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Australia is back, with a fond welcome to all new nations! We've got a couple new toys for you to check out:

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Sit back, relax, join in a convo or two, and crack a cold king brown or a pineapple cruiser.

All WA members pretty please endorse our Delegate, King Rankmore
For other inquiries please contact our Prime Minister The Commonwealth of Alta Australia.

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Where is Alta Australia?

Featured 29/7/2015

Embassies: Canada, The Founderless Regions Alliance, Taijitu, 10000 Islands, Yggdrasil, Western Australia, England, The SOP, New Zealand, United States of America, Bermuda Triangle, The Illuminati, Deutschland, Australian Capital Territory, Australia Commonwealth, South Australia, and 83 others.Tasmania, Queensland, Northern Territory, Victoria, Territory of Australia, Cashnatchee, Occitania, Demolibs, The Commonwealth of Kings, The North Pacific, The Coalition of Democratic Nations, United Poland Union, United Group, Aurelia, The Dark Alliance, Gay, Dune, Lower Canada, Unified Skaian Syndicate of Rulers, The Atlas Union, Ivory Tower, Eireann, The Spanish Republic, Southern Oceans, All Mine, India, Republic of Hellas, New Brannack, The Atheist Empire, Walbard, The Allied States, Faronis, Free State of Wisconsin, United Kingdoms of Shiylantis, Hippy Haven, the Rejected Realms, Avadam Inn, Elemental Chaos, Alliance Of Neutral Nations, United States Military, Altimear, Westphalia, Hulon, U R N, The Cherry Alliance, DreamLand, The Colonies of Australasia, The Unaligned Isolated States, Oceanic, Union of Nationalists, Glorious Nations of Iwaku, Nelborne Union, Dill Country, Mediterranean, The Constitutional Union, The Northern Alliance, The East Pacific, The Free Region, Dark Stars, Turkic Union, Kylden, Christadelphia, The Utopian Freesocialists, Time for Britain to leave the EU, Union of Armed Nations, Indopacific, The Cavalry of the DuckCrocs, Xanadu, Alliance of Puppet Nations, Imperial Russian Empire, The Imperial Alliance of Europe, The Balkan League, Wimbledon, Ewern, Crime Infested Region of South Detroit, Saint Augustine, Hollow Point, Mphela, The Stupid Region, Republic of Rome, Australialia, United Democratic Federation, and Aleeria.

Construction of embassies with The Fangirl and Fanboy Army has commenced. Completion expected .

Tags: Democratic, Sports, Social, Casual, Large, Eco-friendly, Featured, and Socialist.

Regional Power: High

Australia contains 70 nations, the 159th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Politically Free in Australia

These nations allow citizens the greatest amount of freedom to select their own government.

As a region, Australia is ranked 7,216th in the world for Most Politically Free.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Queen's State of JuergenNew York Times Democracy“breaking the odds”
2.The Republic of SchlikenboistWA MemberCivil Rights Lovefest“We are Schlikenboistians”
3.The Most Serene Republic of AyersRockLeft-wing Utopia“Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.”
4.The Democratic Republic of RenlaendWA MemberCivil Rights Lovefest“Smile and the World Smiles With You”
5.The Federation of AetherialLiberal Democratic Socialists“For life, equality, justice and happiness.”
6.The Republic of Northern KiwilandNew York Times Democracy“Long life the Kiwi!”
7.The Republic of Libetarian AustraliaNew York Times Democracy“Vox Populi”
8.The Commonwealth of Captain CookNew York Times Democracy“Eucalyptus ain't too bad”
9.The Colony of North ZealandsNew York Times Democracy“Strength, Unity, Nationality ”
10.The Democratic Republic of NeoaustralistanCivil Rights Lovefest“Libertatis e popularis potestas in perpetuum”
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Regional Happenings


Australia Regional Message Board

The Turned-about Voice of Pauline Pantsdown wrote:I have a question: What is Australia's policy on letting raiders into the region, provided that they have no intention to raid the region, instead intending to chill with like-minded people?

Because, if you probably don't know it now, and I might get kicked for this. I have a confession to make: I'm a raider.

Now I don't want to raid you, and you might have noticed I'd started hanging out here almost a year ago as a regular embassy poster as the founder of a small (and now-closed) region. I love this community, I love the people here, and I lived in fear of telling the truth ever since I became a raider a bit over half a year ago, because I didn't want to be kicked, and because I don't want to lose you. If you're asking what raider organisation I hail from, it's DEN.

I really don't want to be kicked, but I won't go against your decision or raid you if you do decide to kick me, because from what I know, it's the laws of Australia.

Raider? That means you're a terrorist. I will have the my government revoke your citizenship.

Pauline Pantsdown and Alta Australia

The Tony Dum-Dum of Tony Abott wrote:Raider? That means you're a terrorist. I will have the my government revoke your citizenship.

Australia got raided in 1788, occupied for over a century, and refounded as a Commonwealth in 1901 as a trophy of the British Empire. Not to mention, they also kicked out the natives who had been there for thousands of years previously. Unfortunately, that was all before the Influence system, and also before IRC, so the only fendas around in those days were Protectionists.

Not to mention, I'm not even signed up to the offsite forums as a citizen: I'm just a resident, and I don't have a citizenship to revoke.

*drops mic*


*pics up mic after being ticketed for littering*

King Rankmore, Artilla the Honey, Alta Australia, and Nintendo Landia

"Topic of the Month: Where is Alta Australia?"

Well, I'm glad to see you've missed me. What's it been? Three weeks? I know I have some explaining to do. Being Prime Minister of a region, you really should check in a bit more often than once every three weeks. Even I know that (which is saying something). Anyways, I didn't avoid Australia purposefully; I was prevented from coming here. You see, I might have been hacked. Or gotten a virus. Or something. Honestly, I'm not quite sure. All I know for certain, and all you need to know, is that really, really freaky stuff happened with my computer, my phone, my wifi, etc., and I only regained access to my PC a few minutes ago. Hopefully, this marks the end of my troubles, and I'll be able to serve out the remainder of my term without any further major mishaps (though of course it surely won't be). I'm sorry for my unexpected absence. From what I can ascertain with my internet that literally took several minutes to load our forums (and you thought your internet was slow), I'm still Prime Minister. If I'm wrong in that regard, please, by all means, tell me. NS loads faster, so that's nice. And, while you're at it, I'll try to see what happened while I was gone on my own, but if you could summarize the important bits, that'd be very helpful. And if you have anything you want to bring to my attention (and hopefully there's a lot that accumulated after three weeks without me), please feel free to TG me. Finally, I really do want to thank you all for your patience and understanding. After all, if I lived in a region where the PM suddenly and mysteriously disappeared with no forewarning, I have to admit, I wouldn't have much.

Alta Italia
Prime Minister (Maybe)
Commonwealth of Australia

Well last month we got featured which is somewhat noteworthy and a platypus from Ohio visited for a while but got bored.

Pauline Pantsdown and Alta Australia

Yay good to see you.

Alta Australia

So glad to see you again Alta Australia :D

Alta Australia

Welcome home Alta. I am sorry your technology went around the twist, but we are still here and are very glad that you are too :)

Mcmasterdonia Representative and Alta Australia

So how active are you Alta seems like your back but gone again?

The Republic of Neale Junction wrote:So how active are you Alta seems like your back but gone again?

On a general note it does seem fairly quiet around here.

The Commonwealth of Alta Australia wrote:Hopefully, this marks the end of my troubles, and I'll be able to serve out the remainder of my term without any further major mishaps (though of course it surely won't be).

Ha. Ha. Ha. Anyways, it turned out it wasn't; I only had my computer back for about an hour. Shortly after giving my status update, I agreed to install an update on my computer. I wasn't able to use it after that. I tried formatting my hard drive and reinstalling Windows, but that didn't work, so eventually I had to get a whole new hard drive. However, I am pretty optimistic that this will hold for a while. Still, this whole episode has put me to thinking about what we should do if this or something similar should happen in the future. If you have any ideas for what should happen if the PM, GG, Founder, Speaker, etc. suddenly disappears with no forewarning, I think now would be a great opportunity to discuss it. Maybe I or someone else could write up a good idea into a bill, and we can be better prepared in the future. I'd like to once again apologize, and hope that I don't have to apologize again to you anytime soon. While I am confident that my computer is now fixed, it might not be, so if I disappear again soon, you can probably guess as to the cause of my absence.

Thank you all. G'day.

Artilla the Honey

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