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WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Insane Cult Following of STALKER of B E E K E R

World Factbook Entry

Welcome to Beeker Island!!! Here Linkwe worship and serve our dearest MASTER and LORD B e e k e r!! LinkHe is both from the future and invented the toaster oven! He kicked Hitler in the balls, invented Asia, and banged Eva Braun.

God said LinkMEEP, and there was light.

As LinkBeeker created reality, Linkhe went back in time to the future to be born in 1603 in a log cabin that orbits the moon. From an early age Linkhe showed major skill at both MEEPING and MUPPETING. Before turning 5 Linkhe managed to eat his other 4 siblings. At the age of 12 Linkhe is rumored to have beaten up Chuck Norris. LinkBeeker is also Linkfather of both Barack Obama & Michelle Obama.

Sponsored by the Church of B e e k e r I S M

Embassies: Purgatory, Louisiana Alliance x Alliance Louisiane, The Darwin Allied Republics, The Luxan Empire, Bettie Page vs Jayne Mansfield Catfight, Callington, and The Illuminati.

Tags: Featured, Snarky, Cyberpunk, Anarchist, Minuscule, Religious, and Magical.

Beeker Island contains 3 nations.


Today's World Census Report

The Stupidest Citizens in Beeker Island

The following nations had the highest proportion of citizens designated in World Census studies as either "Uneducated" or "Just Plain Dumb".

As a region, Beeker Island is ranked 2,339th in the world for Stupidest Citizens.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Hail Muppet Hail of HAIL BEEKERFather Knows Best State“All Hail Beeker!!! Our Lord and Savior!!!”
2.The Insane Cult Following of STALKER of B E E K E RIron Fist Consumerists“You can MEEP MEEP me anytime ;)”
3.The Insane Sultanate Overlord of Beeker Stalker ArmyCapitalist Paradise“We will Muppet for BEEKER!!! WE WILL MUPPET ALL!!”

Regional Happenings


Beeker Island Regional Message Board

The Messiah The Stalker

Born a virgin Birth, his MOTHER, Mary Oprah Muppetington (M.O.M.), broke into, his father, B e e k e r's house one night and stole his sperm crusted tissue, and yay The Stalker was BORN.

So The Stalker came back from the alternate future to prevent the 2012 apocalypse, which he did your welcome. Made peace with Alien Angle race of Nibiru, who helped overt the on coming comic sent to destroy our planet, and b*tch slapped the anti-Christ and cut of his head as their can BE ONLY ONE, thus stopping the 2012 apocalypse.

Later he killed and ate his father Beeker as their can be only one. Someday Stalker may choose to rise his departed father from the grave, but for now he rest his eyes closed, as tradition wiTH all earthly gods, cut him up into little pieces to fed to his followers.

The Church of Beekersim

The Messiah The Stalker

Currently Deceased Father of Messiah B e e k e r


Nodin Demigod of History and the past

Freddland Demigod of Science and Logic

Big Jim P Demigod of The Gates of Hell and the River Styx

Pseudomonarchy Demonum Demigod of Immortality

Patrons Saints

Cynical Alcoholics Patron Saint of Delegates Past and rising from the dead

Evil Personz Patron Saint of Painting and Color

War-Salvaged Soldiers Patron Saint of Youth

Frank de Boer Patron Saint of Soccer and grassy fields

Shirakiin Patron Saint of Fine bodies and the feminine form.

Beekerites in Training

Illuminati spies
Future Fossil Birds
Sabana Santa
Blind Guardian
Overseer of Convergence
Snoopy the Beagle

Congratulations to the featured region!
Don't look underneath the island.

(This is uncanny. It will be some time before I dare mention muppets again.)

WELCOME soon to be followers of the rightious word of Beekerism to my humble abode here on Beeker Island. The best place on earth and the region I expect you will all move to if you haven't already done so.

PROUDLY standing as today's FEATURED region, I take this as a CLEAR official endorsement from Max Berry himself in support of the Church of Beekersim!! May my light flow throughout the lands into the hearts and minds of everyone. May my words be heard, and KNOWN as truth. MEWHAHAHAAHaaa and may everyone have a laugh as awesome as mine.

Beekerism will now become famous across the lands. Soon everyone will make blood sacrifices to me to win my favor. And I will SAY. BOW BEFORE me MORALs, for I am a GOD and you are but my subjects created for my amusement. You see this ma?? Isn't this a day to behold in true glory of the highest muppet order.

*stalker in a womanly voice* Very impressive deary i'm so proud of you. Look at Beeker Island now, Truly a deranged haven for alll your followers. This calls for a celebration!!! Let mama make you your favorite drink! The Stalker Bloody Mary, vodka and puppy blood.

Oh no no mama, we're DRINKin' RUM tonight!!! It's gona be a pirate party. Free rum to all one eyed people! And free eye removal for all two eyed people.

I'm collecting them in jars as a birthday present for my mama.

OH your so sweet deary I do love the taste of fresh eyeballs in the morning.

Your gona be my pirate mama tonight, it's a yo Hoe hoe and bottle of rum 15 jars of random people's heads.

SO good vistors and followers of Beekerism, MAKE yourself at home! Feel free to help yourself to strangled puppy stew, free eye removal, or one of our famous Stalker Bloody Marys. So good it will kill you. Probably, it's highly toxic for mortals.

Improving wordiness

1 year 340 days ago

Happy Featured Beeker day!

Congrats on being featured, Beeker.

International socialists

1 year 48 days ago

Congrats on being featured have a giant cookie to celebrate (::)

The international space station

1 year 47 days ago

Day 4 of our mission to visit featured nations. Peace to all nations on our beautiful Earth!

Featured Again!? I take this as a clear endorsement of Beekersim from Max Berry himself! All hail the true muppet god, and may he strike down all non-believers with his meeping meep!!

First poll records:

Thou accepted Beeker into your heart upon realizing...?

Beeker created reality, then went back in time to the future to be born in 1603 in a log cabin that orbits the Moon!: 1 Kopje Koffie.

Beeker's major skills in both MEEPING and MUPPETING!: 0

Cause he invented the color blue and is rumored to have beaten up Chuck Norris!: 2 The United Motherland and The Stalker.

At the age of 22 he married his first love Susan the ostrich who gave birth to Ostrich Boy Joey the pink kangaroo of planet Zuul: 1 North Urea.

That both Scooby Doo and Tom Cruise said Beeker was there biggest hero and idol.: 0

B E E K E R is the father of both Barack Obama and Michelle Obama.: 1 Horsesass.

Beeker is in fact 1204 years old, and has lived even longer. He can speak over 17 languages and is the mother of Genghis Khan.: 0

Cause Beeker introduced the Beatles to each other and wrote the US Constitution.: 0

For Tricking the world into believing Australia and Kangaroos are real, even though they don't really exist.: 0

Cause In 2045 Beeker got the 7th planet from the sun re-named Uranus because he thought it was funny.: 0

Cause Jesus, Muhammad, and Moses personally told you, B E E K E R is the true savoir, and their biggest inspiration.: 0

All of the Above. MEEP!: 5 STALKER of B E E K E R, Black cats luck, Cantalupo, The repulic of awesome, and Tlik.

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