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Regional Poll • What would you do about the cyber attack and threats against Sony?

The Democratic Republic of Xyanth wrote:The DPRK apparently carried out cyber attacks and threats against Sony and any theater that was scheduled to run the movie "The Interview." What do you think?

Voting opened 18 hours ago and will close in 7 days. Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Last poll: “Is Feinstein a hero or a hound for releasing the torture report?”

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The new poll is up. This one is real simple. The Grand Jury came back in the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown. In that decision the Grand Jury ruled there is no crime.

So what do you think? Did the jury get it right or wrong? Tell us why you vote the way you do.

New poll is up.

The evidence is overwhelming. Michael Brown was a drug addled violent criminal who attacked Officer Wilson.

And most of the business enterprises who are being attacked by Red Flag (and Black Flag "anarchist") thugs are not white owned - neither was the business that that Mr Brown attacked.

This is a clear cut case of property owners against a savage mob - and (sadly) such entities as MSNBC and (the supposedly "Classical Liberal" - actually Keynesian New Liberal) Economist magazine have come out on the side of the savage (and destructive) mob.

Sadly, they destroy their own homes and businesses in the process of revolting against themselves.
Those that riot against their own injustices only fuel the fire that is to be injustice for their children, generations to come.
Martin Luther King did not want the society we have now; he would tell people to stop the violence and treat each other with respect. (Something I think most of these rioters are incapable of doing.)
Don't get me wrong: there are many heart-warming stories just now coming to light, however the vast majority are people that need to stop and get an education.

A little history for today's coffee break...

On this date, 73 years ago, Japanese Fleet Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto ended the Great Depression with the attack he engineered on Pearl Harbor. After the attack, Yamamoto said, "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve."

He was pretty much called that one. Perhaps a little closer then he may have thought at the time. The United States immediately jumped into World War II with a vengeance. That was pretty much expected.

What came a year and a half later might not have been on Yamamoto's radar at the time. In the spring of 1943 the US Army Air Corps intercepted a message indicating Admiral Yamamoto would be flying in the area of the Solomon islands on April. 18.

Aside from taking that little dust up at Pearl Harbor personally, an admiral is a high priority military target. We sent a welcoming committee to meet the flight. Yamamoto's plane did not survive that meeting. A review of the wreckage shows us he did not survive long enough to make it to the crash site.

While Yamamoto's stint in the forefront of history is brief, it is significant. Under orders, which history now tells us he repeatedly advised against, he set in motion a course of events that led to 670 thousand US service personnel giving their lives.

Never forget those who served and those who are serving now. We never know what tomorrow may bring and what they may be asked to do.

New poll up next week. Too much work right now.

Xyanth - and the United States is just as badly prepared today as it was in 1941 (if anything worse prepared).

EMP attack is one of many things that could be easily guarded against - but have not been guarded against. The United States could be crippled without great difficulty - therefore America will be crippled (it is just a matter of - when).

Steps could be taken to prevent it - but they have not been taken. Neither the government or most private individuals or organisations are really looking beyond everyday matters.

Sen. Diane Feinstein carried through with her plan to release the Senate Report on the CIA's interrogation practices, more commonly known as the "torture report." The report is now out in the wild.

Many intelligence experts expressed concern about releasing the report. Former CIA Director Michael Hayden said, "First of all, the CIA workforce will feel as if it has been tried and convicted in absentia since the Senate Democrats and their staff didn't talk to anyone actively involved in the program. Second, this will be used by our enemies to motivate people to attack Americans and American facilities overseas."[1]

Others say that torture (ie: anything less the comfortable) under any circumstance is a crime and applaud the release of the report. The Daily Kos and others are casting Feinstein in the roll of hero right up their with Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King.

Of course the Muslim extremists are all pissed off.[2] But, truth be told, that is really no different then how pissed off they've been for the last 25 years.

So what do you think? Is Feinstein a hero or a rat?

Poll is up.


These things have been disclosed for many years, whether it was right or wrong to use these methods - it is not news. Each time this story is talked about it is talked about as revelation - which is odd, considering it has been revealed multiple times over a period of years.

Even the counter stories such as "Nancy Pelosi was told all about this in 2002 and said we were not going far enough" have told multiple times over a period of years.

My offense comes from the only reason this one sided report was released: Political agenda.

As almost everyone knows, terrorists based in North Korea threatened US citizens and the Sony Corporation in to not releasing the movie "The Interview." This came after a cyber attack, also originating from North Korea, pretty much released into the wild everything Sony had stored on servers.

That brings this weeks poll question to mind. If you were in charge, what would you do, if anything, about these actions?

Poll is up.

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