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Regional Poll • Should police be able to shoot explicit photos of a sexting suspect?

The Democratic Republic of Xyanth wrote:A 17 year old got busted for sexting. He refused a plea deal, now a Virginia magistrate issued a warrant to take pictures of his private parts to compare to the offending photo. When should police be able to take that step, if ever?

Voting opened 1 day 6 hours ago and will close in 5 days. Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Last poll: “Is the team name "Cougars" politically incorrect?”

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Feel free to invite any of your former countrymen.

Last week's poll came out pretty much where I thought it would. There was only one vote in the poll that favored voting for a candidate that stand no reasonable chance of winning. While I don't get that, I do have to respect it.

New poll up in an hour or so.

Last month a Salt Lake City police officer looking for a missing mentally disabled three year old child entered the back yard of a private residence belonging to Sean Kendall. It must also be stated that the child in question does not reliably respond to being called by name or other verbal attention getting signals. All we know for sure is that his dog, Geist, was in the yard and officer Olsen (No first name was ever released) shot and killed him.[1]

The story simmered until Kendall posted a video of his encounters with officers after the shooting.[2] The community exploded in outrage. Add to that a badly handled press conference on the matter[3] and this ass-hat former cop columnist with the Salt Lake City Tribune[4], things got pretty heated. Some of the comments are suggesting that shooting a dog should be a capital offense.

We are going skip over all the emotions from this issue and get down to the law. The police are claiming exigent circumstances gave them the right to enter the private property.

Exigent circumstances is defined by the US Supreme Court as:

"An emergency situation requiring swift action to prevent imminent danger to life or serious damage to property, or to forestall the imminent escape of a suspect, or destruction of evidence. There is no ready litmus test for determining whether such circumstances exist, and in each case the extraordinary situation must be measured by the facts known by officials."

"Those circumstances that would cause a reasonable person to believe that entry (or other relevant prompt action) was necessary to prevent physical harm to the officers or other persons, the destruction of relevant evidence, the escape of a suspect, or some other consequence improperly frustrating legitimate law enforcement efforts."[5]

That is a pretty wide opening in the door. So what do you think?

Does searching for a missing developmentally disabled child measure up to exigent circumstances? Is this enough of a pressing matter to permit an officer to enter a private, fenced back yard when there is no direct knowledge or second hand information from a reliable informant that the missing child is in there?

The matter is now open for discussion.


Hey there fellow region dwellers. I am likely to need to take some time off from Nation States for a week or so. I'll be back.

The Federal Republic of Trans-American Empire has the conn.

Ok, that job didn't come through so I'm still here. Time for another poll.

Draper, UT is getting a brand new high school. The high school will come with the requisite teams so the residents were polled on what the school mascot should be.

The winning mascot, with 23% of the vote, is the Cougar.[1] As it happens, that is also the same mascot as Brigham Young University.[2]

But, apparently Utah has an abundance of older women seeking physical companionship from young men. At least that is what Canyons School District board must have thought when they declared "cougars" potentially offensive to women and politically incorrect.

The new high school's teams will now be known as the "chargers."[3] As near as I can tell the board never met a teenage girl armed with her father's credit card.

So what do you think? Overreach, just right? Not enough?


The Democratic Republic of Xyanth wrote:At least that is what Canyons School District board must have thought when they declared "cougars" potentially offensive to women and politically incorrect.

It's getting harder and harder to distinguish between satire and reality with those language police loonies.

The Free Republic of Spinoza wrote:It's getting harder and harder to distinguish between satire and reality with those language police loonies.

Sadly, on my first read I thought this one was satire.

How very odd.

Meanwhile in part of the world that is not particularly concerned with the being P.C. , Iran has pushed past the July 20th deadline. The "Hastener" regime (a "Hastener" is someone who wishes to "hasten" the return of the "Hidden One" by spreading fire and death over the world) continues its underground (and mountain) bunkers, and its building of missiles

But I am sure that the Canyons School District Board have the Iranian "Hasteners" shaking with fear.

45 years ago today Neil Armstrong stepped on to the Moon - since then humanity has stalled.

We are returning to the dirt - turning our heads away from the sky.

Greetings from a cheap hotel in Somerset, PA.

The last poll about whether or not choosing the cougar as a high school mascot is politically incorrect went overwhelmingly in favor of "no." It seems the older women chasing younger men got no love from this region.

Today's poll comes from the case of a 17 year old male from Virginia who is accused of sending a sexually explicit photo to his girlfriend. The photo was discovered by the girlfriend's mother. She called the police and the wheels of justice began grinding toward the teen.[1]

A plea bargain was offered where the teen would be deprived of all internet and cell phone contact for a year. (From a teen point of view, isn't that right up there with a death sentence?) If the teen successfully completed the probation, he would miss out on the felony record and free life time membership in the sex offender's registry club.

The teen's guardian balked at that arrangement, apparently fearing the teen would screw it up.

That was when things got really strange. The prosecutor got a magistrate to sign off on a warrant requiring the teen to allow police to give him a drug that would excite him and then take photos of private parts.

Yes. You read that right. The prosecutor in the case intended to use computer analysis to compare the image the girlfriend got with those evidentiary photographs to see if there is a match.[2]

The teen's guardian and his lawyer immediately shipped the teen out of state pending a hearing on the warrant. Since that time, after some "feedback" from the community, the police decided they will not execute that warrant.[3]

So what do you think? Overreach or right on? Poll's up, let the debating begin.

[1] The part that really gets me is if this very same couple were caught in bed together, in the act, there would be no crime. But sending a picture is a crime. Go figure.

I think I somehow managed to avoid paying for my netflix because I only have $6 in my checking...
(I pay for it with my debit card and have the card set to not allow a charge to happen if it'll overdraft me)

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