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Liberated AztlŠn.

This is the land of your Borderless Future, a pancultural, polyracial, transethnic, omnilingual New World,
a perpetually evolving, organically interconnected, self-transformational fusion of kaleidoscopic multi-hybrid
communities. A Trans-Global Unicontinent, if you will. Where there are no Borders and there is no Center.

Embassies: Angkor Wat, Machu Picchu, Barcelona, Tibet, Green Anarchy, National Liberation Front, Kehlsteinhaus, Vichy France, Kashmir, Democratic Left, Tel Aviv, Autonomous Peoples, Communist Democracy, The American Indian Confederacy, Taoism, BUF, and 3 others.White Genocide Memorial, Pact of Steel, and Zapatista Colony.

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1.The Mescaline Militia of MexkimosScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Polar Mexicans from Alaska--Aqui se habla gringoŮol”
2.The Axiomatic Pyrogenesis of The Warstein StratagemLiberal Democratic Socialists“Land of horizontal sky-diving”

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"The state calls its own violence law, but that of the individual crime".
--Max Stirner

"Fascism is capitalism plus murder."
~~Upton Sinclair

"When men hire themselves out to shoot other men to order, asking nothing about the justice of their cause, I donít care if they are shot themselves."
-- Herbert Spencer (1820 - 1903). English philosopher, biologist, sociologist, and prominent classical liberal political theorist of the Victorian era.

In 1980 US President Jimmy Carter called for the registration of young men for a military draft.

In response, one mother who survived the Nazi death camps of Europe wrote to the New York Times:

"To the Editor: Thirty-six years ago I stood in front of the crematorium.
The ugliest force in the world had promised itself that I should be removed from the cycle of life-that I should never know the pleasure of giving life.
With great guns and great hatred, this force thought itself the equal of the force of lift.
I survived the great guns, and with every smile of my son, they grow smaller.
It is not for me, sir, to offer my son's blood as lubricant for the next generation of guns.
I remove myself and my own from the cycle of death." - Isabella Leitner


It recalls what Hunter S Thompson said of the US:

"We have become a Nazi monster in the eyes of the world; a nation of bullies and bastards who would rather kill than live peacefully. We are not just whores for power and oil, but killer whores with hate and fear in our hearts. We are human scum, and that is how history will remember us."

Bienvenido, Alma Errante. Wise words indeed. It is amazing how the neo-liberal "Democratic" Party faithful idealize Carter.

The Carter years are a perfect historical mirror image of where the neo-liberals are now.

Just a little over a year after assuming office, Carter ramped up U.S. military aid to Indonesia's Suharto even as he continued to murder Timorese families. By the time the pious Georgia Democrat left office, over 175,000 people had been massacred. The piss-yellah-dawg Dems didn't as much as squeak. Obama is so much like Carter it's downright eerie. When asked if the U.S. owed any debt to Vietnam, a country it "bombed back to the stone-age" at a cost of three million Vietnamese lives, Carter's casual response was: "Well, the destruction was mutual." Priceless. Not a peep from the peanut gallery.

Carter visited the Shah of Iran in '79, and praised him for his "progressive administration" while at the same time the Shah's military and SAVAK death squads were torturing and murdering thousands of unarmed political opponents. Today, Obama says Karzai is "making progress". And the Democrat hypocrites just suck it up.

How about when the Sandinistas threw Anastasio Somoza out of Nicaragua? Carter ordered them to retain the Guardia, Somoza's elite squad of American-trained killers. The Sandinistas said no dice. So what does Carter do? He has the CIA fly up the military torturers running the death squads in Argentina (yet another Democrat-endorsed bloobath) to train former Guardia and other mercs in Honduras for terror ops across the border. Remember the Contras? Today Obama has Triple Canopy, Xe, and DynCorp.
The "Democrat" neo-liberal response? In a word, predictable.

Jimmy and El Salvador? By Oct. '79, Carter's Commandos were slaughtering upwards of 900 students, workers, and peasants per month. Almost 10,000 in '80. Carter sent millions in aid and riot equipment to the Salvadoran military, flew in US advisors and trained Salvadoran death squads in Panama. The Carter Administration kept it up all through 1980, until the murder of the four Maryknoll nuns in December.

Remember when Carter asserted that human rights were to be "the soul of our foreign policy?"

That's exactly the kind of breathtaking hypocrisy that elicits moans of admiration from the familiar crew of trembling assimilated conformists, desperate to eradicate the emotional pain that comes with having no honor, no principles, and no convictions. It comes as no surprise that they would go to any length to defend the policies of the current president, no matter how abhorrent.

Like Samuel Huntington, preeminent American imperialist "intellectual" and pseudo-historian, the Carter-loving "pwogwessives" are convinced that the US must firmly preserve its "international primacy" for the well-being of the entire globe, since "American national identity is defined by a set of universal political and economic values," which are "liberty, democracy, equality, private property, and markets." In accepting this ideology as revealed truth, when it comes to assessing the veracity of official US commitment to human rights, the "Democratic" Party sheep immediately reject all the evidence of the close correlation between US economic and military aid to developing nations and government use of extrajudicial killings and torture by those same nations, a pattern virtually uninterrupted throughout history.

And so, once again, the "Democrats" stood by passively as on Dec.'89 US forces bombed slums in Panama, killing hundreds of civilians. Elliott Abrams, Reagan's chief architect of US-sponsored mass murder in Latin-America, solemnly remarked that for the first time the US could attack anyone without worrying about a Soviet response. The media rubber-stamped it as a noble endeavor, and the sheep stood and clapped on cue.

Human rights? Bah. Now as before, under Obama human rights have purely cosmetic value in American culture; they are public relations tools, nothing more.

Pro-Obama "Democrats" freak out and stutter and start spouting gibberish when I tell them that I don't believe in Lesser-Evilism, or in the infantile notion that everything bad can and should be blamed on Republicans. I don't believe that Dem politicians get a pass when attempting to camouflage their crimes with patriotic bullsh!+ and blatant lying.

I know a truth that they have never learned: If you have to lie about something, that something is wrong.

I asked an Obama cheerleader once: What kind of person are you that you can only stomach your party's policies by dressing them up as flattering fantasies? Why is it that you have to lie so often to yourself, about yourself, in order to live with yourself? Needless to say, I didn't get an answer.

The fact is, the mainstream majority of Democratic voters have proven that they are helpless. It no longer even matters how many elections Democrats win, or how horribly reactionary Republican policies damage the country or the world. There's just no way to do anything differently. Because Obama, after campaigning one way but now governing another, like Dems and Reps always do, admits that everything is all screwed up but he informs us that it must remain that way because once, long ago, powerful interests determined it must be so.

And so here we are. Political leaders and the corporate class of wealthy investors do as they please, and the rabble is told that universal health care in America is impossible because the private sector doesn't want it. Afghanistan is a terrible nightmare, but we're already there so we have to keep killing. Obama embraced the Bush policies of indefinite detention without charge or trial and then protected Bush admin officials from prosecution despite the secret prisons, extraordinary rendition programs, and an incarceration policy where suspects are "legally" tortured.

The fearful, cowardly behavior of mainstream "Democratic" voters is evidence of their absolute moral depravity and their inevitable permanent political irrelevance. They stand for nothing. They are content begging for scraps from the corporate table.

Hunter S Thompson spoke the truth. And history has already proven him right.

Mil gracias, Mexkimos.

Excellent comparison between Carter and Obama, in particular the cosmetics of Obama.

The Republicans and Democracts are the two wings of the monster of which Hunter S Thompson described, of one collective party, that being the imperialist and corporatist elite.

Carter and Obama's cosmetics, and the revisionism applied to them by their acolyte pseudo-historians and biographists and democrat cheer-leaders, is to be presented as the human face of Imperialism and Corporatism, smiling beningly as they order children to be murdered in their beds.

But it's okay, because these assassins have nice smiles and say human rights are very important as they wash their hands of blood.

There is, as you quite rightly state, no lesser evil, for it is one entity, with merely changing masks.

There's a reason why the Iranians wouldn't release the hostages they took from the US Embassy (which was indeed nothing other than a CIA Station of Spies as the Iranians always knew it was) and that was because Carter supported the Shah, his military and SAVAK to the hilt and hosted the Shah on The White House lawn.

Iranian nuclear programme? Started by the Shah with Carter's support. No threat of sanctions, or war for Iran in the 70's. And that was because the Shah, as proved by his reinstatement in 1953 in the MI6-CIA Operation Ajax when the Iranians, led by Mossadegh dared to overthrow their Tyrant, was our bad guy.

The Iranians remembered, and they would not forget.

The hostages were released as Reagan's men cut a deal with Iran before he took office to present himself as the tough-guy bringing "our boys" back home - that deal, as we know, was called the Iranian-Contra Arms Deal, amid a war between Iran and Iraq which the US fuelled, armed, and funded.

Originally, the aim was to encourage Iraq led by the US's friend Saddam to invade Iran to overthrow the revolution or destablise it - as the war went into eight years of bloody stalemate killing around a couple of million people and devastating both countries, the corporatist and imperialist elite saw a wonderful business opportunity as well as the opportunity to see post-revolutionary Iran weakened, and Iraq weakened, just in case their boy Saddam became too independent as was the fear - as it was, he invaded Kuwait with the encouragement of a US ambassador, giving the excuse to cut Saddam down to size - cue years of sanctions on Iraq, a million deaths including men, women and children, to sufficiently cripple Iraq for when the time came to invade in 2003.

And what of those sanctions? Madeline Albright, US Secretary of State under Bill Clinton, was asked about whether she thought the deaths of Iraq men, women, and children, from the medieval sanctions which amounted to a blockade was justified.

"We think it's worth the price" she replied coldly.

But the Clinton Administration did bomb Sudan's medicine factory, condemning the population to countless deaths as a result of the lack of access to medicine for treatment, intensified in the midst of civil war.

The lack of concern for life was evident.

Reagan himself was another mask of the monster after the friendly face of imperialism and corporatism presented that was Carter - Reagan's mask was of the Cowboy, the Grandfather Patriach who was just "A Good old American Boy" defending the U.S of A ranch from those Communist people in Central and South America in cahoots with the evil Soviet Empire.

And it was lapped up, like warm milk and cookies before bedtime, administered by the doting Grandfather.

The reality was Reagan was an actor with the morals of a two-bit Gangster whose rotten brain acted as such before it began to bubble and pop away like popcorn in a microwave.

People seeking liberation and emancipation from imperialism, corporatism and US-backed murdering cabrones?

Kill them all, men, women and children, and train and arm the most vilest excuses for human beings to do it in any twisted and horrific manner possible, as long as The Monroe Doctrine was upheld and the people are brutalised into accepting that it's either the American way, or the bodies of loved ones by the highway, raped and disembowelled and mutilated - it was true under Carter as it was Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama to this very day.

Obama protects Bush Admin people as Bush protected Clinton Admin people who protected Bush I Admin people who protected Reagan Admin people and so on, a nod and a wink of mutual protection - "I won't mention Death Squads in El Salvador if you don't mention Death Squads in Afghanistan", all of them so up to their necks in blood that to drown someone else in it would lead them to be pulled under too, because after all, who wants to pay the butcher's bill over the past century when every administration's culpable?

And so on it goes, on and on, unrelenting, everybody placed at the scene of the great crime with their fingerprints - Murder, the support of murder, corruption and other nefarious acts.

It was said of Saddam "He's a bad guy, but he's our bad guy.

When it comes to the 'Democrat' cheer-leaders, even those who know the true character of their candidates, seem to think and say to themselves, 'they may be bad guys, but they are our bad guys' with the attitude that at least they are not Republicans, like some sort of Sports game where you have to be one side of the other, and the crimes can be excused of one side, because they are on their team to support, when the team is one and not theirs, whatever name it goes under.

The trivialisation of it all, the disregard, how massacres and wars are only bad if "our guys don't do it", the trading in and out of basic human rights, justice and decency.

And the murderers cackle, all night long, and the greedy rub their hands with glee.

Hunter S Thompson indeed spoke the truth, and it's up to the people to ensure that the future does not prove him right about the future too.

Lennon said once that Peace was ours, if we want it.

Add to that this: The Future is ours, if we want it.

Absolutely right. Your description of the monumental hypocrisy that lies at the core of US politics is pin-point accurate.
And you are also right when you state it is up to the people. To hell with the collaborators and conformists-- their capitulation means that those of us who care about justice and love will have to fight longer and harder, but I can't think of anything more important.

Many thanks.

Collaborators and conformists - may they be consigned to the dustbins of history, the struggle continues for us, for justice and love, you are right, nothing is more important.

And if we not willing to fight for that, we may as well already be corpses.

I see collaborators and conformists as nothing less.


I was commanded to open the region.

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