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The ACA opposes the destructive influence of capitalism in the world and unites those who uphold socialist principles, in all diversity.

The ACA welcomes all nations sharing our vision, our spirit of camaraderie, or just wanting to hold an honest discussion.

The First of August on the standard calendar is a Regional Celebration Day in honour of the accomplishments of our member states.

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I don't really pay attention any more. If you really want me to vote one way or another, TG me or message me through the forums (I get an e-mail alert if you do that).

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#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Culture of Free SocialismLeft-wing Utopia“Of each according to ability to each according to need.”
2.The People's Republic of CeldoniaWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“We may have nothing, but we're willing to share it”
3.The Serene Socialist Republic of XikuangWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“Only Through Open Doors”
4.The Free Land of BarevaneDemocratic Socialists“Freedom above all”
5.The People's Republic of Communist MorrowindAuthoritarian Democracy“Strong and Great Nation”
6.The Communist Paradise of Greater LeninistaCorrupt Dictatorship“Look at the chicken on our flag. LOOK AT IT!”
7.The Socialist Union of KerlaWA MemberScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Everything for Everybody”
8.The Red Brigades of DotjxraommLiberal Democratic Socialists“The Proletariat Coalition Ambassador at Large”

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I've distanced myself from politics even more than usual lately, because I can't afford the degree of angst that it would afford me to do otherwise, but it's hard to be completely insulated... from what I've seen of Corbyn, I'd be happy with him. He seems sensible. Unfortunately for me, I have come to associate that characteristic less and less with a person who might actually be elected into a position of power. And even if he were so elected, I doubt he'd be able to accomplish a respectable percentage of what he wants to for all he'd have to devote to fighting tooth and nail just to make himself heard over the sound byte engineers hell bent on reducing media discourse to the intellectual equivalent of nutritionally inadequate baby food.

Despite my misgivings with the direction the UK Labour Party took when Tony Blair became leader (Iraq being the biggest disaster) I remained a member and have voted for Corbyn.

What's interesting is that when our constituency party voted on who to nominate I was one of only two people who spoke up for Corbyn but as time has gone on I've seen a lot of people on the party either shift towards direct support or at least feel much more at ease with the prospect of him becoming leader.

I really hope he wins and we can offer a genuine alternative to the Tories. I also think it gives us the best chance of regaining ground in Scotland as, needless to say, I'm not a fan of the SNP and even less so of the hysteria Scotland seems to have succumbed to these days.

If I had a vote, I would vote for him too, precisely because he isn't YA Caffeine Free Diet Tory. I would like to see him as leader. I just bemoan the political miasma wherein if you speak up for relatively uncontroversial things like better healthcare or education or maybe not quite so much bombing, you get lambasted as some kind of flag-waving lunatic.


Sorry to bother everyone, but I've noticed a disturbing trend. It seems that I'm constantly getting the same issues. I understand that there are only so many issues and there is a certain randomness in how they are doled out, but if I keep getting the same issues I will be less likely to participate and ultimately drop out. Any suggestions, or tips? Thank you all for your time.

Afraid that's just the way the cookie crumbles, Barevane. Sometimes you get loads of new ones and sometimes the old ones keep popping up over and over again... or you could be stuck waiting ages for a certain one to come up. One good thing you can do with repetitive issues though, if you get the right ones, is play them to grow your nation the way you want it. If you get an issue that does something you like, but gives you a hit to your economy, like, for example, banning private enterprise, you only have to select the answer once and dismiss the issue every time it comes up again, and private enterprise (or whatever) will stay as you left it. Similarly with relatively harmless ones: if, say, you get the one that allows to to choose to eat your national animal or fund your auto industry, keep electing to do that over and over again and each time it'll give your economy a bump up. Pretty boring, but playing the issues is just part of the game. Out of curiosity, which ones do you keep getting?

In other news, what's this new Challenge thing? If you look at another nation's page, you'll see a little sight at the end of the icons that show you stats and analysis and stuff... apparently you can 'challenge' another nation to get levels. I don't know what it does, and it seems a little rude to just go challenging someone without asking, so I invite any of you to go ahead and try it on me as an experiment.

Thanks Xikuang, that is good advice. To answer your questions I feel like I have gotten the older generation retirement question, the SETI experiment, the gladiator issue and the hydroelectric dam questions at least 3 times each.

Not all that much you can do with those, if I'm remembering right... somebody else may know better. Looking after your old folks is always good, but you don't seem to have any problems in the social welfare department!

The People's Republic of Celdonia wrote:I also think it gives us the best chance of regaining ground in Scotland as, needless to say, I'm not a fan of the SNP and even less so of the hysteria Scotland seems to have succumbed to these days.

What hysteria is that? The ship sailed in 2007 when Scottish Labour failed to change course and it still remains trenchantly Blairite hence Jim Murphy's brief and monumentally disastrous command. Eight years later when Labour finally elected a socialist he then allows himself to be briefed on Scotland by Scottish Labour. Thus we had him blaming the SNP for privatising the railways and if not that, then not reversing it (the former six years before the formation of the Scottish Parliament and the latter an issue reserved to Westminster). If there was a chance in hell of federalism being genuinely offered...

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