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WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Kingdom of Reseda Island

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Welcome to Ba Sing Se.

Born 7/21/2011
Died 8/31/2013

Featured: November 23rd 2011, May 4th 2013

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Ba Sing Se is home to a single nation.


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Today's World Census Report

The Largest Timber Woodchipping Industry in Ba Sing Se

As a region, Ba Sing Se is ranked 12,859th in the world for Largest Timber Woodchipping Industry.

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1.The Holy Fort of Chronos TempestNew York Times Democracy“Risen Gates won't Open”

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Ba Sing Se Regional Message Board


Post by Mcprolald suppressed by Reseda Island.


261 days ago

Wait, why is the region closing

Aniva bay

260 days ago

This is fairly sad, as we of the Aniva Bay colony have only just arrived here in Ba Sing Se. We were under the impression that this was one of the finest cities that the Earth Kingdom still had to offer in these dark days of Fire Nation oppression. Why, then, is the region being shut down? It was a bastion of hope to those who had none.

May we at least request permission to stay until the walls of the city are finally torn down and we have no further recourse but to leave? It is most unfortunate that our arrival was, indeed, at such a poor time. We notice, for instance, that there have even been a few nations removed as of late. We hope this will not happen to the Aniva Bay colony.

The nation removed from this region was spamming out Message board.

Aniva bay

260 days ago

Having scrolled up so to speak I noticed that. I'm sorry to hear that. If it's all the same to you, I'd like to stick around Ba Sing Se for the time being. Maybe I'll grab a bite to eat here and check out the badger-moles. How long do you plan on keeping it around before it finally closes? I'll probably end up visiting another Avatar region afterwards. I landed here because when I joined Nation States I searched through the anime tagged regions and decided to drop by.

The region will remain open until all the nations find new homes or die off.

Aniva bay

259 days ago

For what it's worth then I'd like to stick around for at least a little while, then I might want to check out Omashu and maybe a few of the other avatar-themed regions before finding a more permanent home for my country.

Hmm, I might go nomadic for awhile before returning to one of the region we discussed on the forums.

Omashu is nice, though it seems someone re-founded the Earth Kingdom, Water Tribes, and Fire Nation.

By Weeks end the region shall be officially closed, between now and then members should seek new regions for at weeks end I will remove any remaining nation.


Post by Jesse bastin suppressed by Reseda Island.

Jesse bastin

238 days ago

Please endorse me friends, so I will have enough influence to get my friends to join this region. Together, in time, we can become great once more!

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