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Rest in Peace those hostages in Martin place 16/12/14.

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Australia contains 78 nations, the 150th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Least Corrupt Governments in Australia

World Census officials visited a range of government departments and recorded how frequently bribes were required to complete simple administrative requests.

As a region, Australia is ranked 12,026th in the world for Least Corrupt Governments.

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The Republic of Amarion wrote:I'm overseas now so I won't be able to be on NS for a week. Ta ta ^_^

Have a great trip!

I will be in contact with you Jydara to discuss the URA.

In other news - what a week it has been in RL Australia! And in the lead up to Christmas as well....

Please donate stamps to this nation to help with our recruitment efforts.

The Prime Minister of Mcmasterdonia Representative wrote:In other news - what a week it has been in RL Australia! And in the lead up to Christmas as well....

It seems like one tragedy on the heels of another...

The Rogue Nation of Skye Johnson wrote:It seems like one tragedy on the heels of another...

No joke there. The Australian community has united though. Have been proud to be an Aussie this week.

My mum wasn't very educated in the whole Isis thing and how Isis is related to Islam etc. The instant she saw the skin colour + the writing on the flag she named him a terrorist :/ Fortunately I've done somewhat large amounts of research into Isis and I know that the profile doesn't fit the group. I'm glad everyone realised this at the end and united together and waking up to seeing the hashtag #illridewithyou was like an early x-mas present.

Regardless of whether this man was a terrorist or just a crazed lunatic, the reaction following it (the floral tributes and the way Australia has united), demostrates that were terrorists to commit a terrorist act in Australia, that they would never win because they will never crush the Australian spirit.

But I give you a comparison. People are calling this man a terrorist, 8 children were stabbed to death in Cairns this week. They aren't calling the Australian woman a terrorist.

Stabbing eight children to death is not terrorism if there's no clear political motive. Unless it was some kind of pyrrhic effort to demonstrate the ultimate consequences of our social welfare system's ineptitude, I wouldn't say that act could be described as a terrorist act.

I understand that we may be all focusing our horror on what happened at Martin Place but I think the Peshawar attach is more horrific, wherein some 141 people, all but nine of theme children, died in a Taliban attack.

It is indeed very horrific what happened in Peshawar. Unfortunately, terrorist attacks are quite common in that region. So when people hear of it, I think a lot of them do not respond with the same surprise that they would when something like the siege in Martin Place happens in Australia. We are a very lucky nation to not have to experience that type of thing all that often (hardly ever in fact), that I think we sometimes lose perspective of what happens in other nations...

North Capricornia, I agree that it can't be perceived as terrorism, but we don't have concrete confirmation that the Martin Place tragedy was done for political reasons (from what has come out, it is thought his original target was Channel 7, and he has had a long-time dispute with them). This man also seems to have had mental issues. That's the reason I made the comparison that I did. Because this man claimed to be Islam, we automatically assume it's terrorism even though we have no concrete proof, and our Prime Minister has even said that there needs to be an investigation before we start making conclusions.

Amarion, I agree with you that the Peshawar attack was more horrific and is a tragedy, but I think the reason that we are focusing so much on Martin Place is because it's close to home. Also, rightly or wrongly, people who I have spoken to seem to think it's common place in the Middle East for that sort of thing to happen anyway and unfortunately, the Middle East is a very unstable place and those sorts of attacks by the Taliban is not so much a terrorist attack but an attack in a Civil War and it's been that way for a long time. I think people would agree that we should take refugees fleeing from the Middle East, but not get involved in the conflict against the Taliban because there is no direct threat towards Australia, and Islamic State (or as the Prime Minister has correctly termed it, the IS Death Cult) poses a far greater threat to Australia (considering the number of people leaving our shores to go and fight with them, and the various plots to behead people in Martin Place), than the Taliban and at this stage Al-Qaeda. Also, I don't want people to think that I am a domestic political supporter of Tony Abbott, I am not, but his policies in regards to the National Security are very good and are quite rightly supported by the Labor Party.

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