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1.The Educational Constituency of PhrontisteriesCivil Rights Lovefest“We are the application of knowledge.”
2.The Democratic Republic of XyanthCapitalizt“If there ain't a buck in it, then pack it in.”
3.The Republic of Nash HintonWA MemberAnarchy“Long live liberty, equality, and progress.”
4.The Free Republic of JakaniaCapitalist Paradise“Peace and Prosperity Through Freedom and Responsibility”
5.The Libertarian Society of Da FirenzeWA MemberAnarchy“Non Buelvo Sin Vencer”
6.The Parent Company of HollipWA MemberCapitalist Paradise“Now with 50% added outsourcing!”
7.The Allied States of VolsungInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Live to fight, fight to live.”
8.The Federal Republic of Trans-American EmpireWA MemberAnarchy“Beyond the Borders of America”
9.The Confederacy of ZeekinkosCivil Rights Lovefest“There is something for everyone!”
10.The Patriarchy of Drake RiverAnarchy“A corner of the empire on which the sun never shines”
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Regional Poll • Should a law passed under a curtain of lies be enforced?

The Democratic Republic of Xyanth wrote:It is now painfully clear Obamcare is a giant con job on the public. But what do we do now? Vote and let us know.

Voting opened 2 days 22 hours ago and will close in 4 days. Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Last poll: “Should parents be responsible for their children's on line activities?”

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Your mom goes to college!!! If you had a mom... but you're all corporations that aren't people!!! Individual liberty baby!!!


I don't normally post but... uh... yo mama jokes?

"Yo mama is so classless, it's like a Marxist utopia."

Another one: "Due to my theory of egalitarian redistribution, your mama needs to be shared among all the workers from the factory"

New poll will be up tomorrow.

It seems that every child over the age of seven has access to a computer now. With that access comes things like Facebook pages, blogs and e-mail.

A Georgia appellate court just ruled that parents in that state are liable for what their minor children post on line.[1] The case surrounds a fraudulent Facebook page set up by a minor. He changed pictures of the girl to make her look obese and depicted the girl to be profane, racist and sexually promiscuous.

Even after the boy that posted the page was caught, the fraudulent page remained in place for 11 months. He never took it down. The family of the aggrieved girl sued and a jury found in their favor. The case is under appeal with the first level finding for the plaintiff.

Should parents be responsible for their children's on line activities? If so how much.

The poll is up.


If your children can not be trusted with a computer - take it away from them. Trouble is some lawyer will then say you are "abusing" your children, denying them their "Civil Rights" to a computer (and so on).

Any /pol/acks here?

The Allied States of Reed Audio wrote:If your children can not be trusted with a computer - take it away from them. Trouble is some lawyer will then say you are "abusing" your children, denying them their "Civil Rights" to a computer (and so on).

I wholeheartedly agree! Its not really infringing on any right to take your kid's computer away because they misbehaved.

Jonathan Gruber and his video taped lectures is the gift that keeps on giving. There are six (and counting) videos of him giving talks where he openly discussed disguising parts of the ACA (Obamacare) because "it would not pass if people knew the truth."[1] In several of these videos Gruber clearly states that a "lack of transparency" and "stupid American Voters" were instrumental to passing Obamacare.[2]

Anyone with half a brain saw the ACA for the scam that is was. This became even more clear with Nancy Pelosi running the biggest shell game in town while saying, "You have to pass it to see what's in it."

But now it is clear. So clear that many of the normally disinterested people in the middle and even some on the left are taking notice of the things Gruber had to say.

Now that we have what amounts to a smoking gun, that brings other questions into play.

Do you think that a law presented and passed under a false cover should be valid and enforced? How would you handle a law passed under false circumstances?

The poll is up!


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