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WA Delegate: The Imperial Celestial State of Sergai (elected 203 days ago)

Founder: The Jolly Nice Kingdom of Waspeaters

World Factbook Entry

Argantia stands somewhere in the north of the world. It has been inhabited for quite a long time and hopefully will remain so for a while longer. Unfortunately, the inhabitants of this fair land have rarely seen eye-to-eye and so Argantia has seen rather a lot of suspicion. There is a solution, thankfully; a new, unifying force - the Argantian Continental Council - has been set up and will bridge age old prejudices and forge a lasting peace. That's the plan, at least, but who knows if things will work out nicely?

Also, we've been the 666th region on NS, making us a sort of holiday home for Satan or something.

Embassies: New Dinosaurtopia, The Remnants of Omega, The Illuminati, and The Omega Alliance.

Tags: Modern Tech, Democratic, Password, Liberal, Medium, and Monarchist.

Regional Power: Moderate

Argantia contains 23 nations, the 552nd most in the world.


Password required

Today's World Census Report

The Stupidest Citizens in Argantia

The following nations had the highest proportion of citizens designated in World Census studies as either "Uneducated" or "Just Plain Dumb".

As a region, Argantia is ranked 15,981st in the world for Stupidest Citizens.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Purple Cult of Evil Mad PeopleCapitalist Paradise“In Evil Mad People, bucket kick you!”
2.The Sacrosanct Isles of NasturtiaCorporate Police State“ભગવાન ના ગ્લોરી માટે”
3.The Eternal Lands of Jedze IIIIron Fist Consumerists“Мы можем умереть, но идеал Омега будет жить.”
4.The Almighty Sovereignty of PriasathCompulsory Consumerist State“меня, и мои люди”
5.The Martin Freeman led Empire of Hotel MathsInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Disco + Martin Freeman = AWESOME!”
6.The Republic of KizMaxNew York Times Democracy“Screw females get the P's”
7.The People's Democratic Republic of The CerenthlandInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Cerenthland Iri!”
8.The Zombie Infested Wasteland of Quarantined InfectionDemocratic Socialists“Its the Zombie Apocalypse, bring your friends”
9.The Kingdom of DrothorMoralistic Democracy“Nos victoriam brevi vita”
10.The United Kingdom of Professor LaytonsDemocratic Socialists“Every puzzle has an answer”
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Regional Happenings


Argantia Regional Message Board

There definitely needs to be occasional readings of Enduring Love with Greg

There definitely needs to be occasional readings of Enduring Love with Greg

Welcome back.

From the warmth of your that spot on that sofa you love so much, drink again of your milk and bite of that malted milk biscuit as I continue to guide you to find a warmth that will touch your very soul.

From that spot on that sofa that you love so much I ask you to continue our journey through the Czech Republic: it is a clear day with a blue sky.
You are walking down an old road that is well maintained past a field of cows that moo as you pass.
In one hand you hold a picnic basket.
In the other you hold a carving of a monster you found by the road, carved of wood by old hands that did not shake as they once did when the wood was carved.
You continue to walk on the soft grass knowing not where you are going, knowing only that it is that hat you love so much that shields you from Sol's rays and that the warmth of the sun touches your hands whilst the cool Czech breeze blows across your flesh.
You continue to walk on along the grass when a car, once in the distance, slows to a stop adjacent to you.
It is a Skoda100.
The door opens and you know that it is safe to enter, and so you do.
Inside is a man whose face is warm, his sideburns are grand, and his hair is fabulous.
You hand him the carving of the monster, and on his face a warm, wide smile is born.
He then begins to tell you a story as ancient as the land of the Czechs itself... and you are enthralled by the warmth of his voice as he sings you the tale... of a swamp-monster.

Waspeaters, Miranda H, Viktorious, Hotel Maths, and 1 otherDrothor

This is a work of excellence from Josh, it needs its own Tumblr page where the world can appreciate it.

Its like having a bedtime story, these are now counting as my breaks.

Source 2 announced....

We're getting closer!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also the steam controller.

I feel like a psychologist or someone would be able to determine things about Josh from these weird stories

He ends his song.

He smiles, slowly.
You leave his car, knowing your time with the man is done.
You leave the carving of a monster in the man's wide hands, and he stares at it and sings again softly to himself as the car drives off- the door remains open, and neither of his wide hands are placed on the steering wheel.
The car departs down the old road that is well maintained.

Turning around you see a field no-longer, and are now looking out onto a bare white room for all but a table and fourteen seats, seats which seat fourteen angels in white wigs who sit waiting at the table.
One turns to you, standing and smiling a smile which fills you with warmth which you feel even on that spot on that sofa that you love so much, a warmth felt even as you take another glup from the cool milk you hold in that container whose purpose given by man is to contain milk drunk by you.
The angel approaches you and hugs you.
At this you feel wierd, for you do not entirely like to be hugged by those you do not know.
This feeling of weirdness dissapates when the angel ceases to hug you, one arm returning to his side, the other pointing to an as-of-yet unseen fifteenth chair that you know is reserved for you.
You know this, for it has your name on it.
The angel returns to his seat and stares as he was at the angel opposite him.
You sit on your reserved chair and stare forward at the wall, your eyes passing over the long white table of odd design.
You know that you like this room.
You begin to hear soft music... soft music of the classical genre.
It is then that a red liquid, unknown, is poured from a height, also unknown, over the table as the music grows louder.
The song begins and you hear music which fills you with happiness, entering your flesh and filling your soul- you know this is the only way for true happiness to enter you.

Waspeaters, Viktorious, Luke Sakira IV, and Hotel Maths

The teleportation of you to many a places: a prison, the Austrian Parliament, a garden, leaves you feeling dizzy.
You feel it is best if you get some air.

You turn about on the seat reserved for you by the angels who now sit, frozen, staring at one another.

When you turn you are, once more, by an old, yet well maintained road by a field occupied by cows.
The field opposite you is filled with pink and orange and yellow tulips made ever-more radiant by Sol, who has broken through the clouds above and illuminated the field.
You take off that hat that you love so much, knowing it will not be needed as the white clouds are blown north by the wind of the Earth.
This makes you happy.
You like the cool breeze coming from the south.
Everyone likes the cool breeze coming from the south.
You walk across the old, yet well maintained road, and enter into the field of tulips.
Part of you tells you to tip-toe through them, and so you do.
As you tip-toe warmth is brought to your heart as you remember doing so as a young child after first learning to walk.
A tear of nostalgia falls across your face.
As it does, a man in an odd jacket, with long, curly black hair comes across the field of tulips.
In his hand is a ukulele, worn by time.
He kneels before you and takes the stance of a serenade.
You feel touched by this strange man's offer of a song.
You ask him to sing, to sing and bring joy to your heart as you tell him of your quest to bring to your flesh and soul warmth from the comfort of that spot on that sofa you love so much.
At your command he begins.


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