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Regional Poll • Should child protective services be able to stop parents from allowing children of six and ten years old to walk around the city unescorted?

The Democratic Republic of Xyanth wrote:A Maryland couple drew unwanted attention and possible legal headaches from child protective services for allowing their children, aged 6 and 10, an unescorted one mile walk through an urban area. Right or wrong?

Voting opened 5 days ago and will close in 2 days 5 hours. Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Last poll: “Gay marriage, up or down?”

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I just find a lot of Islam to be totalitarian in nature. Of course- there are a lot of problems in Christianity too- extremists like Santorum and a lot of what's written in the Bible isn't exactly "good." But I draw a strong line between the two- if you look at European countries and the United States, they don't execute homosexuals for being homosexuals, nor do they stone women when their husbands cheat on them.

However, I think that there are some changes being made for the better in the Islamic world (, but Islamic totalitarianism is still largely prevalent in the governments of the Middle East. I care more about the oil than about their religion though- they nationalized oil that was the private property of Americans, and therefore it is a violation of property rights.

Christians hold that the New Testament trumps the Old Testament - hence the old line "what would Jesus do?" when someone picks up a stone to throw at someone who has committed adultery or some such.

Jews believe that the Torah (the law books of the old Testament) can only be understood after long study of the Talmud - the learned discussions of the Jewish philosophers.

Islam rejects both of the above positions - it scripture says X, then X is what you do (according to Islam).

And the question "what would Mohammed do?" is a bit of a problem - considering what Mohammed actually did do (such as approving the murder of an old blind poet who had mocked him - and then approving of the murder of a pregnant female poet who had protested about the murder of the old blind poet).

The Allied States of Reed Audio wrote:And the question "what would Mohammed do?" is a bit of a problem - considering what Mohammed actually did do (such as approving the murder of an old blind poet who had mocked him - and then approving of the murder of a pregnant female poet who had protested about the murder of the old blind poet).

Now, now... That there's what we all call the religion of peace.

Recently parents of two children in Maryland found themselves under investigation Montgomery County Child Protective Services for the sin of letting their children walk home from a park, roughly a mile away. About halfway home someone reported the unattended pair, 10 and 6 years old, to police. Police contacted the children and brought them home.[1]

Apparently those same police notified CPS because about two hours later, a social worker showed up on their door step. After some discussion about what the parents call "free range children" the social worker asked the parents to sign an agreement that they would not allow their children unescorted freedom until child protective services could get back with them the following Monday.

When the mother objected, indicating she wanted to consult a lawyer, the social worker said if they did not sign right then and right there, they would take the kids right then. (Got to wonder if that would stand up in court...)

Silver Spring, MD, where this occurred is an urban area right up against the Maryland-DC line. We are not talking out in the country or small town Smallville, KS where everyone knows everyone.

What do you think? Is this an overreach by government? Does government need to step in and protect children from an unusual, but so far harmless parenting philosophy? Or is this just a statement as to how bad the neighborhoods around our nation's capital really are?

New poll is up.


Greetings fellow region dwellers. I have a long and tedious job coming up Phoenix. So I may be scarce for the next week or so.

Carry on.

IMO- this sounds like a load of bull. Lots of parents are careless, I get that and I see that as a problem. But seriously- threatening to take away someone's kids because they let them walk unattended from the park? I walked home unattended from school for about a mile when I was in elementary school (from 3rd grade until 5th grade- when I was 8-10).

I don't understand how the CPS' solution here helps the parent in any way. The goal is to prevent the parents from being neglectful, so that their kids do not get kidnapped- but aren't the kids being kidnapped by the CPS if the parents don't follow the ruling? This is clearly an example of the state overstepping the boundaries.

I see this from both sides. My job sometimes exposes me to missing child tragedies. But on the other hand the government is getting way too deep into the personal decisions that go into child rearing. Were it up to me, I would err on the side of freedom.

I am extremely concerned about the social worker forcing a signature under threat of taking the children. There is no way that agreement can stand up in any US court. The fact that mother asked to consult a lawyer and was summarily threatened with her children indicates that CPS over stepped their bounds. Otherwise CPS would not be troubled with the parents bringing in a lawyer.

So in an anarcho-capitalist society, the owner of the park could just make a rule that children cannot be left unattended and this type of accident would be avoided. If a person breaks this law, they get fined- taking away someone's children is really extreme for a government action.

They were not alone at the park. They were alone walking home from the park. In your society would the owners of the sidewalk have that much say so over public traffic?

I walked to school when I was six years old - and I was not raped or murdered.

Of course I was not particularly attractive child (and now I am as old as sin - as twice as ugly), but I do not remember any other child being raped or murdered either.

It really depends on what sort of place you live in - and parents are likely to know more about that than government bureaucrats are.

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