. ordinary

Embassies: India, Coalition of Catholic States, Syria, China, GREAT Britain, United States of America, Central Eastern Europe, France, Israel, Asia, Philippines, Gay, Soli Deo gloria, North Africa, Federation of Free States, Confederation of Nations, and 13 others.United Empire of Islam, The Species Alliance, New Republica, Cashnatchee, Lebanon, The Darwin Allied Republics, The Arab League, Commonwealth of Liberty, Callington, Catian Gulf, Commonwealth of Free Nations, Libertatem, and United Governments of South East Asia.

Tags: Free Trade, Democratic, Medium, and Monarchist.

Regional Power: Moderate

Central Pacific Empire contains 43 nations, the 259th most in the world.


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The Rudest Citizens in Central Pacific Empire

World Census experts telephoned citizens from all nations at just before dinner time, in a study to determine which populations were the rudest.

As a region, Central Pacific Empire is ranked 4,039th in the world for Rudest Citizens.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Empire of CyrahziaWA MemberBenevolent Dictatorship“From ashes, we will be victorious!”
2.The Nationalist Federation of FaiklirenCapitalist Paradise“Labore et Honore”
3.The Discoverian Failed State of DiscOrdantCorporate Police State“A Rising Star Gathers No Dust”
4.The Incorporated States of Norton IslandMoralistic Democracy“Kingdom of the North”
5.The Kingdom of MorgrimIron Fist Consumerists“The mountain needeth not allies to endure”
6.The Kingdom of SalayFather Knows Best State“Santos . Kingdom . King. People”
7.The Kingdom of IchalandInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Tya um, teli fa, con santios”
8.The Federation of Deutsche Lufthansa AGCapitalist Paradise“Lufthansa - There is no better way to fly”
9.The Federal Republic of ShemAuthoritarian Democracy“Blessed be the descendants of the SHEM”
10.The Republic of MigratonInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Welcome land for all”
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Central Pacific Empire Regional Message Board

I will present my argument in public SJ. As the court is aware it was suggested by Floydtopeu that we have a gay pride festival. Several citizens including myself expressed support for this idea.

4 days ago the Governor posted on the following:

"I will not allow the Festival in the Capital City under my watch".

In response to my stated opposition to this decision he further remarked:

"This has not been declared a protest, it is a Festival, which would require street closures and disruptions. Such activities should require the consent of the city authority, which now is me. I therefore refuse to allow this to proceed".

This is a moot point. Citizens freedom of thought, expression, action and assembly are not restricted legally or otherwise to "protests" only. In addition the Governor has not evidenced his statement that such a festival would cause enough disruption to justify his prohibition of it. For example there are many open spaces that can be used freely by citizens for such a purpose, such as parks, thus the Governor would be unable to stop the festival by his own logic.

My substantive argument is that the Governor has violated 3 clauses of Article 7 of the constitution. I will consider each in turn.

7.3 freedom of speech shall be protected and no resident member nation shall be censured by government

As the official governing the capital City Shem has restricted member nations freedom of speech by refusing to allow citizens to speak about LGBT rights in a public setting of their choosing, namely a gay pride festival. He has sought to censure those citizens who support LGBT rights.

7.4 all members will be able to peacefully assemble or protest.

Shem has prevented citizens from peacefully assembling and or protesting by prohibiting the LGBT pride festival. He has no evidence, nor has he argued, that the protest would not be peaceful, thus making his actions unconstitutional.

7.6 No member state shall be oppressed or stopped from fulfilling their regional or international aspiration, except in circumstances where it is considered damaging to the CPE region.

Shem has stopped citizens from pursuing their regional aspiration (to celebrate LGBT culture) and their international aspiration (to campaign for greater equality for LGBT individuals). These aspirations are both applicable to myself as a citizen who wishes to take part in this festival.

In conclusion, Shem has acted in a flagrantly unconstitutional manner in prohibiting the LGBT festival as proposed and supported by a number of citizens in the region. He has sought to use his office to restrict citizens liberties in order to contain those political views which he does not agree. This action is intolerable to the values and law of our Empire and I ask he receive a suitable punishment.

The Holy See has been vacated over the summer period however returns tonight to the Vatican on the eve of autumn.

Papal Guard reporting to duty

Who is running this upcoming term ?

By vacated you mean ceased to exist?

The Holy Empire of Holy See Office of International Affairs wrote:The Holy See has been vacated over the summer period however returns tonight to the Vatican on the eve of autumn.

Seems like many people die over summer!

It's pretty over the top to do this Festival requiring government endorsement. Forssaland's offered to host it, just do it. Why does it require the government and governor's support. Silly storm in a teacup!

It does not require government endorsement. It requires the Governor not to violate the constitution by prohibiting it and trampling over citizens legal rights. I do not care for his 'support', he has always been homophobic.

I suggest you follow the debate more closely :)

If the Government backs this, it will be a clear indication that the Government agrees that all members of this region are equal. By not supporting it, the Government contradicts the very constitution it had put in place to protect the very citizens who are now calling for the festival...

It seems that some of you need a lesson on how to role play and where to draw the line with regards to laws, legal cases, disputes, protest, positions, the constitution and respect... Now I might not have much time to discuss the matter further at the moment, but I fully support the festival and the case, and I call upon the Government once it has been elected to support such a festival...

Hi all,

I deeply apologise for the election issue. We need to keep the elections open and I wish to add Aanon Bay to the list, is there anyone further who wishes to run? Please advise with 24 hours and I will reopen the election.

Thank you.

I also wish to add the Imperial Office supports the Pride Festival as my office stands for full equality in our region.

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