Avalon RMB

WA Delegate: The Kingdom of Stad (elected 3 days 3 hours ago)

Founder: Palidor

World Factbook Entry

Welcome to Avalon, a peaceful region known from legend as the final resting place of King Arthur. Avalon means Island of the Apples and is a place for prosperity and growth in abudance. All nations regardless of population or politics are welcome.

The Round Table

Prime Minister: Sir Stadius the Sleep-deprived from Stad
Minister of Truth: Sir Stan the Splendid from the Republic of Stanisstan
Minister of Peace: Sir Oberon the Ouststanding from Foggy Avalon
Minister of Plenty: Vacant
Minister of Love: Sir Leader the Lively from The Weaver
Chancellor of the Exchequer: Sir LaDarius the Lucky from Brownrovia

Avalon Forum: LinkAvalon Realm Join today, introduce yourself and offer suggestions.

Embassies: The Vast, One big Island, Unknown, New Atrosia, and The Darwin Allied Republics.

Tags: Password, Medium, Founderless, Recruiter Friendly, and Invader.

Regional Power: Moderate

Avalon contains 33 nations, the 338th most in the world.


Password required

Today's World Census Report

The Best Weather in Avalon

The following nations were determined to have the best all-round weather.

As a region, Avalon is ranked 2,728th in the world for Best Weather.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Esteemed Muggles of Republic of StanisstanWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“Stan is and always shall be Stan”
2.The Holy Protectorate of Scottish GargoylesWA MemberNew York Times Democracy“We have none”
3.The Oppressed Peoples of The WeaverDemocratic Socialists“We Love Tom Hiddleston”
4.The Amazon Federation of DrakonityWA MemberNew York Times Democracy“War is interested in you”
5.The Nomadic Peoples of PrydnLiberal Democratic Socialists“Live close to the Earth, and closer to the Heavens.”
6.The Free Land of CelturosLeft-wing Utopia“Just don't be an idiot.”
7.The Kingdom of StadWA MemberNew York Times Democracy“Sol Invictus”
8.The Dominion of FlairsLiberal Democratic Socialists“We will survive!”
9.The Kingdom of VeslyWA MemberNew York Times Democracy“Liberty”
10.The Mystic Isle of Foggy AvalonDemocratic Socialists“All things are true”
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Regional Happenings


Avalon Regional Message Board

Peace and joy and happy holidays to the isle of Avalon.

Welcome, all newcomers to Avalon. All WA nations are asked to endorse all other WA nations. This makes it much harder for invaders to take over. If you are a WA nation, and I have not endorsed you, just send me a message and I will oblige!

Enjoy your time here.

Well, our founder Palidor's back again, though hasn't returned to the region yet.

Hi everyone,

We've been floating between around 25-40 nations for a while now, and I think it's time to expand. In particular, we need more WA delegates. Is there anyone who could draft an invitation message/ send the message to prospective members? Thanks,

Stadius XXV of Stad

Hello there. I've been in this region for some time using different nations. Now, as Stad said, I brought my WA and endorsed everyone, it would be cool to have some endorsements in return.

Anyway, this is too quiet as of lately, isn't it?

Thank you for your endorsements, guys

Welcome, new arrivals. I hope you have a long and pleasant stay here. Please do get involved.

Stadius XXV

If anyone has a spare ten minutes and feels like sending some recruitment telegraphs, it would be much appreciated. The more the merrier!

Stadius XXV

I can't do it right now, maybe in a near future, Stad. But for now we should have nice welcoming telegrams and be a bit more active in the RMB if possible.

Have a nice day, everyone!

Greetings Avalonians,

As you may have noticed, we recently suffered an invasion by raiders associated with the The Black Riders, during which I briefly lost the delegacy. Order has now been restored, and the raiders banned. If you notice any that have been missed, please telegram me.

Unfortunately, in order to prevent a repeat of the raid, I have temporarily password-protected the region. This will be lifted when the threat is judged to have subsided; in the meantime, I will look into raising the issue with the WA and defender regions.

One small matter remains: a vacancy in the round table. I had to restore our regional settings from an archived version of this page, which was not entirely up to date, and cannot remember who occupied the position. Please come forward!

Kind Regards,

Stadius XXV

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