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WA Delegate (non-executive): The Nation of Macosky (elected 4 days ago)

Founder: The Nation of Macosky

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Welcome to Benevolent Capitalism
"Behold the Power"
The Nation of Macosky, World Assembly Delegate, Benevolent Capitalism
The People encourage you to join the World Assembly!

We are a region that stands for free markets and free trade, economic prosperity, and inovation.

Government Offices
Vice Delegate: Kapitalistiske
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    Our Constitution

    BulletinPolicy by Macosky 84 days ago. 25 reads.

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    Our History of Delegates

    BulletinNews by Macosky 3 days 19 hours ago. 8 reads.

Embassies: Libertatem, World Alliance, Republic of Conservadom, Conservatopia, Arretaenia, Nintendo, Natan Region, Sagittarius Arm, Vissella, Abkhazia, The Vast, Serenity, Tanos, United Federation of Planets, The United Empires Of the Raht Sea, Iran, and 63 others.United Empire of Islam, Trixie Supremacy, Spokane, Eastern Roman Empire, The Commonwealth Of Furry Peoples, The Equestrian Wasteland, The League of United Nations, Francia, Glorious Nations of Iwaku, League of Christian Nations, Black Mesa Islands, New Republica, The Central European Democratic Alliance, the council of free nations, The United Nations of Freedom, Panessos, The Seventh Bay, League of Independent Nations, Alliance of Bearded Men, The Federal Islands 2nd Gen, The Darwin Allied Republics, Commonwealth of Liberty, ACA, Blahbania, Genuan Rebirth, United Republic of Liberty, International Republican Union, Strategos Prime, Libertarian Party libertarians, Yerushalem VI, Union of Nationalists, The United League of Empires, REATO, Discworld, Latin America, The Region of Industrious Nations, The Northern Hemisphere, United Alliance Of Nations, Industry and Corporations, Atheist Empire, Thessius, Capitalist Libertarian Freedom Region, The Konglomerat, Ivory Tower, Alliance of New Europe, Wyndia, The Western Empire, Tychrome, Lanai, Federation of the Capitalistic Pacific, Sovereign Nations of Polar Boreal, Moneylania, Conservative Empire, The United Nations of Fairhope, Freedonia, The Confederacy of Allied Nations, The Illuminati, Union of Free Nations, The Americas, The United Empire of Corruption, Libertatem Libertatoe Farm, International Liberty Alliance, and Anarchic Society of Libertatia.

Tags: Democratic, Capitalist, Anarchist, Free Trade, Independent, Conservative, Medium, Libertarian, Regional Government, and Anti-Communist.

Benevolent Capitalism contains 32 nations, the 377th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Authoritarian in Benevolent Capitalism

World Census staff loitered innocuously in various public areas and recorded the length of time that passed before they were approached by dark-suited officials.

As a region, Benevolent Capitalism is ranked 12,880th in the world for Most Authoritarian.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Republic of RaunderCorrupt Dictatorship“De gustibus et coloribus non disputandum est”
2.The Empire of RegikistanCorrupt Dictatorship“The JUST shall prevail”
3.The Kapitalistendiktatur of Frisian InselnIron Fist Consumerists“Hoch lebe Übermensch.”
4.The Most Serene Republic of UphowlieDemocratic Socialists“Power to the people!”
5.The Capitalists of QuintarAuthoritarian Democracy“God, county and money.”
6.The Empire of Saturn ValleyWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“We Feel Groove”
7.The Borderlands of YversyDemocratic Socialists“E Pluribus Unum”
8.The Federation of ThranInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Raise above yourself!”
9.The Commonwealth of RuhsalTyranny by Majority“Övgü için Arazi”
10.The Kingdom of MountainInoffensive Centrist Democracy“High”
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Regional Happenings


Benevolent Capitalism Regional Message Board

The Free Land of Civil unrest wrote:Hello I come representing the Genuan rebirth. I am performing the annual checkup on our embassy regions. I will only be here 1 day so feel free to ask any questions you may have on the RMB or telegram Schneidern empire (GRs minister of foreign affairs) or myself, his puppet.

Kind regards
The Genuan rebirth

Hello! What are you checking up on?

Just checking if you have any new problems or advice for GR. Also it's important that our embassy regions know that we appreciate their decision to ally with us

I kindly ask all WA Members to endorse me to put me in the Delegate seat. I want to "officially" be in charge and get this region going. The appointment I made was majorly a bust. If the people appoint me as delegate, I can announce some new and exciting things for this region.


How can I get involved with Benevolent Capitalism?

We are actually in a lull right now. But changes are coming.

Hello to my fellow citizens of Benevolent Capitalism. I will be your Delegate for the time being. In an effort to shake things up and make it a bit more exciting to serve us, I have re-titled a few of our vacent Government offices. I will also be revising the Constitution adding the provisions that the Administrations of Former Delegates Regikistan and The Scientific Nation of Firatiya had discussed. This is the time of Change.

To begin, if you're interested in a Goverment Office, Telegram me or the Vice Delegate. I will ask that you create a dispatch with your Office Title so visitors can see what you are doing to better our region.

Kind Regards,
Macosky, Interim Delegate and Founder, Benevolent Capitalism

Why did I lose like all my population?????

and why did my flag change?

The Empire of Regikistan wrote:and why did my flag change?

You ceased to exist then refounded.

The Empire of Regikistan wrote:Why did I lose like all my population?????

What was your population before?

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