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The simple fact that so many people did turn out for yes, despite no's alternate scaremongering and sweet talk, gives serious crunch to the notion that Scots in general are not all too pleased with Westminster. I expect a fair few no voters to be smacking themselves when the promised pie fails to appear.

The NO victory was convincing in the end but with 45% voting for independence I think there's enough momentum there that if noting is delivered we'll be going through this again before too long. I agree that if devo max had been on the ballot paper it would have won, probably very convincingly.

I agree with you there, C, despite Cameron's blustering about how 'this is forever' and all that.

Why was full fiscal autonomy not on the ballot? It should be and an English Parliament with an English Cabinet.

Well, full fiscal autonomy would have come with full independence. And the parliament-- Scotland already has our own; independence would just have given us one step further remove and given England one step further in its own autonomy (except for that Ireland and Wales thing).

(Apologies, C: it's just that I've recently realised that I have spent most of my adult life in Scotland, so even if I'm not a proper citizen, I think I might have good enough reasons to think of it as home)

No need top apologise X, this was about the people that live in Scotland wherever they hail from. If I thought any of the traditional ethnicity or blood rights aspects of nationalism where attached to it I'd have had nothing to do with it.

And just to elaborate a little on Kerla's questio, the reason the question was a straight in or out one was because Cameron vetoed the option to have more devolved powers passed to the Scottish parliament (termed "devo max" here) in an act of brinkmanship when he thought the result was a foregone conclusion. If that had been on the ballot paper it would, as I said previously, almost certainly have won. The offers they made just before the vote were a panic reaction toa poll that put YES in the lead by 2% when everyone realized it was going to be a lot closer than some people had thought.

It's worth remembering though that 18 months ago support for independence was sitting at 32% and dipped as low as 26% before the campaign got into full swing. To get to 45% on such a monumental issue shows that even though the vote was lost there's been a huge swing in favour of independence. Also remember that the strongest NO vote came from the over 65s and you've got a potential trend that suggests that unless Westminster delivers what it promised, and possibly even if it does, it's only really a matter of time.

You know X, Belgium want from a unitary state to a federal one and it has worked out well, for the most part. I don't understand why Westminister and the main parties try for a federation.

Cause Westminster doesn't want a federal state. They only reason the party leaders 'vowed' devo-max/home rule/federalism is because a poll in the final week predicted 51% for Yes. With independence defeated, any impetus to implement those has vanished - save the possibility of a second referendum in a few years. Hence why 'Jack' Straw was calling for what amounts to a sedition law.

Yep... it was a panic promise designed to sway the undecided, and it pretty much worked. I'm not sure it would have gone to Yes had they not done that, but it certainly would have been a lot closer; as close as it was, it says a lot. I'm with C here: I expect Westminster to use the No win as leverage to get as much as they possibly can and there will still be another referendum, and not long hence.

Independence may well be inevitable now and the more the promises are reneged on the quicker it may come. Scotland and England have so much in common, culturally and politically, but the more we witness the pernicious effect of UKIP on politics south of the border the more alien it seems to the predominant sensibilities up here and highlights that what once may have been a good thing has had its time.

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