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1.The Allied States of Reed AudioAnarchy“Leave Us Alone.”
2.The Parent Company of HollipWA MemberCapitalist Paradise“Now with 50% added outsourcing!”
3.The Free Republic of JakaniaCapitalist Paradise“Peace and Prosperity Through Freedom and Responsibility”
4.The Federal Republic of IcookitAnarchy“Don't Tread on Me”
5.The Asst Min of Bad Behavior of The Ambassador to the CLFRCapitalist Paradise“Let see if we can work this out.”
6.The Drakonian Protectorate of JohdnanAnarchy“Whatever Floats Your Boat”
7.The Jingoistic States of Greater PawneeCorporate Bordello“First in friendship, fourth in obesity”
8.The The United Pricipalities of The Autocratic Republic of AzertyAnarchy“Τὴν Ἐλευθέρᾱν Ἀγορὰν Πιστεύομεν”
9.The Libertarian Society of Da FirenzeWA MemberAnarchy“Non Buelvo Sin Vencer”
10.The Commonwealth of PandaimoniaWA MemberAnarchy“Corporations Are People”
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Regional Poll • Is the Net Neutrality rule good or bad?

The Democratic Republic of Xyanth wrote:The FCC passed the Net Neutrality rule by declaring the internet to be a public utility. In doing so the FCC now has the power to micro manage Internet providers. Some say this is the end of the freedom on the internet we all know and love. Others say this is the dawn of a new day. What do you think?

Voting opened 1 day 4 hours ago and will close in 6 days. Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Last poll: “Should consensual sex between 13 and 14 year old kids be a crime?”

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Not sure how suicide can be illegal - how exactly do you punish the offender? Deny them proper burial?

The Publicly Traded States of Principality of Zundrbar wrote:Another gameplay question-
I just ran out of factbook space, is there anywhere else I can expand on my nation while still allowing easy access to other nationstates users? Like a wiki or something?

I believe there is. Check the forums.

The Commonwealth of Jasonsylvania wrote:Not sure how suicide can be illegal - how exactly do you punish the offender? Deny them proper burial?


Found it, thanks! While it doesn't increase the amount of fact books I can make, it does allow me to merge them together. I've been dividing my fact books up in order to prevent a "wall of text" type situation that'll bore the reader, but I found a wiki template that allows me to make them more interesting (including pictures, organizing categories, etc.).

On a separate note- any role-players in here? I've freed up some time and I'm pretty interested in furthering my involvement in this game.

New poll in the works. Got to out run some ice right now.

To keep you entertained while you wait, this is how I spent Super Bowl week:

The state of Kentucky is pursing sexual charges against an eighth grader for having consensual sex with his seventh grade girl friend. The boy pleaded guilty to having sex and sexting. The girl was not charged. [1]

So here we have some friendly fun and games between just barely teenaged kids and now the boy (and only the boy) is facing charges. What do you think? Poll is up.


Okay, let's just get one thing straight here: if the state of Kentucky wants to illegalize consensual sex between two minors (I forget what the age of consent is in KY), could it at least charge both involved with the same misdemeanor? I think the fact that the boy was indicted but the girl wasn't is more outrageous. Every article I could find said the sex was consensual, not rape, so why does she walk free while he faces charges?

That said, the age of consent is, if nothing else, too high for most states. People mature at different ages. Some finish puberty at age 13, and others begin at age 13. Picking a one-size-fits-all age of consent is rather arbitrary. On the other hand, children tend to have impaired decision-making skills relative to adults (the prefrontal cortex, responsible for decision making and rational thought, does not complete development until a person's mid-20's [1]). So perhaps allowing a 10 year-old to have sex with a 19 year-old is not the best idea. But the children in this case were about the same age (maybe a year different), so they both probably had about the same idea about what they were doing.

Ultimately, this is where parenting is everything. Parents need to be more aware of what their children are doing, especially in those teenage years, when there're all the hormones, sexual urges, &c. Parents should educate their children on such things as how to use a condom, what birth control is, and the risks of having sex. It's awkward, yes, but if parents don't want their children deflowered at age 14, it needs to be done.



I agree with almost everything you said. But there are a couple of things to look at before we go reducing the age of consent to 12.

As you pointed out allowing a 19 year to nail a ten year old is a very bad idea. In fact many unwed teen mothers got that way with someone five to 15 years older than the new mother.

One suggestion is the way Colorado handled it (at one time, not sure if it is still this way because it focuses on the female.) Minors could have all the sex they want. The age of consent was sixteen so long as the male is no more than two years her senior. So an 18 year old male with a 17 year old female is fine. But a 19 year old that beds a 17 year old on her 17th birthday is potentially in trouble unless it is his birthday too.

How would something like that set with you? Rather then a set age more of an age difference through the age of majority in that state?

Actually, that makes a lot more sense than lowering the age of consent (btw, I agree that the age of consent should not be 12).

FCC's Net neutrality rule: It's a done deal. So is it a good or bad thing?

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said, "The Internet is the most powerful and pervasive platform on the planet. Itís simply too important to be left without rules and without a referee on the field."[1]

Many see that as just the Left's propensity to see any freedom as a yet unregulated activity. However, others want their Netflix and YouTube without any delay or interruption in the stream. But they don't want to pay for it.

FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai feels the government went too far. He said, "The commissionís decision to adopt President Obamaís plan marks a monumental shift toward government control of the Internet. It gives the FCC the power to micromanage virtually every aspect of how the Internet works. Itís an overreach that will let a Washington bureaucracy, and not the American people, decide the future of the online world."[1]

The new rules declare the internet to be a hybrid between an interstate common carrier and a public utility. As such internet providers will no longer be able to offer "fast lanes" to services like Netflix for a fee. On the other hand they will not be able to throttle those services down.

Business leaders and economics type note that all that bandwidth costs money. Heavy bandwidth using video services like NetFlix and the network web sites that allow viewers to watch shows and movies in full HD are eating up better then half of the traffic on the back bones now.

Someone has to pay to expand capacities or the internet will choke and die. In order to recoup that cost, some predictions are much higher prices and monthly data caps on service.

Rajeev Suri, Nokia's CEO pointed out that some devices like medical monitoring equipment and self driving cars should get special treatment on the net.[2] But under the new rules, this may not happen and could kill off these products and services in the US.

So what do you think? Net neutrality, good or bad? Poll is up.


Sorry about the delay in polls. Real life and all...

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