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Regional Poll • Should BB guns be treated the same as firearms?

The Pirates of Xyanth wrote:Many states are treating air guns the same as firearms, is this right?

Voting opened 4 days ago and will close . Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Last poll: “Should people get an unconditional basic income? ”

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Post self-deleted by Xyanth.

Ok, I found it. I thought all of those were referred to as Jim Crow laws. But the fact still remains that Israel is simply trying to maintain its security. The borders got closed as a direct result of incursions by terrorists. (You don't see the Egyptians opening that border, do you?) The people in Gaza certainly haven't been falling all over themselves to rid the area of trouble makers.

Israel's only other option is to carpet bomb all live out of the problem areas. Frankly, I think Israeli restraint in the matter is award winning.

But here's what we're going to do. Show me where I am wrong. By the power vested in me by no one in particular I put you in charge of security of Israel. It is now your job to keep the people and the infrastructure safe from attack. What are you going to do or not do that Israel is or is not doing right now and still preserve the safety of the nation?


Combine Dues ex machina and ad hominem. Nice. Well you are the founder.

Using the same methodology I transport back into time and give the Jews Schleswig-Holstein.

Magically solved that problem.whats your next big idea?

The True Believers of Free Market Paradise wrote:Combine Dues ex machina and ad hominem. Nice. Well you are the founder.
Using the same methodology I transport back into time and give the Jews Schleswig-Holstein.
Magically solved that problem.whats your next big idea?

Could you say that in English?

I understand that most people reading this are too young to remember the time when most kids had BB guns. Not only did we have them, but we took them out, unsupervised and went target shooting.

Over the years things have changed dramatically. Any child so much as playing with a toy gun causes the masses to quake in moral outrage. The Politically Correct Inquisition pressed laws in many states that treat BB guns and other air rifles as firearms. In other states the courts are legislating air gun laws from the bench.[1]

Here's the question. Is this a good thing, a bad thing or does it make no difference.

The poll is up.


The True Believers of Free Market Paradise wrote:Illinois, Indiana and Ohio among other northern states had black codes laws prior to the civil war. Southern states enacted their own just after the civil war and again (known as Jim Crow laws) after 1877.

Only partly correct - actually most Southern Slave States had black codes BEFORE the Civil War.

The South of the Founding generation (Washington, Madison, Jefferson and so on) was a very different place to the South of the 1850s.

Back in the Founding period (the 1780s and 1790s) there was a flourishing anti slavery movement in the South - indeed many slave owners were against slavery in theory (they just did not accept freeing the slaves just yet......).

By the 1850s the anti slavery movement in the South had been crushed - trying to (for example) run an anti slavery newspaper, could earn a jail sentence if one was lucky, being torn apart by a mob if one was not lucky.

The rights of free blacks in the South had been wiped out in most States.

As for what happened in 1877 - before "Jim Crow" laws were passed, what happened was mob violence (against both blacks and whites who opposed racialism).

Organisations such as the KKK and the "Redshirts" organised rule-by-terror - burning, looting, and murdering (even in relatively civilised States such as North Carolina). It was not just black owned business enterprises that were targeted - it was the businesses (and the homes) of many white people who were considered sympathetic to them.

Part of the relative economic backwardness of the South is due to all this.

People such as Governor Bilbo (Miss - early 20th century) did not just hate black people - he hated "northern capitalists" also (the Klan was radically ANTI capitalist - something that is often forgotten) and especially hated Jews.

One incident, from Waco Texas, is enough for now - a black man (accused of murder) was set upon by a mob, his sexual organs were cut off and he was put on a chain and lowered in and out of a fire (his fingers were cut off so that he could climb up the chain. Eventually he died.

The local Chamber of Commerce despaired of reaching people by moral criticism of the mob - and asked a simple question.

Who would invest in a town where there is mob rule?

It is no surprise that when the Klan tried to move north it faced determined opposition from such organisations as local Chambers of Commerce and the Rotarians.

See the "Middletown" (really Muncie Indiana) sociological studies of the 1920s and 1930s.

For all the pretensions of the KKK to being a law abiding organisation - people who had contact with it knew what a vile thing it was. To have it gain power in your town (north as well as south) was a direct threat to the well being of any community.

I will, for the moment, ignore the latest lies about Israel (and the contempt of a certain person for the laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the laws of the United States - which he, dishonestly, compares to Jim Crow) and turn to the actual point at issue - whether BB guns should be treated in the same way as firearms.

Well yes - if "in the same way" means "neither should be regulated by the government" - but that option seems to be missing from the poll.

Just as the option that the elected lady in Kentucky should obey the laws of Kentucky and the written laws of the United States was (for some reason or other) missing from the poll about her.

It is not the business of State governments to pass "legislation" about firearms - or about marriage.

"Marriage licenses" were introduced in England and Wales in 1836 (Births, Marriages and Deaths Registration Act) - that does NOT mean that marriage was invented at that time.

Alabama is getting rid of "marriage licenses" - that does not mean it is getting rid of marriage.

It is just getting rid of pointless bits of paper.

As for "recognising" homosexual unions - no individual or business should be forced to recognise them.

But then no individual or business should be forced to recognise traditional marriage either.

For example a photographer should not be forced to take photographs at a hetrosexual wedding, and a baker should not be forced to bake cakes for hetrosexual wedding.

This is the not "Jim Crow" - it is opposed principle.

"Jim Crow" was about making business people do things they did not want to do.

People should be free to do business with anyone they want to - and NOT to do business with anyone they do not want to business with.

The tragedy of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was that it took the words "must not" of Jim Crow and turned them into "must".

It was still the same principle - the government, in this case the Federal government, telling people what to do.

The option of FREEDOM (NOT telling people what to do) - was rejected. Both by Jim Crow statutes and by the 1964 Civil Rights Statute.

This was pointed out by Senator Barry Goldwater at the time - only for him to be totally misunderstood.

People who think that Barry Goldwater was a "racist" are as moronically ignorant as people who think that Israel is a "Jim Crow country" or an "apartheid country".

Hello all.


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