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WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Republic of Thor V

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We invite any recruiters to set out their stalls here, the advertising space is available for free

Embassies: The Atlantic, Intergalactic Federacy, and Scandavia.

Tags: Imperialist, Minuscule, and Recruiter Friendly.

Atlantic Alliance is home to a single nation.


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The Largest Mining Sector in Atlantic Alliance

As a region, Atlantic Alliance is ranked 12,982nd in the world for Largest Mining Sector.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Republic of Thor VInoffensive Centrist Democracy“The Sky is Falling”

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Post by The forbidden island suppressed by Thor V.

The forbidden island

2 years 14 days ago

Hello all!

I represent a space themed region called united nations of stars. The motto is "To the stars and beyond, we will be victorious". It features an army, an elite army, and an ECO lab. The founder, The Tri phoenix state of Time guards of shadow, has just constructed a forum and elections will start soon. I joined the region because I wanted to feel like an active member, not just a fish in a giant ocean. Right now, the region is small, in need of growth and collecting embassies to protect itself.
So be a pioneer. Step into a new region and experience acceptance. HUZZAH, HUZZAH! Be one of us!
To relocate to united nations of stars, just click on one of the links above, scroll down to under the World Factbook Entry, and click "Like what you see, move _______ to united nations of stars


Post by Skycrest suppressed by Thor V.

Hello there, nations of the World!

I'm contacting you on behalf of The World Alliance. The World Alliance is looking to expand its membership, and is inviting new nations to join our region!

The World Alliance offers many advantages over other regions:

The World Alliance is currently a small region, allowing you to easily participate in government and fill a powerful role!

The World Alliance has a Constitution that keeps it under control and safety regulations!

The World Alliance will soon grow and become a very well known and powerful region. Wouldn't be cool to be a part of that?

To move to The World Alliance, click the link to The World Alliance, and click 'Move your nation to The World Alliance!'.


Post by Renaissance rpn suppressed by Thor V.

Renaissance rpn

2 years 5 days ago

Greetings from the region of Renaissance.
Our small region of friendly and welcoming nations would like to welcome you to visit and perhaps move your nation to our region. We offer you an opportunity to get involved in inter and intra-regional events or governmental affairs. You are more than welcome if you would prefer to take a more hands off approach as well, and join us instead for banter and games.
If you are interested, you can visit our NS page Renaissance and our forum
We hope you'll join us.

Thor we haven't seen you in HQ recently & your TG's seem to be full


Post by Hajj asr suppressed by Thor V.

They shout Allahu Akbhar and cheer while Gaddafi was sodomized with a knife:

Grievously wounded Gaddafi subjected to excessive acts of sodomy accompanied by screams of "Allah is great":

It would seem that the advertising initiative failed to inspire - never mind


Post by The Leather Clad SS-Oberaufseherin suppressed by Thor V.


Move to the Greater German Reich to help Us fulfil Our evil plans of expanding Our power, conqvering new lands and oppressing Our inferiors! MARSCH!
Ve vill dominate zhe Vorld togezher as Our armies march across zhe face of zhe planet, terrifying subjugated peoples vizh zhe unison of Our goose-stepping spurred patent leather riding boots.

SS-Oberaufseherin und SS-Aufseherin
The Greater German Reich

The fetish boys just never seem to learn do they?

Note: Please contact Retro lyra with all questions and requests, not this nation.

I wish to serve all members here well in a modest service. I wish to give all here a free puppet nation, and if you contact Retro lyra, you'll get the puppet of your dreams. I also wish to possibly enlist a few to practice a new method I have for region domination: puppet flooding. Please consider both opportunities. Also, the region advertised is not asking you to move to the Palace. Puppet flooding can be done without giving us your main nation. Rest assured, I am not here to steal your natives.

I want a free puppet.
You do, do you? Good to hear! Visit this region right here: The Imperial Palace of Fandom. Browse the many puppets and choose one you like. Make sure it has "RL" in its motto; that means it's the property of Retro lyra. Contact Rlyra; she'll give you the nation's password. After you log in to the puppet and change the password (and hopefully add your email in case the nation tries to CTE), it's all yours. Simple as that! A two puppets per player maximum.

Puppet flooding sounds interesting. I would like to try.
Excellent! So far I only have two people practicing this method with me. Puppet flooding is creating as many puppets as you can in a short period of time (or long, if you wish, though speed is the name of the game) and moving them all to one region to bump up population. Of course, it's ultimate downfall is CTEing (unless you login to them at random and revive them, but you probably don't want to go through so many puppets), but my solution to that is this: vacation mode and making more puppets after they disappear.

Do you know why The Imperial Palace has so many nations? They're all the puppets of three members who are trying to challenge the populations of the feeder/sinker regions. I know what you're thinking. Impossible, right? With only three nations creating these puppets, it is. But with you helping? No! We want you to help us practice this method with The Imperial Palace of Fandom. Apply to Retro lyra.

Have a nice day!

Post by Slavicuk suppressed by a moderator.

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