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Regional Poll • Who do you think will win the republican ticket for 2016?

The Grand Duchy of Acario wrote:Poll brought to you by Capitalist Paradise resident Rovertun.

Voting opened 1 day 13 hours ago and will close in 1 day 10 hours. Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Last poll: “From the year 1945-1991, it was a nuclear age that was a fight between two power houses, USSR and USA, and it lasted until USSR had fallen. Now Russia is starting to reclaim former Soviet Union land. Will this nuclear age start again?”

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Post self-deleted by Amn Voss.

Hola everyone

If the (inevitable) court case goes his way ("natural born citizen" - he was born in Canada) I suspect Ted Cruz may win. Rand Paul had the longer free market economic record (although they are both pro Ludwig Von Mises, the person NOT the institute, people) - but his campaign is already being undermined by his own father (who keeps appearing on "Russia Today" and so on, reading the anti American lines written for him). Unless he can control his father (get him away from certain people) I fear Rand Paul's campaign is doomed.

Chris Christie? No chance at all - he stabbed the Republicans in the back in the last election, and his State (New Jersey) is a mess, one of the most highly taxed and unionised in the nation. It is better than New York State - but not by much.

Still not all that long to wait - the early contests will be key. If Rand Paul wins both Iowa and New Hampshire he would have enough "mo" to carry him into South Carolina and Florida. However, if Ted Cruz beats Rand Paul in either Iowa (a lot of Baptists there - and they will favour Cruz over Paul, which will shock the ignorant media who do not check which church each person is a member of) or New Hampshire - then it is all over. Rand Paul has to win BOTH - to carry him on.


If the court case goes against Ted Cruz (if he is ruled not a "natural born citizen") then Rand Paul wins. The various State Governors and so on, do not really excite people. Even though some of them (such as Mike Pence) have actually achieved things (which neither Ted Cruz or Rand Paul have - they have never been in a position to cut taxes, or fight the unions, only TALK about such things).

To win the nomination a candidate must convince the voters that he is anti illegal immigration, but to win the Presidential election a candidate must convince voters he is not anti Hispanic (including legal immigrants).


He's a citizen due to the simple fact that both of his parents were and notified the government of the birth in enough time. That was the funny thing about the birther bs, even if Obama was born in Kenya he would still have been eligible to be president by his mother.

If the Republicans are smart they'll nominate Christie. Bridgegate aside, he's a moderate and not a complete partisan hack. I think he has the potential to bring both sides together while remaining moderate on social issues without appearing as a homophobic racist. He probably has the best chance of defeating Hillary (if she decides to run). I still think he'd have a difficult time at it.

Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice, and moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.

The Clampdown of Kaputer wrote:He's a citizen due to the simple fact that both of his parents were and notified the government of the birth in enough time. That was the funny thing about the birther bs, even if Obama was born in Kenya he would still have been eligible to be president by his mother.

That birther thing is a load of crap anyway. I assure you Obama's pedigree was vetted with a microscope by several parties and a couple of government agencies one the question was raised. If his citizenship were a problem, we would not be having this conversation.

The Free Allied Republic of Flanderosa wrote:If the Republicans are smart they'll nominate Christie.

Christie cannot stand the debating test. Way too many skeletons in the closet. Way too many people that know where bodies are buried.

Aside from that, everything Go Away Progressives said plus he comes from a state with an atrocious record on gun rights.

Just saying there's an apoch in 10 days have never experienced one before. Anyone have any advice or no.

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