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Welcome to Capitalist Paradise! Founded on May 2003, this is a friendly and secure region with exceptionally strong economies, high civil rights and political freedoms. We welcome nations of all categories.

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Capitalist Paradise contains 445 nations, the 21st most in the world.

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As a region, Capitalist Paradise is ranked 4th in the world for Largest Retail Industry.

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1.The Allied Corporate Empire of Northern BorlandCapitalist Paradise“A Good Place to Raise Your Business”
2.The Allmighty Nak Nakian Colony of The knight who says NICompulsory Consumerist State“I came, I saw, I conquered.”
3.The Infection of EdgemasterWA MemberCompulsory Consumerist State“KICK LOGIC OUT AND DO THE IMPOSSIBLE!!”
4.The Armed Corporations of Aurora IslandsWA MemberCapitalist Paradise“If you have money, nothing is impossible!”
5.The Dictatorship of MDRunieWA MemberCapitalist Paradise“MDR never fails if he fails we deny it ”
6.The Intergalactic Consortium of Corporate InvestorsAnarchy“ROI is King”
7.The Benevolent Dictatorship of CanterburieWA MemberNew York Times Democracy“Peace Through Strength”
8.The Perpendicular Parallels of PerpendiculousWA MemberAnarchy“Phase 1 Collect Underpants, Phase 2 ?, Phase 3 Profit!”
9.The Free Secular Federation of Nation of QuebecLeft-Leaning College State“In Freedom We Trust”
10.The Holy Republic of Pax BostoniaCapitalist Paradise“Ense petit placidam sub libertate quietem”
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The Grand Duchy of Acario wrote:Poll brought to you by Capitalist Paradise resident, Bordenkecher.

Voting opened 1 day 13 hours ago and will close in 1 day 10 hours. Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Recent polls: “Do you support the removal of the Confederate flag from the South Carolina war memorial?”“What is your favorite "Best Worst Movie"?”

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Capitalist Paradise Regional Message Board

The Confederacy of AgrarianAmerica wrote:The only flag a government should fly is the flag of it's own state, province, region, or nation. However, I believe that regular citizens should be allowed to wear, say, use, etc whatever they want on their own land.

That is true freedom what I say. It is free speech. And you either can support free speech, or you don't. There is not ''but only if the speech is (blah blah blah)''

The CP Federated Prison Colony of Earthenhell wrote:Single white star on a blue background.


It funny that people will surrender God Given Rights for scurity which a false sense of scurity any way.

Capitalist Producers

The Clampdown of Kaputer wrote:I advocated no where for an outright ban. The only reason however the debate still goes on is because of the white wash of the confederacy and the people that supported it.

In the Southern states about 1 in a thousand white people owned slaves before the civil war.

5 hours ago: The Lingerie Land of Victoria Secret arrived from Lazarus.

Gone shopping,

Someone ought to organise a boycott.

The Clampdown of Kaputer wrote:Shall I light your straw man up with my lighter or my cigarette?

Hmm I'll light the cigarette off the burning straw man.

history is written by the victors. Since the north won the war, do you really think they want to admit that the Southern states actually had the right to succeed lawfully from the union. They don't want to admit that they actually forced the war and that they raped the south. And they don't want to admit that it was also called the bankers war. The NYC Bankers made a killing off that war. The Battle Hymn of the Republic goes "trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored."

Post self-deleted by Coltpower.

The 16 Billion S O B's of FASTERCAT wrote:5 hours ago: The Lingerie Land of Victoria Secret arrived from Lazarus.

Gone shopping,

Get something for me this time!

The Simian Society of Monkey Cheeze wrote:No, I'm pretty sure the greatest threat to free speech always has been, and still is, religion. Political correctness doesn't get anyone killed by the masses and you don't get tortured for speaking out against it.

Monkey Cheeze should read the post again. I said "threat to free speech in this country." So far abusing religion in the Untied States is about the only thing you can still do without having the PC Inquisitors come down around your ears. So far the threat to free speech in the United States from Islamic Terrorists is almost nothing. You stand a better chance of getting your butt kicked by bad mouthing Harely Davidson motorcycles or questioning the viability of the local football team then you do bad mouthing religion.

The Clampdown of Kaputer wrote:Shall I light your straw man up with my lighter or my cigarette?

Hmm I'll light the cigarette off the burning straw man.

No, I don't think so. The Dairy Corporation of Cattleland's argument is just as valid as the argument for taking down General Lee's flag. If one is a straw man, then both are.

The Confederacy of AgrarianAmerica wrote:The Government in the U.S theoretically could arrest you for hate speech, or whatever the government calls hate speech

Nope. Hate speech is a left wing fantasy designed to stop debate on any given subject. In example, not favoring gay marriage is hate speech (homophobic), speaking out against Obama is hate speech (racism), expressing doubt that a smaller woman can effectively carry out the duties as fire fighter or police officer (misogynist), etc, etc, etc. Unfortunately for the left, it is all free speech protected under the First Amendment to the Constitution. As long as the Constitution stands, the government cannot do a thing to stop it.

The First Amendment, Voltaire and I are all on the same page in that regard:
I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it.
- Voltaire

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