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WA Delegate: The Grand Duchy of Acario (elected 192 days ago)

Founder: The Capitalist Alliance of The-CID

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Welcome to Capitalist Paradise! Founded on May 2003, this is a friendly and secure region with exceptionally strong economies, high civil rights and political freedoms. We welcome nations of all categories.

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CEO: WA Delegate
Minister of Foreign Affairs: The United Oman
Minister of Interior: Armus Republic

President of the Legislature: LadyFasterkittens

Advocate/Arbiter General: Northern Borland
Supreme Court Chief Justice: Panageadom
Justice Member: Repentant Jihadi
Justice Member: Capitalist Producers
Alt. Justice Member: Nation of Quebec

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Embassies: Capitalist Libertarian Freedom Region, The Versutian Federation, Laissez Faireholm, The United Defenders League, The Genesis Corporation, Strategos Prime, The Commonwealth of Kings, Global Right Alliance, and NationStates.

Tags: Democratic, Enormous, Capitalist, National Sovereigntist, Offsite Forums, Neutral, Free Trade, Independent, Featured, Anti-World Assembly, and Regional Government.

Regional Power: Extremely High

Capitalist Paradise contains 428 nations, the 20th most in the world.


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The Most Dedicated Public Healthcare in Capitalist Paradise

The following nations have the most extensive public healthcare facilities.

As a region, Capitalist Paradise is ranked 16,321st in the world for Most Dedicated Public Healthcare.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Holy Realm of Scorpions ArmyWA MemberFather Knows Best State“Your culture will adapt to serve us”
2.The Dictatorship of MDRunieWA MemberCapitalist Paradise“MDR never fails if he fails we deny it ”
3.The Grand Kingdom of TalAkMaChenInoffensive Centrist Democracy“TalAkMaChen - proud nation in the South”
4.The Republic of MusaquerisLiberal Democratic Socialists“Before raising arms, try raising your legs.”
5.The Liberal Technocracy of Uchila EruWA MemberCivil Rights Lovefest“The Bells of Freedom Ring”
6.The United Kingdom of Great ArcticaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Ut Prosim”
7.The Mystery of Eye of the StormCapitalist Paradise“Evil begone”
8.The Vorgdom of New PolypontiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Niv vorgal aron,de elvr As'Cardo!”
9.The Problematic State of CartageneaWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Pela luta e sangue!”
10.The Colony of RepoCorpLiberal Democratic Socialists“Aliquam Ulterius”
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One suggestion for nations who don't want to be bound by WA micromanagement is to make a puppet nation to join the WA. At a minimum, you can just endorse Acario and put it on vacation mode. Then you're making him harder to topple, accruing influence yourself, and contributing a vote towards maybe making the WA less of a mess.

What i dont understand about the WA is why is there a 'slash military/police budgets' option? For the 6 odd years that ive been on NS, not once do i remember one of those resolutions passing..

anyway, can someone telegram me the most current map?

The Sovereign Office of Burtonia WA Embassy wrote:One suggestion for nations who don't want to be bound by WA micromanagement is to make a puppet nation to join the WA.

That is what this nation is.


It seems that someone in the First Idiot's State Department wants to bring non-citizen Ebola patients here for treatment.[1] While we have some duty to our own citizens, I have to wonder why anyone thinks "admitting certain non-citizens for medical treatment" is a good idea.

Clearly, based on that cluster-truck in Dallas we do not have a handle on how contagious this is or proper protocols to isolate patients while they are hot. The CDC dropped the ball big time with their "see our website for training" response. Clearly, the only people even remotely prepared for this kind of threat are in Ft. Detrick and Tooele, UT. And, to be honest, those folks don't spend a lot of time dealing with the public.

Everyone wants to help. I'm good with that. But I have an idea that is light years ahead of bringing more Ebola virus here. Lets send the help to them instead.


Zombie apocalypse in 41 hours. As a reminder, Capitalist Paradise has an online chat room linked in the World Factbook Entry, found as a tab on our regional forums and found below for those copy/paste users:

Fast and easy communication will be a great asset during the event for organizing shipments of cures and military squads as well as providing a channel for those infected to petition active player in aiding their nations.

Try it out prior to the event, be sure to stop by during and visit throughout the year for some casual conversation.

Post self-deleted by Prince Steven.

The Minister of Bad Behavior of Capitalist Producers wrote:At least they THINK we are complying... [Insert a knowing smile and wink here.]

Well of course we are. We even went so far as keeping abortion safe and legal. We can't help it if every clinic built gets blown up. You can be fined as much as $15 on your 3rd offense for doing that in FASTERCAT.

Hi guys! Im trying to make a conservative nation. Can you guys help me build it? Now do conservatives believe in money with politics?

How do we play this zombie game

The Republic of United States of America III wrote:Hi guys! Im trying to make a conservative nation. Can you guys help me build it? Now do conservatives believe in money with politics?

**The ambassador face-palms**

This is easy.

- Do not try to run your people's personal lives.
- - The government is not your mother, your big brother, your banker or your insurance agent.
- - The government can not tell you what to think, no politically correct speech enforcement.
- - No restrictions on free speech.
- - No restrictions on personal protection.

- Other than to make sure no one is cheating, stay out of the people's business.
- - No government sanction or law favoring unions.
- - No government control over the markets.

- Tax at the absolute minimums covering nothing but infrastructure and defense.

- No government give away programs.
- - All charity work is performed through private sector.
- - No corporate charity or bailouts.

There's probably more, but I cannot think of it right now. The bottom line is that the people's freedom to live their lives as they see fit while keeping as much as what they earn as possible is the key. This freedom comes with the freedom to fail. Government cannot be their safety net.

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