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Most Nations: 1,054th Largest Mining Sector: 1,354th Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector: 1,367th+13
Largest Furniture Restoration Industry: 1,380th Largest Insurance Industry: 1,444th Lowest Overall Tax Burden: 1,475th Highest Wealthy Incomes: 1,526th Highest Economic Output: 1,534th Fattest Citizens: 1,576th Largest Retail Industry: 1,636th Greatest Rich-Poor Divides: 1,665th Most Avoided: 1,729th Largest Populations: 1,753rd Largest Black Market: 1,755th Largest Manufacturing Sector: 1,810th Highest Unexpected Death Rate: 1,951st
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Historically, there are no physical landmarks that would commonly be seen as Central Europe's borders. Rather, it is a concept of shared history, different from both the conservative East and the progressive West.

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Re-founded in december 2003 (first incarnation: late 2002 - early 2003).

Central Europe was the first FEATURED region!

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Embassies: Eastern Europe and Central Eastern Europe.

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Central europe contains 13 nations, the 1,054th most in the world.

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As a region, central europe is ranked 11,967th in the world for Smartest Citizens.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Nagyhercegseg of HusztCapitalist Paradise“We will overcome!”
2.The Kingdom of AranyNew York Times Democracy“In Vino Veritas”
3.The Free Land of The Free BearsAnarchy“Back to the trees!”
4.The Republic of CatalabriaNew York Times Democracy“Orgoglio , la forza , la libertŕ”
5.The Free Land of AstralicityNew York Times Democracy“You are not your body”
6.The Kingdom of SwitzaustvariaDemocratic Socialists“Ausch vern burglecht”
7.The Federation of EuromiddleNew York Times Democracy“Better together.”
8.The Kingdom of Bavaria-AustriaDemocratic Socialists“ eine Sprache, eine Kultur , ein Reich”
9.The Kingdom of Matthias CorvinusCapitalist Paradise“Borban az igazság”
10.The Region of Central europeCompulsory Consumerist State“ce”

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Coppa News.

Today was the day of the quarter-finals, a day filled with hope, despair, triumph and desolation.

The first game opposed Switzaustvaria and Greater Austria and Bavaria.With two teams so evenly matched, the game was not so exciting, as both defences kept the ball away from their goal, and most action being a passing game in the midfield. In the first half, a masterly corner kick found two Greater Austria players ready to head it in, and after the ball bounced from one to the other it got in the net: 0 to 1, 36th minute. The game then resumed, with no sign that the Switzaustvarian team registered being down. That is, until the second half beginning whistle, when a long shot from almost the middle of the field targeted the Greater Austria goal; the goalie was not expecting it, and futilely tried to stop it going on: tie in the 46th minute. Again the game resumed with both teams defending their score, yet in the 82nd minute the Switzaustvarian goalie left the posts to shoot the ball forward, got dribbled easily by the Greater Austria top scorer who netted the ball again: 1 to 2. Incredibly, the Switzaustvarian team showed nerves of steel, and forced an attack not 5 minutes afterwards, and after a free kick the score was again tied. Extra time came and went, and it became a penalty kicks settlement. The first three shots went all in for both teams, then both teams missed the fourth, and then Swistaustvaria missed yet Greater Austria didn't. Final score: 2:2 (0:1), PK 3:4, and Greater Austria goes forward, to meet the winner between Republic of salo (the second Salo team) and Arany.

The biggest game was, of course, Central europe vs. Salo. Central europe is coming with huge momentum from the groups, and was seen as a serious contender. Salo, the champion en-titre, showing weakness, yet not throwing the towel in yet, and with a qualification in the last second, so to say. The game was great, with plenty of action from both teams, and a sparkling first half, with Central europe scoring a great offensive goal in the 21st minute, and Salo responding with another in the 37th: 1 to 1. A disputed decision by the referee gave Salo a penalty kick in the 45th minute (the foul was only in the referee's mind), which resulted in advantage for Salo: 1 to 2, and plenty of hope for a good second half. However, with the Salo team trying to preserve the result, the game started to suffer, but for the Central europe team, a team regaling the viewers with masterful dribbling, daring passes and shots to goal that only missed by inches. It had to be that in the 79th minute the score was tied again. Salo continued a closed game, while Central europe showed tiredness, and loss of nerve. The penalty kicks indeed proved the Salo players benefited from the local crowd: the top scorer of Central europe missed the fifth shot, and in return the Salo top scorer cannonballed it in. With stunned Central europe players lying on the ground, Salo qualifies, a run looking more and more like the one from the last CE Cup. Final score: 2:2 (1:2), PK 4:5.

The latter games, while not lacking in quality, came out as expected. The second Salo team, Republic of salo, confirmed its sequence of wins in the group with a categorical win over Arany. Two goals scored in the 26th minute and the 34th minute stunned Arany, who mounted a desperation-filled attack in the waning minutes of the first half, scoring a goal in the 45+2 minute. Yet after the whistle started the second half, Arany players barely kept up with the Salo players, and the third goal that came in the 56th minute settled the deal. Final score: 3:1 (2:1), and the second Salo team will meet Greater Austria and Bavaria in the semifinals.

Molvadia also made short shrift of Bavaria-Austria: a first goal in the 2nd minute (record for CE Cup), and a second from corner kick in the 39th minute doomed the Bavaria-Austrian team, and the latter team rather anemic attempts in the second half to score at least one goal were fruitless. Molvadia cruised toward semifinals, where it will meet Salo.

Semifinal games:

Greater Austria and Bavaria vs. Republic of salo

Salo vs. Molvadia

Breaking news from Coppa: both Salo teams lose, a black day for the nation. Greater Austria and Molvadia are playing the final, and one of the Salo teams will get the bronze. Stay tuned (check the link in the WFE, and wait for a short commentary of the two semifinal games).

And, relatedly, wasn't the #AUTHUN game awesome? I didn't give Hungary much of a chance, but they start to look like the 50s golden team ...

Go Central Europe, both NS and RL :)

In the just finished game for the 3rd place, the second Salo team won by one goal, scored early in the game.

More details are forthcoming, and of course everyone is eagerly awaiting the game between Greater Austria and Molvadia, to establish the champion of the CE Coppa!

(Late) Coppa News.

The semifinals were eagerly expected, as two Salo teams were playing, and hopes for a Salo only final were high. It proved to be a night of dissapointment for the local fans, as both teams played sub-par games, in spite of huge cheers from the fans. A certain amount of vandalism occurred after the second game, and the winning teams had to go to their respective lodging under heavy police escort.

The first game, featuring Greater Austria vs. the second Salo team, started very well, with momentum from the previous wins still pushing the Salo team. The first goal, resulting in a cheer that resounded in the whole city, was scored in the 34th minute, after a wonderful set of passes and dumbfounding the whole Greater Austria defence. The first half ended in high spirits, and with one goal advantage it looked like Salo got the ticket to the ultimate game. Not so in the second half though. With an obvious air of "already won", the team started making childish mistakes, passed to their adversaries, in general waiting for the game to end. In this atmosphere, Greater Austria managed to shoot the equalizer in the 70th minute, and it doomed the Salo team. The second goal, scored 5 minutes later, destroyed it. The Salo players were shocked, and the only player to still have a hang on the game was the goalkeeper, who managed to keep the score from getting worse. Final whistle, 2:1 for Greater Austria, and Salo is trying to repair some by playing for the third place.

The second game, played in parallel to the first, was the antithesis of the latter. The main Salo team's weaknesses, present in the group games, became ever more apparent, and Molvadia took advantage of it. A first goal, scored in the first half in the 29th minute, came as counterattack to a Salo action, with most Salo players still in the Molvadian half; the goalie had no chance. The second goal came in the second half, right after the beginning whistle, with a lightning action that took everyone by surprise. After the second goal, the Salo team looked a bit more energized, and put more passion in the game, and the goal came in the 82nd minute. Yet it was too late, and Molvadia is going in the final, to play Greater Austria. The big final, to see both Salo teams playing, became the small final, for the third place. It will be a small consolation for the host, but performance-wise, at least in the semifinal games, fitting.

The little final, for the third place, between the Salo teams, saw a resurgent second Salo team, looking more like the team that played a great Group. At the same time, Salo's main team was exhausted, and psychologically at the bottom. After getting an early goal, in the 18th minute, the whole Salo team retreated near their goal, and marked all attackers as they came in. The second Salo team tried to get more goals, but as it became apparent that the only thing they would get would be broken legs, they attacked lightly, and the game ended with a well-deserved win, and bronze medal for the second Salo team.

Auf Wiedersehen, Vohn ...

Latest Coppa news: Molvadia wins the CE Coppa, after a superb game against Greater Austria! Two goals scored in the first half showed the superiority of the Molvadian team; a last ditch effort in the waning minutes of the second half resulted in a terrific goal for Greater Austria, yet with the whole team bent on attacking, a lone Molvadian defender escaped with the ball and scored in the 90th minute, sealing the deal. Molvadian fans are overjoyed, and even the Salo fans are trying to forget the losses their teams had, and participated wholeheartedly in the closing party of the wonderful second CE Coppa, Salo edition.

Molvadia will host the next edition of the CE Cup.

Central Europe thinks that having an Embassy with another region is something far more important than a statistic (and good luck, The Bar on the corner of every region, on being the region with most embassies).

Adieu, Greater Austria...

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