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Welcome to Atlantis! - Founded in 2003 - It is currently the Fifth year of the 29th Atlantiad.
Welcome to the region that lies beyond the pillars of Heracles. Step inside, join the beach BBQ and swig Atlantis Spiced Rum with us, friend.

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Featured Nation: The People's Republic of Amazonesta, for bringing the BoF to it's real home. Atlantis!

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Regional Power: High

Atlantis contains 112 nations, the 130th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Best Weather in Atlantis

The following nations were determined to have the best all-round weather.

As a region, Atlantis is ranked 15,964th in the world for Best Weather.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Republic of Secret Bear ImposterCorrupt Dictatorship“A witty saying proves nothing”
2.The Socialist Republics of Lemurian IslandsLeft-wing Utopia“Equality, Justice, Solidarity”
3.The Socialist republic of CuriositynessLeft-wing Utopia“i have no special talents, im only passionately curious”
4.The Holy Paragon of GalniusScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Lá está a sobreviver, em seguida, lá está a prosperar”
5.The Federal Republic of PRFNNew York Times Democracy“For each his own”
6.The Federation of KytalanInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Kjē ko, cān”
7.The Private World of Charlotte McKinneyDemocratic Socialists“Huh?”
8.The High Kingdom of TarligeanFather Knows Best State“Tanor Tarligean (trans: Honor the Land)”
9.The Protectorate of Twilight SanctuaryNew York Times Democracy“Post tenebras lux”
10.The Frontier of GervatiaFather Knows Best State“The people don't know what they want, so I handle it.”
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Atlantis Regional Message Board

There are many, many UCBK banks in my borders. But we are at war with you, so now we are seizing their assets. As of now, what belongs to UCBK in Matae, Esskalos, Gerellei, and the rest of the Outer Territories is officially incorporated into the Madrocean National Treasury. The order stands for the Homeland as well, when we return.

You would dare nationalise a private bank, Mr. Basilan? Clause 19 forbids that, without question. Those of us who served in the Assembly were right to oust you.

You do realize that I'm also an experienced Attorney with a highly prestigious run prior to my run for Governor, right? There's a loophole. We can legally sever a corporation's ties to a hostile foreign power, which, technically right now, you are. UCBK Matae is officially under orders to re-incorporate with local ownership and local administration. The Mataepolis regional main office is now corporate headquarters. As I actually am a shareholder (see Acct.#552-55521777108 please) with more shares than anybody else in my area, that makes all the UCBK branches under the Mataepolis umbrella... mine. Clause 19 has not been violated, here.

Whoops, looks I did do my homework this time. I'm donating my coffers to the cause. When Assembly Tower's lights are turned back on, Madrocea will no longer be bankrupt. And I will have saved the entire gods-damned nation. Prosperity Belongs to All.

We shall seize and re-issue your shares, then. Same principle applies to us in regards to you. Your account is no longer valid.

It's valid over here. Over here, my account says I'm the CEO. Looks like we've achieved corporate mitosis. It's just like nationalising your assets here, only it's actually legal. *Cuts contact*

//Taergeni soldiers storm and seize the single branch of the UCBK in the High Kingdom--a kiosk at Andriel/Tola'nae International Airport with an ATM and a single teller.

// The Congress of Jelly Filled Donuts with Sprinkls votes to prepare it's military for Intervention in the rising conflicts. The President moves the Armed Forces to DEFCON 4 in response.

General Wiren has prepared the national reserves and is launching project "Night Share" to help protect the Madrocean people

As I look out upon the raging battle field our proud region has become I can only think one thing. "Igor, you are getting this on video right? I want to be able to watch it later with some popcorn!".
[Igor: Yeth, mithress. Do you want the Benny Hill muthic ath the thoundtrack?]

Jelly Filled Donuts with Sprinkls

So, who am I nuking?

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