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Welcome to Atlantis! - Founded in 2003 - It is currently the 5th year of the 41st Atlantiad.
Welcome to the region that lies beyond the pillars of Heracles. Step inside, join the beach BBQ and swig Atlantis Spiced Rum with us, friend.

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Latest News: Zero Infected. Atlantis a safe-haven from the infection. Well done everyone! Roll-on next year.

On the Jukebox: LinkGowan - A Criminal Mind

Member of the LinkFounderless Regions Alliance and an Arnhelm Signatory. Do not recruit here!

Featured Nation: The People's Utopia of Nightcore, the healthiest nation in Atlantis.

Embassies: Atlantian Oceania, Sparta, Union of World Nations, Island of Atlas, Taranos, The Union, The FRA, Antarctica, Gay, United Group, Esquarium, The Commonwealth of Crowns, Nohbdy, The Coalition of Democratic Nations, Greece, The Embassy, and 31 others.The Utopian Freesocialists, U R N, Nelborne Union, Glorious Nations of Iwaku, Hippy Haven, Avadam Inn, POLATION, the Rejected Realms, New Sorvun, The United States of Europe, Global Right Alliance, United Kingdom, North Pacific, Trav khar, Confederation of Nations, Caprecia, Knights For Justice, Ravencroft, The Illuminati, The Waters of Lethe, Republic of Hellas, United North Atlantic, Free State of Wisconsin, Iura Pecunia et libertas, Magic Eight Ball, Gaia Prime, Dill Country, Neu Deutsch Europa, Alliance Of Neutral Nations, Greeks, and The United Federation of Planets.

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Regional Power: High

Atlantis contains 73 nations, the 170th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Nudest in Atlantis

After exhaustive surveys, the World Census calculated which nations have the greatest acreages of flesh on public display.

As a region, Atlantis is ranked 5,521st in the world for Nudest.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Holy Empire of ZhenbabweInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Trust us”
2.The Holy Empire of SnoodumCorrupt Dictatorship“All hail God-Emperor Snudgskooge”
3.The Fiefdom of ElinTolLeft-Leaning College State“A Meadow Is Worth A Fortune”
4.The Assembly and Demos of MadroceaWA MemberCivil Rights Lovefest“Ευημερία ανήκει σε όλους (Prosperity Belongs to All)”
5.The Commonwealth of IlloriaDemocratic Socialists“Always Remember...Just Believe”
6.The Federal Republic of PRFNCivil Rights Lovefest“For each his own”
7.The Sciencratic republic of CuriositynessWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“i have no special talents, im only passionately curious”
8.The Highly Contagious Peoples of LemmingtopiasWA MemberLeft-Leaning College State“Passion is a Fashion”
9.The Protectorate of Twilight SanctuaryNew York Times Democracy“Post tenebras lux”
10.The People's Utopia of NightcoreInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Plunge into the Abyss”
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Regional Poll • Who shall host the Opening of the 42nd Atlantiad?

Poll called by The Atlantis Protector of Orangutang fiction

Voting opened 1 day 17 hours ago and will close . Open to all native nations. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Regional Happenings


Atlantis Regional Message Board

The Highly Contagious Peoples of Lemmingtopias wrote:The Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport congratulated his team and their opponents on a good game after his attendance at the match between Lemmingtopias and The Constitutional Monarchy of Styfinson tonight.
"It was good to enjoy the game next to dignitaries of Styfinson. We enjoyed watching the game together which, although a little dull at first, soon proved that both teams are capable of putting on a brilliant show. Neither team could be said to be better than the other and I am feeling very relieved that we managed to come out as winners. It will be interesting to see who else in our group goes through to the Semi-Finals after teh conclusion of the next round of group games."

Yes, as it was a good show, watching our nations teams battle it out, it was the company of others that really did make the day. Even though our glorious country lost (we'll get you next time!), Strengthening foreign ties with Lemmingtopias over a game of football really did make the day worth it. We were glad to play against you!

Lemmingtopias, Joedain, Furniture, and Land of the South

The New Atlantiad is near

With Atlantis soon to enter it's 42nd Atlantiad (the Atlantian equivalent of an Olympiad) on the 27th November, I would like to invoke our regions' history and bring back the regional conferences.

Historically, we used the beginning of an Atlantiad to host a Regional Conference, settle disputes, elect officers and hold Regional Games.

With the overlapping of the Atlantiad and the Football Cup, holding Games would be unadvisable but it would be a good opportunity to discuss regional matters (both RP and otherwise).

Therefore, I'd like to open up the selection procedure for a host nation.

If you would like to host the conference, please send me a telegram within the next 3 days, it shall then go to a poll. Candidacies from main nations only please.

Semi final match ups posted with Matchday 3 results!


Final and third place match ups up! Would be a good time for the 4 semi finalists to get some Roleplay in!

Land of the South

"Go!!Romnia!" shouts Queen Sherna Van Gomez from the balcony of her palace in a soccer team jersey. Now in the battle for 3rd place against Lemmingtopias all families in the nation are keenly watching their tvs for the big games results

Land of the South

The Kingdom of United Nation Of Romnia wrote:"Go!!Romnia!" shouts Queen Sherna Van Gomez from the balcony of her palace in a soccer team jersey. Now in the battle for 3rd place against Lemmingtopias all families in the nation are keenly watching their tvs for the big games results

As I said to Lemmingtopias, copy and paste this into the Everything thread so it can count as an RP.

It is said that if we don't win the next game, it will crash our economy, largely because of how important advertising is in our culture. Currently, EVERY major corporation has sponsored Ory Nash, and should Ory Nash not perform in tonight's football cup, every major corporation's shares will drop.

Other pundits on the competing networks say that nobody cares, and that a new face will appear on the billboards overnight, should Madrocea F.C. lose the Finals. Police are on alert nationwide, as riots are expected no matter the outcome of the match.

After receiving the final report from the Investigation Team from Romnia, the Lemmingtopian Supreme Court ordered the summoning of the Emperor earlier this week to hear the case accusing him of involvement of the murder of His Holiness the Lemming Sage, 20 years ago. Prior to the hearing, the Emperor attempted to flee Lemmingtopias and was arrested after three hour siege of the Imperial Palace, involving gun-fights between the Senate Security Forces and the Imperial Guard.

The following Charges were brought before the Emperor and were later merged into Two counts of the charge of Sovereign Treason:

  • Three counts of Conspiring to Murder

  • Three counts of High Treason

  • Aiding and abetting an Organised Crime syndicate

  • Five counts of Misleading the public

  • Four counts of Electoral fraud

  • Abuse of Diplomatic status

  • Four counts of Breach of the Common Peace

  • Resisting Court Summons

The reports from both the Lemmingtopian and Romnian authorities that were presented to the court unfolded a story of betrayal, murder and civil war, all masterminded by the Emperor as part of a successful long-term plan to seize power. They accused Emperor Romankis of collaborating with Crime Families to ensure the funding of the military coup, using the military coup to bring about regime change, grooming Palace Officials to carry out the murders of the Lemming Sage and the Secretary of State. His later actions as Leader of the Government-in-Exile and after the end of the civil war tricked the public into thinking of him as some kind of national hero, all while he was plotting to seize power as the Lomax (Emperor) of Lemmingtopias.

Upon reading his verdict, the Supreme Justices stated "We are unanimous in our decisions and the means to conclude it. There is no doubt in our minds that His Imperial Majesty carried out the actions accused and we reject his plea of innocence. However... In order to be convicted of the most severe crime of Sovereign Treason, the evidence must be more concrete than has been presented in this case. We fear that such evidence has been altogether been deliberately covered and destroyed. Therefore, this court cannot find the defendant Guilty and thus, Your Imperial Majesty, we find you, with unanimity, to be Implicit in Two Counts of Sovereign Treason."

The verdict is a curiosity of the Lemmingtopian Justice system and equates to being 'Guilty beyond reasonable doubt, but with a reservation that the penalty would be too severe to be jsut given the circumstances of the trial and the evidence available," according to the Lemmingtopian Justice website. The verdict essentially informs the public that this person carried out the offence, but that will not be punished by the Court. In normal cases, this would allow the local community to take action in deciding on how to rehabilitate the offender and whether their freedoms should be restricted for the public safety. In this case, it allowed the Emperor to get off scot free.

People were upset at the decision and the Emperors entire route home was lined with protesters demanding he be punished for the murder of their spiritual leader, the destruction of their government and, worst of all, for tricking them over 30 years. Upon arrival at the Imperial Palace, was escorted inside by his bodyguards. A few minutes later the doors of the main balcony opened and, expecting him to give a speech, the people gathered round and hushed. Suddenly, something was thrown from the balcony. Blood dripped onto the cobbled pathway. It was the lifeless body of Emperor Romankis, a dozen daggers shoved into him. Where the Justice system had failed, it seemed the Emperor's own bodyguard had stepped in to finish the job.

United Nation Of Romnia

Post self-deleted by Orangutang fiction.

Two nations put themselves forward to host the Opening of the 42nd Atlantiad, The Highly Contagious Peoples of Lemmingtopias and The Holy Place of Volcanoc. Please vote in the poll above.

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