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WA Delegate: The Atheistic Republic of Felandos (elected 1 year 1 day ago)

Founder: The briggs

World Factbook Entry

Founded in the early days of NS, Atheist Empire (∆) is the premier region for atheists and agnostics. We don't care about your politics, race, sexuality, or gender. Whether you're a jaded intellectual or a hot catholic schoolgirl, you'll feel right at home in ∆.

As marked as 'Casual', we don't engage in roleplaying.

Featured region: Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Embassies: Philosophy 115, New York City, The Ascendancy, Gay, Union of Socialist Confederate Republics, The Alternative Left, Zarathustra, the emperium, The Alliance Pocket Universe, Isles of Socialism, The Darwin Allied Republics, Louisiana Alliance x Alliance Louisiane, The Federation of Dethklok 1000, Laissez Faireholm, New Republica, Antifa, and 119 others.NationStates, The MT Army, Spectrasonic, Freedom and Justice Alliance, Leninist Russia, Communist International, Ancient Lands, Republic of Seychelles, Principality di Monaco, The Commonwealth Of Furry Peoples, Repubblica Italiana, Romania, Groland, Principality of Andorra, Benevolent Capitalism, Lower Canada, The SOP, United Federation of Planets, Scandinavia, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Callington, Commonwealth of Liberty, Ivory Tower, The Nightmare Realms, The Revolutionary Council, France, Holyoke, Florida, Trade Federation, Washington, The Planet of the Green Marble, Hippy Haven, Communist Beach, Solar System, Nations of the Death Metal Military, UAA, Smiley Faces, The Region of Industrious Nations, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Confederation of Nation States, Trainsylvinea, Interstellar Union, Michigan, The Illuminati, Ministreyl Union, The Americas, Montreal, Das Kommune, The Church of Eris, The United League of Empires, The United Empire of Corruption, The Luxan Empire, Colorado, Arizona, chris puppet storage, North Carolina, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Delaware, Nebraska, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Mexico City, Commonwealth of Nations, Virginia, CIA, Mississippi, Wyoming, British Columbia, New Mexico, MI6, Somalia, Idaho, Saint Kitts and Nevis, North Dakota, Mozambique, Nevada, Indonesia, Maryland, South Dakota, Kentucky, South Carolina, Kansas, Washington DC, Utah, The Empty Quarter, Republic of Korea, Inner heavens grace, Transhuman Singularity Research Alliance, My Pants, Brannack, Genuan Rebirth, Threedom, United Socialist Republics, Verbandsgemeinde Nieder Olm, Parkerican Lands, Tofulinearity, Aurelia, The Military Commonwealth, Eastern Europe, The Rose Garden, Rubiaceae, Union of Confederate Regions, Australia, Eros, The Russian Federation of Politics, U R N, The Protectorate of Versus Militia, The Liberals of America, New Tamedia, Hell, Costarrican liberal and socialist states, The Infinite Alliance, League of Democracy, Caelum, United Sovereign Socialist Republics, and The United Democratic Socialist Front.

Construction of embassies with Hapes Consortium has commenced. Completion expected in 21 hours.

Tags: Democratic, Enormous, Casual, Neutral, Independent, Featured, Liberal, and Founderless.

Regional Power: High

Atheist Empire contains 107 nations, the 102nd most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Insurance Industry in Atheist Empire

As a region, Atheist Empire is ranked 16,303rd in the world for Largest Insurance Industry.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Greatest Nation of DeathlandiashireFather Knows Best State“Sic Transit Gloria Mundi”
2.The Empire of SuperciliaWA MemberCapitalist Paradise“You don't stand a chance.”
3.The Emirate of X8Moralistic Democracy“Rise Up!”
4.The Dictatorship of The country once called HungaryInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Lůszart, mama!”
5.The Empire of GargoliaCapitalist Paradise“Otium cum dignitate”
6.The Kingdom of New WalkerCivil Rights Lovefest“We're doin' big things over here!”
7.The Most Serene Republic of HyvaCompulsory Consumerist State“My kingdom for a horse!”
8.The Empire of AshuviaLeft-Leaning College State“For the empire!”
9.The Confederacy of Caledonian RepublicLeft-Leaning College State“Alis volat propriis”
10.The Commonwealth of TantosLiberal Democratic Socialists“Listen and learn”
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Regional Poll • Should Atheist Empire close the region's borders during the upcoming zombie apocalypse?

Poll called by The Atheistic Republic of Felandos

Voting opened 6 days ago and will close in 3 days 21 hours. Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

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Atheist Empire Regional Message Board

Yummy, thank you for the cake, that's really nice of you! *blows out candles and takes a slice*

Post self-deleted by Felandos.

In honor of the occasion I greet and applaude my predecessors who as well controlled the fate of AE for more than one year. ;-)

Bhavva (592 days)
Whateley (496 days)
Free secular Humanists (416 days; including a 2 days break)

Happy birthday to you!


The Dominion of The Asiatic Lands wrote:Atheists?!

That's right: Atheists.

We really do exist. Unlike Unicorns, Yahweh, Perpetual Motion Machines and The Incredible Hulk.

Well, maybe you guys exist, but I don't really exist.

The Alternate Dimension of Lord Grey II wrote:Well, maybe you guys exist, but I don't really exist.

You think, therefore you're not?

I think, therefore I am.

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