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Regional Poll • Should public school students be allowed to read religious texts during free time in school?

The Democratic Republic of Xyanth wrote:Should a public school student be allowed to read religious materials during free time and free reading periods or is that a violation of the separation of church and state?

Voting opened 4 days ago and will close in 2 days 18 hours. Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Last poll: “Are the new CARB rules fair and legal?”

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Capitalist Libertarian Freedom Region Regional Message Board

Ferguson is nothing to do with the Federal government - but the Federal monster is out of control and accepts no limits to its powers.

As for the Federal Corporation Tax - Milton Friedman argued that it was double taxation (as profits are taxes when they are paid out to shareholders), be that as it may the absurd level of the Federal Corporation Tax is driving business enterprises out of the United States.

And the insane level of Federal government regulations - which can send a company director to prison for what (in most countries) would be considered minor clerical errors.

Question for the left (including the so called "libertarian" left) - if corporations control the American government (as they do in your Hollywood view of the world) how come they are being taxed and regulated out of the United States?

Good point.

Today's poll centers around the California Air Resources Board (CARB). Their latest set of rules requires once legal diesel engines built before 2010 to either be replaced or retrofitted with expensive emission equipment.[1]

This new rule includes trucks, busses, fire trucks, construction equipment, refers, generators, and even federal government fleets. (Wonder how that is going to work out with the military?) The fun loving boys and girls at CARB fined Los Angeles County a quarter million dollars for violations.[2] (Talk about eating one's young...)

In addition to that, California is applying this to any engine operated in their state. So a trucker based in St. Louis would have to comply with the California emissions laws before driving in that state.

So effective Jan 31 of this year. About half the commercial trucks on the road in the United States are no longer legal to operate in California. Upwards of 80% of the construction equipment in this country falls under the same heading.[3] (Construction equipment lasts a really long time.)

There are those that say applying this regulation to trucks registered outside the state violates the commerce clause. Others, both in and out of the state are complaining the regulations are based on junk science and are nothing more then a money grab.

What do you think? The poll is up.

[3] It is interesting to note that private RVs are specifically exempted from this rule. So it is ok to pollute if you are going to bring tourist money to the state.

The Californian government is hypocritical - on the one hand it passes endless "Green" regulations, but on the other hand it quietly accepts a lot of tax revenue from the oil and gas industry (without this tax money the government of California would already be bankrupt).

As for driving into California - just do not bother, do not deliver supplies.

The place is going down anyway.

The Allied States of Reed Audio wrote:As for driving into California - just do not bother, do not deliver supplies.

The place is going down anyway.

We are in a service based industry. There is a lot more to it then just picking up and dropping off loads. And far more money involved as well.

I Just Wanted to Politely Inform You All That (Sadly) I'll be Departing from this Region to Another (I just Recently received a telegram from there and have already Agreed to the Invitation). I've Been Most Happy and Honored to be Here and Show My Respects To You All.

A Florida fifth grader was punished for pulling out a bible during "free reading" time. The teacher ordered the student to bring it up to her desk. The student refused. That led to a phone call to the father, which went to voice mail.

Her rather snarky voice mail on the matter enraged the parents. Lawyers were called and the school board got involved.[1]

A public school should neither promote or denigrate any religion. Allowing a student to read the Bible on their own satisfies that requirement.

But it is easy to see both sides of this. On the one hand if a kid once to read the bible, more power to him. On the other hand if a public school allows the Bible, they have no choice but to allow any other religious text including the Quran and Satanic Bibles.

So where should the line be drawn? The poll is up.


I know there are lot of clever people in California coming up with good ideas - but the goods (even the films) are normally then made elsewhere.

And the clever people who come up with the ideas are taxed into the ground. How long before they just decide to move out?

The Bible and the government schools.

Ironically the idea of government schools was first supported by people such as Sam Adams and John Jay - to teach RELIGION.

They had no doubt that people would learn to read and write (and so on) without the government - but they feared they would not be religious enough.

This idea of no prayer in schools (and so on) was all made up after World War II.

Still if people think there should be no religion in government schools - fine.

Then the reason for creating government schools (in the first place) falls away.......

Then we can get rid of public schools all together? Sounds like a win-win to me.

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