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Asia is the planet's largest continent, containing 30% of the planet's landmass, and includes a multiplicity of countries and island dependencies. Asia believes in home rule and accommodates nation states with widely varying philosophies.

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Embassies: Africa, Minecraftia, Hellenic Civilization, The North Atlantic Ocean, China, Iran, Philippines, Brasil, The Ascendancy, Central Pacific Empire, League of Christian Nations, United Empire of Islam, Bactria, The Republic Of Iraq, The United Nations of Here, Latin America, and 49 others.Asiana, Lower Canada, Republic of Korea, Paraguay, The alliance of homework, The Illuminati, Res Publica Catholicae Borgiae, United Iran, Germanic Confederation, Latvija, Southeastern Wisconsin, Free State of Wisconsin, Plinghin, Judean League, Oceania, Elemental Chaos, The International Commerce Guild, The Sea Of Love, Brightport, South Asia, Saint Augustine, Hollow Point, Goal, Westphalia, Talo Balka, Coalition of Free Democratic States, Avadam Inn, House Stark, The Constitutional Union, Dill Country, Christadelphia, The Utopian Freesocialists, United Poland Union, Asia United, Europa Unionem, Adaria, U R N, Paradise, United Kingdoms of Shiylantis, Neu Deutsch Europa, Hong Kong, The Western Isles, Alliance Of Neutral Nations, Free Trade Zone, World Conference, The Socialist States of the Philippines, Iron Fist Union, Crooked Mountain, and Turkic Union.

Construction of embassies with Social Democratic Union has commenced. Completion expected .

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Regional Power: Very High

Asia contains 119 nations, the 95th most in the world.

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The Most Armed in Asia

World Census experts took their lives into their hands in order to ascertain the average number of weapons per citizen.

As a region, Asia is ranked 14,116th in the world for Most Armed.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Fiefdom of Lady RoseLeft-wing Utopia“We are who we are: deal with it.”
2.The Quarantined Outbreak of Infected Zone 307Anarchy“TRANSMISSION LOST”
3.The Grand Duchy of The Derrak QuadrantWA MemberLiberal Democratic Socialists“Lasto beth nīn, tolo dan na ngalad”
4.The Rogue Nation of 18Moralistic Democracy“Ambition is not a vice of little people.”
5.The Constitutional Monarchy of TeksatarInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Volente Deo”
6.The Empire of SeiryuLeft-Leaning College State“Truth, Power, Enlightenment”
7.The Incorporated States of The Honourable East India CompanyCapitalist Paradise“What's good for us is good for business”
8.The SAR of MacauAnarchy“Dtyjdyj”
9.The Nakashima of The Earth FederationLeft-Leaning College State“東亜に於ける国際正義の確立、共同防共の達成、新文化の創造、経済結合の実現を期す”
10.The Rogue Nation of XeneuviaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Hope for the best, Prepare for the worst”
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But beside that, I suppose the reciprocal alliance of AU members but not an AU alliance is just pining for the fjords.

So what you're saying is all the members of the AU are military allies... but the AU isn't a military alliance.

That's like saying all those birds over there look like ducks, float in the water and go quack quack quack - but they're not ducks, no sir.

No, I did not say that. And if you're referring to the factbook, the article was written long before the Asian union even had 3 members and had no charter and I have yet to update it because I'm busy and I don't look at my factbooks often.

I believe that this is the right moment to remind all seafarers of Asia that the big metal things with Sebytanian decals painted on the sides that one may or may not encounter underwater are NOT submarines and they do NOT carry SLBM:s.

Chinese Confederacy, Cielonia, Fiercewood, New Koryo, and 1 otherEast Kyrat

Well one way or another, the Fiercewood civil war has started a terrorist rebellion all the way across Asia, caused the disappearance of an entire nation's government and let's not forget, destroyed my beautiful wall.

Iv created a thread for various nations responses to the collapse of Shang-Si. Personally, I think Sebytania should just absorb it into itself. It is just one long game of afterall

Hello folks, a representative of the "axis of evil" is here.

The Rogue Nation of Armed Iran wrote:Hello folks, a representative of the "axis of evil" is here.

Sup, other-part-of-Iran guy.

Tehran is, hilariously, still available on the map.


The Emirate of Tabarestan wrote:Sup, other-part-of-Iran guy.
Tehran is, hilariously, still available on the map.

Well, in that case I might just claim that territory, all for the greater good of Islam.

Chostea and Tabarestan

The Rogue Nation of Armed Iran wrote:Well, in that case I might just claim that territory, all for the greater good of Islam.



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