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WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Armed and Unified Community of International Antifascist Action

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Antifa is the result and continuing work of the Antifascists of NationStates that extends back years. From past and present, several organisations and individual Comrades have participated in one cause that unites them. Their determination to smash Fascism in NationStates.

Operation UNITY is unstoppable, see recent/current victories:

- Fascist and Imperialist Union
- Republican Fascist Party
- Alliance Against Nazis
- The Confederacy of Imperialist Nations
- Revolutionary Fascist Party

*Antifa is currently under new administration, Vippertooth33 is looking for regions whom wish to fight the good fight*

Embassies: The MT Army, Libcom, The Red Fleet, The International, North Korea, Alliance Of Armed Nations, Argentina, In The Flesh, Anti Nazi Alliance, Das Kommune, Communist International, The International Brigades, Communist International League, Inglourious Basterds, Central Eastern Europe, Puppet Park, and 561 others.CSSR, 4th International, Socialist, The Alternative Left, United Federation of Planets, Groland, The Glorious Union, Anarchy and socialist utopia, Socialist Workers Alliance, North Africa, The Alliance of Grittonia, The Empire, gondor, The Sovereign Socialist States, Eastern Roman Empire, Right to Life, Hollow Point, New Dinosaurtopia, Coalition of Catholic States, Libertarian Marxist Bloc, Florida, Alliance of bolshevik states, Equal Social Democracy Union, Athens, Esquarium, Philippines, Anti Nazi Europe, The Weimar Republic, The Sea Of Love, The Delkoran Socialized Lands, Madrid, Dreamworld, Empires of Earth, Communists United, Funen, A Federal Commonwealth Society, Laissez Faireholm, Marxist union, Anticapitalist Alliance, The Proletariat Coalition, Techno Utopia, Unknown, Communist Socialist Alliance, Dragon Lair, Fascist Militia, VCG, Peoples Socialist Assembly, North Vietnam, bnp, Skivx, Fidelia, Israel, Kingtonian Commonwealth, Romania, South Vietnam, Jerusalem, The American Indian Confederacy, Telenovelas, Communist Beach, The Anarchist Communist International, Socialist Commonwealth, Neo Communism, The Republic of Latvia, United Democratic Socialists, The Union of United Socialist States, The Peoples Army, The Ascendancy, Revolutionary Vietnam, Eco Sense, Anarchist States of Freedom, Gruppe 9, Union of Federal Socialist Republics, Combined International, Free Society, The United Socialist Nations, Brotherhood of Soviet Republics, A Socialist Paradise, The White House, United World Order, United Socialist Republics, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Alliance of World Socialists, Anarchia, Buddhist Communism, United Northern Socialist States, The International Socialist Bloc, Communist Russia, The Anarchist Federation, Greater Interstellar Warsaw Pact, The Communist Republic of the Tea Party, Lima, BolivarianRepublicofVenezuela, The Black Panthers, Great Soviet Socialist Republic, Red Defence Coalition, KKK, The NationStates Holocaust Memorial, Nationalist Union, The Real Nazi Europe, FARC, The Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic, The greater Leibstandarte, Vissella, Leninist Russia, Baltokia, The Dominion of New Zealand, Red Army, Suid Afrika, Free Socialist Coalition, Zhe Wehrmacht, Bay of Pigs, Democratic Social Union, New Fascist Union of Nations, The United San Diego States, Alliance of Socialist States, The Isle of Wight, nazi, National Socialist Wehrmacht, Nazi Homeland, The ICAC, Nations inferior to the ROD, The National Socialist Reich, Greater Nazi Germany, The dictatorship government alliance, Trotskyan League, Sucre, CRFI, FMLN, united socialist states of indi, Marxist Proletariat Union, Luanda, The NSDAP, Petrobras, LRDP, Flame Islands, The Darkness, Kyros, Hamburg, Golden Dawn, Fascist Free Territories, Regional Defense Committee, Uruguay, GOLDEN NAZI REICH, Fascist Italy, League of Fascist States, GOLDEN NAZI 4TH REICH, Socialist Europe, The Nazi League, Imperial Axis, Global European Union, The Abyss, The Peoples States, Baltic, Neo Fascists, United Nations of Socialism, The Warsaw Pact of Communists, Socialist America, The Holy Crusade, Buzzard Battalion, Right Wing Conservatives, The Holy Empire, The Holy Red Confederacy, The Land of Honor, White Africa, Coalicion Internacional Comunista, Equilisimic Revolution Movement, Aryan Reich of Vinland, Eurotopia, Union of Socialist People, The Great German Reich, The Liberal Anarchist Protectorate, The German European Union, Union of Social Democratic States, New Soviet Homeland, The Imperial Fascist Empire, The United Peace Front, The Peoples State, Holy Empire of the Last Aryans, New Wasabi, Project Ragnarok, The Crimson Eagle, The ionian empire, Kingdom of spain, The gears, German brotherhood, The vorr imperium, Philipinesia, The gathering room, Dictatorship land, Greater fascist union, Freedom and Justice Alliance, The domain of oppression, Mariner Trench, Groom Lake, Reichsfuhrer Adolf Hitler, Neo Nazi, Fascist Nations, New ottoman caliphate, GOLDEN NAZI DAWN, AntiSoc, Kampuchea, Peoples Revolutionary Party, Phnom Penh, Volksraad, The Communist Party of NationStates, United soviet union, Anti fascist league, Left Wing, Aryan, Puppet state of italy, United Peoples Front for Socialism, Trotsky League, Antifa Lietuva, Canadia, United States of America, Marxism, The Union of European Nations, Mingan Archipelago, Bison Ridge, Vinland, Tasman Sea, Yellowknife, Queen Charlotte Islands, Solomon Sea, Magdalen Islands, South Pacific Ocean, United Left Front, Hebrides, The Peace Bringers, Norwegian Sea, The proletarian union, Laptev Sea, Mascarenhas Archipelago, Kerikina, Leipzig, The Dictatura Isles, British Burma, The Portuguese Republic, Vichy France, League of Christian Nations, The Free City of Danzig, The Republic of Belarus, The International Communist Union, The continent of lustria, The Union of German Nations, Jewish Justice League, Pact of Steel, Comintern, South Pacific, American nazi party of nationstates, Autonomous Peoples, territory_of_montenegro, Napoleonic Empire, Union of nationalist revolutionairies, The Alliance Pocket Universe, Volksunion, Battle of Kursk, The Empire of Fascist Powers, The seventh sanctum, New China Politburo, Wehrwolf, Mengjiang, Rodinia, The alliance of power hungry dictators, Anticomintern, My Army, Dictatorships of the New Old Regulation, The Union of Communism, Psycho dictators alliance, The Oppressive States of Parmenion, The zulu empire, HcieR namreG retaerG eht, Tyrant Island, UDSR, Ministry of Peace, Reichstag, The Blacklands, Central Deutschland, Das verld assemblech, Northern Deutschland, The Axis of Swag, Greater Dictaorship Republic, Reichskommissariate, Southern Deutschland, Gale Islands, Rebel Brigade, The confederation of no, The royal defence network, Benevolent Dictatorships Union, Dictatorships Of The World, Nationalist prosperity alliance, National Socialist Germany, Final War, Conservative Dictatorships, QIAOFENIA, Star Trek, The New World Order, Dumbledorian, The Corrupt Dictatorlands, Dictators Union, Ekos and Zeon, The Reichsfuhrer, Warzone 2051, Vereintes Deutsches Reich, Fascist Communist Alliance, Polen, National Socialist United, Northwest territory, Sky haven temple, The Alliance of Fascist States, The Glorified Union of German Australis, Axis Powers of Europe and the Pacific, Lacombe, Tavis, Danemark, Department of National Security, Dictators of Insanity and Evil, The Confederation of Dictatorships, Guanxi, The Legion of Evil Dictators, American Reich, The Fifth German Reich, United Supreme Dictators, The International League of Socialists, Hitler Youth, English Defence League, New revolutonary union, The union of free states, Canadian arctic archipelago, Territory of slovenia, Torchwood institute, Territory of poland, Territory of afghanistan, Beaufort sea, Great ascension, The kingdom of eire, The golden eagles, Barents sea, Communalists federation, New republic of the british isles, Arctic ocean, Territory of england, Hedgeston, The ufssr, Imperial Fascist League, Greater eurasia, Kodiak archipelago, The Oppressed Isles, The socialist international, Moravia, The united aryan reich, New black panther party, Liberal international, The zionist order, The great empire of albion, The anti axis forces, The french alliance, Gulf of Alaska, Federal republic of germany, The Bureau, Soviet union italia, Aryan honor, Anti nazi union, Hampton roads, Zealand, Dortmund, Aesir, Region of socialist states, The union of social democracies, Freedom fighters army, Territory of luxembourg, Dusseldorf, Northlands, Burgenland, The international union, Territory of netherlands, Egalitarian union, Territory of austria, Aleutian islands, Marxist international, Anti communist alliance, Whitehorse, Union of Nations Against Fascism, The Tyrannical Union, The Ultimate NS Army, Suomi, NSO, Coalition of Fascist Nations, The Pacific Trench, The Aryan Army, The Darwin Allied Republics, The Cooperative Union, the Dutch Socialist Peoples Republic, Pact of iron, The anti communist alliance, Connacht, Red star union, Nuremberg, Independent state allied forces, Union of socialist republics, Southeast europe, Atheist international, United military order, The coaliton of allies, The united german reich, Dominion of socialist states, The union of democratic nations, The sons of marx, The legions, Communist paradise, Great communist empire, Patriots of liberty, Republic of anti fascism, Fascist paradise, The united socialist states, Nazi party headquarters, Red star federation, First Nations, Hippy Haven, White Genocide Memorial, Fascist Nations Alliance, Nordic Fascism Treaty, The Union of the Wikings, Trav khar, The Pact of Steel, The Soviet Block, Eurasia, Korean Peoples Army, Anti Jewish League, Promised Land, The Free Nations of Peace, Atheist Empire, The Beastly Tyrants, The Pacific Ocean, Slavja, International Congress, The Capital Wasteland, primitive communism, Communist China, Germanic Nazi Fascist Reich Union, Classically Liberal Communitarians, Die Reich Von Volkenreich Und Jihadistan, Antifascist Allstars, Fluffybunnikins5, The Empire Of The Rising Sun, Eurasian Nations, Fascist States Of Nazi Foley, Capitalist, IMF, Fascist Emerica, Belgium Germany, Empire Of Germany, Atlanta, The Revolutionary Council, White European Nations, Neu Schwabenland, Republic of Korea, Basque League, Orange Free States, The Refugee Camp, The Island of Mythology, Axis of Independent Empires, Anti Leftist League, The League Of Leftist Nations, Haus Der Schutzstaffel, The Falange Movement, National Socialist Asian Workers Party, White Australia, Fascist Germany, Fascist and Imperialist Union, Republican Fascist Party, Defending Hallow, Socialist Nationalists United, Rochdale, The Austrio German Riech, Socialist Union Of Europe, Greater Korean Empire, Nordic Fascist Union, North Catalonia, Nationalist And Conservative Union, French Resistance, Leftkorea, The Communist Republic Of Japan, Alliance Against Nazis, The Russia Motherland, Politics Of China, Reichskanzlei, The Aryan Alliance, National Socialist Alliance, Nazi Occupied France, Right Wing Extremist Alliance, The URAP II, Panzers United, United White Front, Union of National Socialists, The Fascist Region, Nazi Germany 1930s, Sentinel Isle, The Confederacy of Imperialist Nations, Imperial Catholic Nazi German Reich, Asdws, Central Powers of the world, Good Guy Alliance, Aryan Brotherhood, The Greater Austro German Riech, The Internationale, Francoist Spain, Whites Only, The Greater Reich, The Third Region, Yukreya, The spainish empire, The Southern Cross, Der Imperium, The Chud Fjords, The Fascist Autocracy of Daog, Armed Fascist Union, Kolovo, Coalition of the Hydra, AnCapSSFR, The Navorgskan Imperium, Coalition of Fascist Communists, The Great Military States, Lenins Bolsheviks, League of Anti Socialist States, Navorgskan Imperium, National League, Republica Federativa do Brasil, Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Union, Coalition Of Authoritarian Governments, HOME OF THE DICTATORSHIP, Al Roker Death Cult Wind Ensemble, The German Front Lines, Marxists Internet Archive, Tylora, The NSIA Museum, The Territory Of The Capital Territories, The Dagobah System, La republica de cuba, The CRR Civil Rights Region, Deutsch Wehrmacht, The Fourth German Reich, UCR, Revolutionary Fascist Party, Roleplay Free, The Fifth Empire, Reich IV, Dictatorship Alliance, Guiana Caiena, Cisplatina, Leninists Unite, Aryan Nation, Republican Spain, Soviet Russian Democratic Republic, Region of the Polish, The Revolutionary Front, Alliance of the Axis Powers, Borneo Island, Vaterland Partei, Exterminatus Innocentus, and Nationalist Union of Associated States.

The embassy with Central Eastern Europe is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 3 days 9 hours.

Construction of embassies with The Socialist Party has commenced. Completion expected in 21 hours.

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Antifa contains 11 nations, the 1,030th most in the world.


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Today's World Census Report

The Best Weather in Antifa

The following nations were determined to have the best all-round weather.

As a region, Antifa is ranked 10,627th in the world for Best Weather.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Most Serene Republic of EnragesScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Sous les pavés, la plage!”
2.The Armed and Unified Community of International Antifascist ActionLeft-wing Utopia“International Antifascist Action!”
3.The Militaristic Matriarchy of PiktiLeft-wing Utopia“Retired Squadron Admiral of The Red Fleet”
4.The Internationale of The Red and BlackCorrupt Dictatorship“The Internationale Unites the Human Race!”
5.The MT Army Leader Vipper of The Ripper33New York Times Democracy“The MT Army, Serial Nazi Hunter”
6.The Wanted Antifa Kingpin of Mr WalrusLiberal Democratic Socialists“In The Flesh.”
7.The Dreamers of FJA RepresentativeNew York Times Democracy“The Freedom and Justice Alliance: Love, not Hate”
8.The Community of The Red Fleet AdmiraltyFather Knows Best State“Pax Ignescens! — Representating The Red Fleet in Antifa”
9.The People's Republic of North Korean RevolutionariesFather Knows Best State“This machine kills fascists - NK Delegate”
10.The Liberated Lands of The Greater German ReichLeft-Leaning College State“Proletarier aller Länder, vereinigt euch!”
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Regional Happenings


Antifa Regional Message Board

The region of Aryan Brotherhood, a previous Antifa holding, ceased to exist and was protected by North Korea and The Korean Peoples Army in the name of Antifa and left unity.



I can now finally inform the Comrade Members of The Internationale that a plan that has been in motion since November 20, 2013, has been completed flawlessly! Nicknamed "Operation Illa Passiflora," Latin for "The Passionflower" (which, in Spanish, is "La Pasionaria,") this operation is dedicated to La Pasionaria: a dedicated and unwavering anti-fascist fighter whose contributions to Antifa cannot be overstated.

In the wake of the deletion of La Pasionaria, when I was still serving as Comrade WA Delegate, I held a straw poll of the Comrade Members of The Internationale, asking what to do about the region. One question on this straw poll was regarding The Internationale itself: whether it should be locked and held as a museum in perpetuity, refounded as our home, or refounded and locked as a museum. The result of this poll was, at the time, reported to be "locked as a museum." This was a lie, meant to deceive any Fascist subversive in our midst as to the true democratic will of our Comrade Members, which was to refound the region as our home.

A concern held by many Comrade Members was the loss of years of Regional Message Board posts. I am happy to announce that none of this history was lost. All RMB posts on The Internationale's RMB have been saved, complete with timestamp, nation, post contents, and post ID. This is backed up in several redundant locations while I look into a way to make these posts public.

Just as the password to The Internationale was never divulged to anyone else, the plan to refound was kept secret. I had originally planned to complete this refound on May 1, to celebrate International Workers' Day. When that plan fell through, I made an attempt on May 8, to celebrate V-E Day. When that attempt failed (I moved the guardian nations out too late), I searched for an alternative date.

On this day in 1871, in the aftermath of the brutal crushing of the Paris Commune, Eugène Pottier wrote the lyrics to what would become the anthem of workers, socialists, anarchists, communists, and leftists around the world: The Internationale. Today, 30 June 2014, on The Internationale Day, let us celebrate the renewal of a long-standing member of Antifa and the massive success of this operation!

Eugene Pottier wrote:Debout, les damnés de la terre!
Debout, les forçats de la faim!
La raison tonne en son cratère
C'est l'éruption de la fin!
Du passé faisons table rase
Foule esclave, debout, debout!
Le monde va changer de base
Nous ne sommes rien, soyons tout!

C'est la lutte finale
Groupons-nous, et demain
Sera le genre humain!

In Solidarity!

The Socialist People's Provinces of Misley
Ex-Comrade Delegate of The Internationale
Admiral of The Red Fleet

A huge success The Socialist People's Provinces of Misley, our dear departed La Pash, Destroyer Of Fash would be proud!


The MT Army would like to announce that the following Fascist regions have been taken out of action:

- Sentinel Isle (aspiring member of Right Wing Uprising, embassies with many RWU members).
- Whites Only.
- Coalition Of Authoritarian Governments (no longer a refuge for Authoritarians and Fascists!)
- HOME OF THE DICTATORSHIP (No longer a home for dictators!)
- The NSIA Museum (The URAP and The NSIA)
- Al Roker Death Cult Wind Ensemble (The Axis of Evil and the Greater German Reich).
- The Territory Of The Capital Territories (The Union of Fascists and Right Wing Uprising).
- Tylora (Right Wing Uprising).

Whilst still in the process of dismantling NAZI EUROPE, our Antifascist forces remain ever vigilant.

The MT Army Leader of Vippertooth33

Hi :) BlackGreenWhite here, though Dolphin with an AK-47 will also have access to this puppet.
Down with ultranationalism!

The historical region of La republica de cuba ceases to exist and is secured by forces from North Korea and The Korean Peoples Army

The Revolutionary Fascist Party is overrun by a combined left unity operation lead by Das Kommune. Antifa soldiers representing North Korea, UCR, and The Red Fleet also took part in the operation.

The MT Army Update:

The continuous flow of victories against the Fascists is becoming overwhelming, in a good way ;)

- The Dagobah System (Liberated from International Dictators Coaliton).
- Deutsch Wehrmacht (Ties to The Greater German Reich and Nationalsozialistische Volksstaaten).
- The Fifth Empire (Back up region for Fifth Empire, a Gold level member of Right Wing Uprising).
- Reich IV.
- Dictatorship Alliance.
- Leninists Unite (Liberated from The Fascist Union a Gold level member of Right Wing Uprising).
- Aryan Nation (Old Antifa victory region, left vulnerable after the gods struck down La Pash Destroyer of Fash, now secure indefinitely).

Show them no respite, for they deserve NONE!

The MT Army Leader of Vippertooth33

Alliance of the Axis Powers, a former Antifa victory whose founder was presumably one of La Pas' nations, finally CTE'd today. It has been refounded with the original WFE. I'd be happy to hand it back to TRF or someone else if you want it.

Capture of NAZI EUROPE

NAZI EUROPE, once the crown jewel of Right Wing Uprising, has been refounded in the conclusion of a month-long operation initiated by Lone Wolves United, The North Pacific, and the United Imperial Armed Forces. The Red Fleet worked in conjunction with these militaries and other raiders and leftist and antifascist military forces to bring down NAZI EUROPE, and the efforts of all involved antifascist soldiers has been recognized by the Admiralty Board with the presentation of the medal "Antifascist Unity in NAZI EUROPE."

More details can be found in this dispatch: page=dispatch/id=279775

"Scourge of the Fash on the seven seas, & Solidarity with Comrades from sea to sea!"

The Socialist People's Provinces of Misley
Fleet Admiral of The Red Fleet

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