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The Armed Republic of Sam Westing wrote:I disagree. As a Christian I believe it is good to give to others. Wether it's 10%,a lot, a little, or nothing should be up to the individual. In no way should the government force an individual to give in the name of religion or socialism. Have I no right to be a Christian in Ayn Rand's philosophy? I think she streessed that volunteery exchange should not be inhibited.

If you disagree, why did you say the same thing I did with regard to charity vs. Government coercion of "charity"? Also, no, as a Christian you cannot share Ayn Rand's philosophy. Atheism is an integral and core part of objectivism. It's one of its redeeming qualities.

The Federation of Banana Nanica wrote:No revolution with the intent to destroy the very fabric of society and build a new one, like the French or the Russian, came from "the people", like they say, but from organized and radical political groups. The vast majority of victims in both of them were the peasants, and the life of the ones who survived have gone from bad to worse.

I see no problem having a safety net, but there will be no Apocalipse without one. Almost every culture in the world at some point had, or still have, a rigid social stratification, and they didn't burn themselves to the ground in civil wars.

I wasn't advocating a safety net. I was condemning objectivism for its detrimental effect on charity, which tends to compel governments to start social safety nets out of self preservation.

The Allied States of Go Away Progressives wrote:Quebec - if you were the free market person you claim to be you would not be supporting Mr Trudeau.

See, I'm not sure this is true. I will admit, Trudeau's father was not the biggest friend to the free market. However, Trudeau's prodigy, Jean Chretien, ran the most pro-market, small government, low-taxes government that the west has seen in 50 years. Harper has been a tax and spend nightmare in comparison. Furthermore, even if Trudeau ends up being a big government nightmare, it's worth it just to completely legalize and tax the frack out of recreational marijuana. The reduction in government expense in policing, prosecuting and incarceration of these harmless pot heads will save billions, which later small government types can take advantage of if Trudeau ends up being more like his dad and less like Chretien.

Either way, Harper is not the small government, balanced budget type I'm looking for.

Nation of Quebec

By "Trudeau's prodigy, Jean Chretien," I'm referring to Pierre Elliott Trudeau, not his son Justin, obviously.

No, the Chretien/Martin governments benefitted wildly from the gusher of GST revenue introduced by the Mulroney Conservatives. Mulroney saw far in advance of his own time when corporate taxes might be eventually replaced by a fair and broadly applied consumption tax.

But the Chretien/Martin Liberals first swept into power promising to rescind the GST. Of course, after bathing in the cascade of revenue, they quickly changed their minds. It is only to their credit that they didn't abandon the free trade deals signed by Mulroney.

Justin Trudeau has promoted a mythical vision of a vanishing Canadian middle class. He's been reading too much TIME magazine since the middle class in Canada has not suffered at all over the past decade of Conservative government. Please read the link:

Both the Liberals and the NDP are trying to "solve" problems that don't exist. For Mulcair's part, Gilles Duceppe brilliantly countered "all I hear is Jack, Jack, Jack" to the NDP subterfuge in Quebec.

I don't agree that you cannot support the Liberals or NDP (or BQ or Greens--all of whom are essentially anti-market in some way) and exist happily in a group proclaiming to be a "Capitalist Paradise". But I'd probably want to begin by admitting that none of those parties would qualify as pro-business or pro-free-enterprise.

Legalising marijuana doesn't necessarily create a tax benefit nor will it materially affect crime statistics and specifically incarceration rates:

"In comparison, 16% of adults convicted of possession were sentenced to custody, with an average sentence of 19 days. Adults convicted of drug possession were more likely to receive a fine (44%) or probation (28%) as the most serious sentence imposed. "

Colorado got about $75M from pot taxes and Washington state got about $70M, both in 2014. Keep in mind that each of those states benefit from visitors spending on taxed pot they cannot get legally in their own states. Even if all the tax was only from residents that would be an annual amount per capita of $10 in Washington and around $15 in Colorado.

That's nothing compared to the GST surge Mulroney provided his heirs.

You're arguing the gst was a GOOD thing?

At least Chretien had the good sense to drop it from 7% to 5%.

The liberals under Chretien were about as fiscally conservative as any country has had in the last half century. They cut spending (most of which was started by Mulroney) dramatically, cut the tax burden massively (including the gst), and just generally ran an efficient government that stayed out of our lives.

Mulroney and Harper after him have had a policy of spending my money as if it were theirs, and I can't abide that. Also, when it comes to marijuana legalization, (apart from being the right thing to do with zero negative side effects), you're only talking about policing users. It will also save money not policing grow ops, smuggling, dealing, etc. Let them grow it/ move it/sell it legally.

I didn't completely hate harper until his recent digital intellectual property law changes, but there is no question he's been fiscally less effective than his predecessors.

Gotta keep the NDP away from the purse strings, either way.

The Free Secular Federation of Nation of Quebec wrote:I never said that I wasn't. You and Reed Audio need to stop putting words in my mouth.


Ok... Did you ever at any time claim to support a free market economy?

By the way, I think you got that wrong. Wouldn't that be taking words out of your mouth rather then putting words in?

The Free Secular Federation of Nation of Quebec wrote:True, but I'll be damned if I sit idly by while someone continues to troll and insult me. There is only so much a man can take.

As you wish.

**The ambassador kicks back in his chair, puts his feet up on the desk, opens a beer and waits for the next round.**

The Matriarchy of Serrenissima wrote:Also, no, as a Christian you cannot share Ayn Rand's philosophy. Atheism is an integral and core part of objectivism. It's one of its redeeming qualities.

When was that rule made? I had no idea that thinking any of Rand's ideas were good was an all or nothing deal. I may be in trouble here.

Wrong guy. Harper cut the GST twice, first to 6% in 2006 and then to 5% in 2005. Chretien promised to scrap the GST but deliberately left it in place as the global economy surged at the turn of the century.

Consumption taxes are always better revenue sources from the efficiency, transparency, and fairness perspectives than any of: tariffs, preferential tariffs, duties, corporate taxes (including manufacturers or services), payroll taxes, and surcharges such as inheritance, tobacco, or other schemes.

The Chretien/Martin Liberals knew this and that's why they kept the GST at 7%. It's one of Harper's weaknesses that he bowed to political pressure and reduced the tax. It ought to have been 10% and evenly applied to everything but not even Mulroney could get that through the Commons.

That's why the budget hasn't been balanced along with provincial transfer payment schemes. Harper is responsible for cutting tax revenue by chopping the neck off the only "golden goose" he had. But he is not entirely responsible for the ongoing and everlasting transfer payment debacle.

In meant 2008 and not 2005 in the first line.

Libertarianism and Christianity are philosophical opposites, that isn't to say they can't share policies though.

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