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Last poll: “How would you handle a school bus driver that knocks out a student?”

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The Black and Desolate Domain of Xanale wrote:- There is NO right to medical care. You have the right to take care of your own property (your body) but you don't have the right to force others to take care of it.

I was kind of wondering if by issuing that "right" the city is by defualt agreeing to pay for emergency medical care of homeless people.

The Black and Desolate Domain of Xanale wrote:On another note, anyone else ever notice that the issues we get are often either false dichotomies (trichotomies?) or that the beg the question?

I frequently use the "dismiss" button.

The Free Land of Conglomerate of Iron wrote:Could you add an option that says "the law is wrong as it gives homeless people rights they do not have"?

Not once the poll is up. Good suggestion though. I wish I would have thought of it.

Conglomerate of Iron

The Democratic Republic of Xyanth wrote:I was kind of wondering if by issuing that "right" the city is by defualt agreeing to pay for emergency medical care of homeless people.

I would suggest that it is by default assuming those responsibilities. But, what is the purpose of a city? Should it exist to assume these? Perhaps, the only thing that it is supposed to be for is to be a manager of collectively owned private property? These are interesting questions.

Errors tend to be copied (yes copied) - because the politicians who back them do not have to personally pay for them.

More government money and so on for the homeless has proved to be a disaster to in San Francisco - so of course Indianapolis (once a conservative city - but not so for years now) is copying the blunder.

If people really wanted to reduce homelessness they would get rid of "zoning" and other regulations - but then the cry would go up "you are brining back the slums and skid row".

They, the Welfare Statists, are total hypocrites.

Xanale, Xyanth, and Conglomerate of Iron

This week's poll is out of a short story I caught on CNN the other day. A school bus camera caught a roughly 16 year old male teen verbally abusing a bus driver. After getting no reaction from her, the teen slapped the lady bus driver. She still failed to react. There was another minute of heavy verbal abuse followed by a much stronger slap.

At that time the lady bus driver rose from seat showing us this is not a small woman. In one smooth continuous move, still rising from the seat she delivered a single round house punch to the teens jaw, knocking him down and out.

We are talking rag-doll flat on the deck, much to the delight of the rest of the students on the bus.

I am not going to tell you the final outcome of the story until after the poll expires. What I want to know is how you would handle it if you were the school board and superintendent of the district.

Poll's up.


The brat totally deserved it. I would probably use a bit less force (maybe a very strong back-of-the-hand to the cheek), but nevertheless, that bus driver gets my seal of approval!

On another note, children and teens today are becoming such pricks! I think it's the parents. The hippy generation has bred such entitled children. I was lucky to be raised by parents who always taught me that life would not be handed to me on a silver platter, and that I should respect those who are doing me a service (such as driving me around), because they don't need to be doing me that service! It's a shame so few share this sentiment...

Out of curiosity, why'd the kid start yelling at her?

Reed Audio

I only saw the story once and it was a follow up. It is my understanding she told him to sit down and stop rough housing on the bus. Rather then do that he went up front and started yelling at her. She stopped the bus and told him he was going to be written up. That's when he went into ballastic mode leading up to the first and second slaps.

That's a difficult one. I would want to read the article and see the video before making a decision. But I would imagine that the bus driver has a good case for self-defense.

The problem you are going to face is that the parents don't have any skin in the game for little johnny acting out. They have most of the rights and the bus driver will have few, if any. But, that is endemic of public education. They must cater to the lowest common denominator because it IS public.

If this were a private institution with private bus routes, it is entirely feasible that their would be a contract signed showing consequences for acting out on the bus and what the bus driver is allowed to do about it. That way, there is no ambiguity. In fact, the parents and child would probably be sued for breech of contract in this case.

Alas the story ran on CNN as a follow up, basically recapping the story and telling what became of the bus driver.

I wouldn't make it as a school bus driver. There would not have been a second slap because that little brat would have been toast after the first slap. I'll bet I'd be fired inside the first pay period.

A sixteen year old boy who hits a woman needs his hand broken.

The Black Riders are pretty active at the moment I see.

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