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WA Delegate: The Dominion of Aanon Bay (elected 38 days ago)

Founder: The Empire of Emporer Islands

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March and April Government:
Prime Minister: Aanon Bay
Minister for Justice - Perlamo State
Minister of Defence - Forssaland
Minister for Foreign Affairs - Raindrop Valley
Councillor - Norton Island
Minister of the Interior, Media, and Cultural Affairs - Cliffton

Next Election Period: February 2015
Security Category: SC2. Heightened Security

Supreme Judge: Love Island
Regional Judges: Two Chaoses and Centralton

Emperor Islands Capital City, Governor, Forssaland

Embassies: India, Asia, Gay, Soli Deo gloria, North Africa, Confederation of Nations, United Empire of Islam, The Species Alliance, New Republica, Cashnatchee, Lebanon, The Arab League, Commonwealth of Free Nations, Libertatem, Yokai, The Covenant of Shrek, and 8 others.Coalition of Catholic States, Far East States Federation, The Commonwealth of Kings, The Commonwealth of Crowns, Role Player Coalition, Capitalist Paradise, Petria, and Federation of Free States.

Tags: Free Trade, Large, Democratic, and Monarchist.

Regional Power: Moderate

Central Pacific Empire contains 71 nations, the 171st most in the world.

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The Largest Retail Industry in Central Pacific Empire

As a region, Central Pacific Empire is ranked 18,418th in the world for Largest Retail Industry.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Queendom of VirranacceCapitalizt“Victoria Concordia Crescit”
2.The Gloriously Superior Empire of StorgaardIron Fist Consumerists“Gloria per victoriam”
3.The Federation of Deutsche Lufthansa AGCapitalist Paradise“Lufthansa - There is no better way to fly”
4.The Republic of TheWinchesterInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Think about the Winchester ”
5.The Community of Allied EngineersWA MemberNew York Times Democracy“Making a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow”
6.The Borderlands of AspaghetoMoralistic Democracy“Ad majoram dei gloriam!”
7.The Principality of KaquInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Power is maintained through protection”
8.The Discoverian Failed State of DiscOrdantCorporate Police State“A Rising Star Gathers No Dust”
9.The Armed Republic of High ArchadiaLeft-Leaning College State“Ex scientia vera”
10.The Empire of JacksonniusWA MemberNew York Times Democracy“When humans need to fight, they will unite...”
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Last poll: “Should our region be part of an inter-regional economic system?”

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Central Pacific Empire Regional Message Board

News Update on the State of Affairs in the FFS:
The Federal Assembly has officially finished considering and begun voting on the Interregional Cooperation Treaty of 2015!

The Principality of FFS Ambassador wrote:Speaking as a Catholic myself, I doubt any special treatment was expected, one way or the other. From what I can tell, the issue is not favoritism for or against Catholicism or Roman authority.

My guess is that the doubt is in the application of the law, or perhaps in the wisdom of law itself so long as in order to be applied reasonably, it must be applied this exactingly. This best explains the position of agreement with Two Chaoses about deciding the facts of the case according to the law as it is, as a judge should, while concurrently disagreeing with and disapproving of the end effect.

In short, it seems to me that Norton approves of the process by which the verdict was reached, but not the verdict.

I may be entirely wrong, in which case someone should come along in short order and correct me.

~The Confederacy of Western Mars


I would expect His Excellency the Ambassador to know his place when it comes to matters of law within this region... I welcome your opinions and activity within this region, but would have to caution against sharing your opinion on our legal matters.

Lentheric, the community have the right to criticize a now closed case. How can you shut the community out of legitimate debate!

We should welcome the contribution from our friend from FFS. His expressing a view does not constuite interference. I would hope citzens would be a little more relxaed and open to a representative of our closest ally, even though this government appears to have neglected that alliance.

No I'm not against it Raindrop... Just saying the RMB is getting cluttered and that members should appeal to the Minister to have laws changed... it seemed as if members were attacking the Judge...

LCA, I have no problem with the FFS sharing their opinions, but when it comes to our own legal system, we obviously do things differently... It's not Ideal for any region whether ally or not to share their opinions on our court cases...

other than that, we can learn a lot from them I am sure of that...

Two Chaoses

I also welcome FFS's views on these matters!

On our court cases?


Oh well...

Imagine Russia sharing their opinion of the USA in the USA... should be interesting, oh well there ain't no issue here. Please do share, like I said, we can learn

Hello, this is Zarikistan. It appears one of our embassies has been shut down due to a raid. I recommend we get involved in the fight and show our might so ruthless invaders. This is my appeal to intervene in The Darwin Allied Republics so that we may protect our allies.

The Darwin Allied republics appears to have no WA delegate either? I advise our defence ministry be contacted for such matters.

I ask that individuals in the region consult the law before making accusations. We do have a comprehensive legal system, which includes Regional Law 4. Under this law:

The Ambassador Nation may participate in public debate in the Central Pacific Empire via the Regional Message Board
only, and on behalf of its original nation.

We must welcome ideas from other regions to grow ourselves. Intellectual ideas and debate are important for our region. I know Ambassadors in real life nations do comment on internal affairs where they see fit. The west for example always comments on court decisions in Egypt or Saudi Arabia, whilst some nations also condemn court rulings in other nations that go against their principles on matters like climate change etc. I think its a very common thing.

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