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Australia is back, with a fond welcome to all new nations! We've got a couple new toys for you to check out:

| LinkBrand Spankin' New Regional Forum || LinkCool Kids' IRC Channel |

Sit back, relax, join in a convo or two, and crack a cold king brown or a pineapple cruiser.

All WA members please endorse our Delegate, King Rankmore
For other inquiries please contact our Prime Minister The Commonwealth of Alta Australia.

Topic of the Week
We are World Champs!!!!!!

Embassies: Canada, The Founderless Regions Alliance, Taijitu, 10000 Islands, Yggdrasil, Warzone Australia, Western Australia, England, The SOP, New Zealand, Rhodesia, Funen, United States of America, NAFTA, Ancient Lands, The Red and Black Hills, and 86 others.Bermuda Triangle, Horses and Bayonets, The Illuminati, Deutschland, Weed, Falkland Islands, Paraguay, The Federal Commonwealth of Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Australia Commonwealth, South Australia, Tasmania, Queensland, Northern Territory, Victoria, Territory of Australia, Cashnatchee, urkalgurk, Aysling, Occitania, Demolibs, The Commonwealth of Kings, Worldwar Tau Ceti, The North Pacific, The Coalition of Democratic Nations, United Poland Union, United Group, Aurelia, The Dark Alliance, Gay, International Workers Union, Dune, Lower Canada, Unified Skaian Syndicate of Rulers, Indopacific, Almost Ruleless, The New Study Group, The Remnants of The Remnants, The Christian Nations, United Regions Alliance, The Atlas Union, Ivory Tower, BoMB, Eireann, New Zealandia, Feminina, The International Communist Union, The Spanish Republic, Iura Pecunia et libertas, Nuwe Transvaal, Lightmont, Southern Oceans, The diverse states of Bill Cosbia, All Mine, New Scandinavia, Washington DC, India, Republic of Hellas, World Federation States, The Silence, New Brannack, Peoples Alliance for Democracy, The Atheist Empire, Walbard, Germanic Confederation, The Allied States, Rockingham, Faronis, Free State of Wisconsin, United Kingdoms of Shiylantis, New Roman Republic, The Four Corners, Yello Land, Hippy Haven, The Association of Imperialism, Philippine Wing Islands, Saint Augustine, United North Atlantic, the Rejected Realms, Avadam Inn, Formula 1, Myanma, Xavierland, Universalis, Elemental Chaos, and Alliance Of Neutral Nations.

The embassy with Alliance Of Neutral Nations is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 3 days 2 hours.

Tags: Large, Democratic, Eco-friendly, Sports, Socialist, Social, and Casual.

Regional Power: Moderate

Australia contains 65 nations, the 179th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Avoided in Australia

Nations ranked highly are considered by many to be the most inhospitable, charmless, and ghastly places to spend a vacation, or, indeed, any time at all.

As a region, Australia is ranked 14,175th in the world for Most Avoided.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Rogue Nation of The Commonwealth of AusAnarchy“Australians all let us rejoice”
2.The Kingdom of Southern Sons AusCapitalist Paradise“Such Is Life”
3.The Grandpa knows best state of ZimbabweCapitalist Paradise“Zimbabwe”
4.Three prongs(ex-nation) 
5.The Dictatorship of Skippy The Bush KangarooCompulsory Consumerist State“Why for the love of God did I make another nation”
6.The Most Serene Republic of MessystanAnarchy“After 13 wipes, just take a shower”
7.The Nomadic Peoples of RethiakAnarchy“Just Do It!”
8.The Klaus Devestatorie Empire of MarkLathamCapitalist Paradise“Your Devestation Is My Salvation”
9.The Federation of Tony AbottInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Missing a B, but still just as awesome”
10.The Community of RomboCapitalist Paradise“The meaning to life, the universe, and everything”
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Regional Happenings


Australia Regional Message Board

Hello, Yayness! Feel free to hang out here whenever you feel like it. You're welcome to participate in the RP (either of the forum or RMB-based ones), too.

Hello, Yo Its Nickie! Welcome here. If you have any further confidential information concerning regional security or defense, I'd implore you to contact me, the interim Prime Minister of the region. Thank you.

Hello, Australia! I'm here to announce something that The TNP Delegate of The Democratic Republic of Tomb and I have been working on for a while. It's a joint RP, with residents of both The North Pacific and Australia to participate. A tentative start date has been set at Monday April 20. If you'd like to check it out or sign up, there's still plenty of time to do so at! So, let's get ready to RP, be great hosts, and show some TNPers what Australia's all about!

Hold it there, mate! I do not resign as PM. I am the PM for life. If not, I must be at least appointed as Governor-General. But no, I am the PM, so lump it, mate.

Artilla the Honey

Does someone love our RMB & forumside RPs' subject matter? :-)

A couple more announcements: Tomb has just publicly announced the RP in a telegram to all of the several thousand nations in the region. Will all of them get the message? No. But will we have a good time with the ones who do, and decide to participate? Heck yeah! So, please, go to NStralia, and sign up if you haven't already at! It's going to be a great time!

I'd like to notify all the Australians who signed up back in January, to see if they still want to do it. Almonaster just checked in again, so I don't need to notify Almo. McMasterdonia is The Bule in Java of McMasterdonia. I'm not sure what Amarion's main is, but I'm pretty sure he uses The Republic of Amarion and The Incorporated States of Dr Heinz Doofenshmirtz. Artilla the Honey is another Aussie that's already signed up, and she's usually very good about getting on the forums, but I'll notify The Familial Spirits of of Devil Heart just in case.

Nominations for PM are open to any citizen. So, if you haven't already, apply for citizenship at, and consider running for office at Even if you don't run or win the election for PM, you might be able to assume another office, or just simply participate in Parliament.

That's all for now. If you have any questions, queries, or concerns, be sure to let me know. Thanks, everyone!

Artilla the Honey

The Banana Republic of North Capricornia wrote:Christ. That was smooth

I've used that joke before, not very funny, a very bad joke but somewhat original and almost slightly clever.

yo nickie just trying to churn up business for his region

Hello, Australians! I am Cascadia, a visitor from The North Pacific.

Artilla the Honey

yea true

Post self-deleted by Yayness.

i'm new to nationstates. i need some friends.

The Federation of Tony Abott wrote:Hold it there, mate! I do not resign as PM. I am the PM for life. If not, I must be at least appointed as Governor-General. But no, I am the PM, so lump it, mate.

You were only elected by Rupert the people hate you.

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