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Welcome to ANIME! Home to kawaii schoolgirls, maids, catgirls, samurais, ninjas, mechas, magic users and space-travellers. Who knows, you might even meet one on the street, desu!

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Embassies: Glorious Nations of Iwaku, Japan, Dubtopia, Yokai, and Space Sector RPRA.

Tags: Anime, Social, Video Game, Neutral, Free Trade, Large, Fandom, Featured, and Role Player.

Regional Power: High

Anime contains 58 nations, the 204th most in the world.

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The Largest Information Technology Sector in Anime

As a region, Anime is ranked 222nd in the world for Largest Information Technology Sector.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Sunken Kingdom of Rotten RockersWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“Always blame the clowns. It's always clowns.”
2.The Blue Hair n Pointy Ear Abhs of SilentvoiceAnarchy“Kin of the Stars”
3.The Catgirl Refuge of SygmaWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“My Way, Is The Right Way!”
4.The Holy Moldy Cheese of ChuruyaIron Fist Consumerists“So much cheese!”
5.The Democratic Democracy of UtraciaAnarchy“Two Hands Revy is on our payroll”
6.The Kingdom of ThefreeNew York Times Democracy“And may the odds be ever in your favor”
7.The Sock Sellers of Mr-SoCkOWA MemberFather Knows Best State“A Man chooses, A Slave Obeys”
8.The Most Holy Kingdom of TrenolarWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Sleeping dragons lie here.”
9.The Grand Duchy of CitzzagezWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“Quid Pro Quo”
10.The Autonomous Market of LolinationAnarchy“Onii-chan daisuki!”
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Catching up on WA News: As predicted, the proposed "Nuclear Material Pact" went down in flames, defeated 11,243 votes to 3,662. Your Uranium Mining Industry thanks you.

Currently up for vote is a proposed repeal of GAR #92 "Cooperation in Science Act". The repeal author, Ainocra, argues that the resolution does little to promote the sciences. Also, they claim that since the resolution's implementing committee, the WA Scientific Programme, is voluntarily funded, it is at risk of politicization. Ainocra has stated they intend to draft a more robust replacement, so wants this off the books so they can get started. We're inclined to agree; it's always good to removed mediocre legislation if there's a good chance of getting something better.

And as expected, GAR #92 "Cooperation in Science Act" was repealed, 11,902 votes to 1,965. We look forward to what Ainocra comes up with in way of a replacement.

Now up for vote is a proposal on "Infectious Disease Control". It's designed to protect travelers heading to areas where epidemics or other public health risks are present. The idea is for nations to issue international travelers with a WA-approved, uniform medical certificate listing vaccinations and other assorted medical precautions needed for travel into infectious disease-ridden areas that the traveler has taken. That way their host country can tell (hopefully) if it's safe for them to travel into the danger zone. It's a bit intrusive, but rather sensible, considering that this is an international issue and common standards are generally a good idea for such things. We recommend a Yes vote on it.

Gee, I wonder what prompted the creation of the Infectious Disease Control proposal

Well, it's not unusual for RL events to inspire WA legislation. It passed overwhelmingly by the way, 13,434 votes to 924. One of the biggest voting margins we've seen. Unlike what's currently up for vote, which is tanking hard as it should.

Went from tanking hard to tanked hard. The proposed repeal of GAR #9, "Prevention of Torture" was defeated 11,726 votes to 2,879.

Now we have another repeal up for vote, this time of GAR #172, the "International Expositions Act". The repeal author is arguing that the resolution is poorly defined and doesn't lay out clearly exactly what its mandated "international expositions" are supposed to be. Worse, they give the WA the authority to select a host nation without regard to said nation's ability to afford to put on a potentially huge event. And this circus is an annual event. It's a good argument, and we recommend voting for the repeal.

"International Expositions Act" is getting gunned down hard, HAHA! Can someone who sees the internal WA conversations and discussions enlighten me: How does a previously popularly supported proposal then become opposed so strongly when a repeal comes up? Why do peoples' minds change? Do they forget why they supported it before, or did everyone overlook one major factor? Also, who determines the effects of an implemented proposal. The author? Mods? Barry-sama? The Powers That Are?

There's what we in the WA call the "Lemming Effect". Basically, there's a huge number of nations out there that pay only superficial attention to the proposals up for vote. They typically vote for or against based on little more than the name. These types can be easily persuaded to repeal something they formerly supported. Also, there are a number of contrarians (ourselves included) who tend to want to repeal just about everything (we don't, but we're convinced there's a lot of fluff on the books that should go).

Repeals shouldn't necessarily be thought of as resolutions that failed; in some cases an otherwise good resolution is found to have a flaw in it. And since it's impossible to amend legislation in the game, a flawed resolution has to be repealed before it can be replaced with a better one.

As for how your stats are affected--that's hardwired into the game by Barry-sama. What formula(s) are used to figure it out are insanely complex and opaque, but they're related to the category and strength of the resolution. The current resolution up for repeal is Category: Education and Creativity; Area of Effect: Cultural Heritage. When it passed, it probably increased your nation's Culture and Education ratings; repealing it will probably lower them. How that effects your overall Economic, Civil, and Political freedom ratings that determine what class of nation you are is anyone's guess.


Hello everyone~ (^・ω・^)

All this politics is too hard. I prefer the hands-off approach. Dismantle the system!!

Akatsuki No Yona's season has finished. My life is now empty until a second season starts :(

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