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The ACA opposes the destructive influence of capitalism in the world and unites those who uphold socialist principles, in all diversity.

The ACA welcomes all nations sharing our vision, our spirit of camaraderie, or just wanting to hold an honest discussion.

The First of August on the standard calendar is a Regional Celebration Day in honour of the accomplishments of our member states.

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I don't really pay attention any more. If you really want me to vote one way or another, TG me or message me through the forums (I get an e-mail alert if you do that).

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1.The People's Republic of CeldoniaWA MemberNew York Times Democracy“We may have nothing, but we're willing to share it”
2.The Communist Paradise of Greater LeninistaCorrupt Dictatorship“Look at the chicken on our flag. LOOK AT IT!”
3.The Free Land of BarevaneLiberal Democratic Socialists“Freedom above all”
4.The Culture of Free SocialismLeft-wing Utopia“Of each according to ability to each according to need.”
5.The Pink-O Commie State of ZphdWA MemberCivil Rights Lovefest“Stay off our lawns!”
6.The Red Brigades of DotjxraommLiberal Democratic Socialists“The Proletariat Coalition Ambassador at Large”
7.The Svefn-g-englar of GolgothastanLeft-Leaning College State“boom-chic-a-boom-chic-a”
8.The Serene Socialist Republic of XikuangWA MemberLeft-Leaning College State“Only Through Open Doors”
9.The Socialist Union of KerlaWA MemberLiberal Democratic Socialists“Everything for Everybody”

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Thanks, I'll check it out if I get the chance!

Interesting times in Scotland as the polls open in 6 hours to decide whether we leave the UK.

For the first time in my life I have an opportunity to vote against the whole corrupt system rather than just pick whichever party will tinker with it best so it's a YES vote from me.

I personally would go for a federal monarchy then an independent Commonwealth realm. Since the SNP is the largest party you're most likely be a constitutional monarchy in personal union with the Queen.

The "devo-max" option (greatest autonomy possible within the union) would have won, without question. But it's not on the ballot, and if it was it would bring its own problems (under-representation in England versus the devolved parliaments). Federalism would require a constitutional overhaul which would require a UK-wide referendum.

All you would need is an English Parliament (solves the West Lothian Question) with a head of government. Then again, all the constitute nations could form their own nations in the Commonwealth with a personal union.

Post self-deleted by Free Socialism.

I hope you win your freedom, C!

'Constitutional monarchy in personal union with the Queen', huh? Is that what they're calling it these days? Heh.

Not unexpected, but disappointing result, I must admit. It will be interesting to see what happens next. Moon on a Stick may be on the table, but I suspect 'not bloody much' is what will be delivered. May I be proven wrong.

The 'no' option on the ballot was in answer to the stated question on independence. That was the only legal meaning it had. Westminster has no mandate to deliver devo-max, if it indeed has any intention to honour that conflation, nor is it required to. The only thing that got them on the run was the possibility of a Yes vote. Virtually all negotiating power flew out the window with a 400k lead No vote.

I don't think I can ever stand to hear Flower of Scotland again.


The simple fact that so many people did turn out for yes, despite no's alternate scaremongering and sweet talk, gives serious crunch to the notion that Scots in general are not all too pleased with Westminster. I expect a fair few no voters to be smacking themselves when the promised pie fails to appear.

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