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Welcome to ANIME! Home to kawaii schoolgirls, maids, catgirls, samurais, ninjas, mechas, magic users and space-travellers. Who knows, you might even meet one on the street, desu!

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Map: Pick your nation's spot at Link[link] or contact Old ohsamah

1. Please endorse The Diaspora Church of The Eternal Kawaii as delegate
2. For embassy requests, WA matters, etc, please jointly telegram our Delegate and Founder
3. For urgent matters, please join our forum and post in the Red Alert Thread

Embassies: Glorious Nations of Iwaku, Japan, Dubtopia, Yokai, and Space Sector RPRA.

Tags: Anime, Social, Video Game, Neutral, Free Trade, Large, Fandom, Featured, and Role Player.

Regional Power: High

Anime contains 65 nations, the 191st most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Shortest Average Lifespan in Anime

Citizens of nations ranked highly tend to die earlier, whether from poor health, crime, accident, or government encouragement.

As a region, Anime is ranked 17,776th in the world for Shortest Average Lifespan.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Empire of ZephyrialIron Fist Consumerists“Wealth is Power”
2.The Autonomous Market of LolinationAnarchy“Onii-chan daisuki!”
3.The Butt-Kicking Combo of -Panty-and-Stocking-Anarchy“[too obscene for nationstates, apparently!]”
4.The Sock Sellers of Mr-SoCkOWA MemberIron Fist Consumerists“A Man chooses, A Slave Obeys”
5.The Blue Hair n Pointy Ear Abhs of SilentvoiceAnarchy“Kin of the Stars”
6.The Democratic Democracy of UtraciaAnarchy“Two Hands Revy is on our payroll”
7.The Zealous State of KonataLandWA MemberIron Fist Consumerists“Faith is Freedom”
8.The Emirate of KawaiistanPsychotic Dictatorship“Stupid country! I'm not here because I l-like y-you...!”
9.The Federation of AlphaXInoffensive Centrist Democracy“.”
10.The Federation of NanotexWA MemberMoralistic Democracy“Laat God Verlicht Nanotex”
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WA News, Whiplash Edition. Speaking of having one's hopes dashed against the turf:

Wed May 6 2015: General Assembly Resolution #325, "Responsible Arms Trading", was passed 10,205 votes to 5,177.
Thu May 14 2015: General Assemby Resolution #325, "Responsible Arms Trading", was repealed 11,921 votes to 3,885.

This was a new record in insta-repeals, both in speed and thoroughness. In the space of a week, at least 6,320 votes changed from support of the resolution to opposition to it. While some of it can be attributed to Delegates wielding their large votes, we suspect that this was an example of the Lemming Effect operating at full bore.

We have to confess that we didn't participate in either vote--the first because RL had us pulled away from NS, and the second because well, what would be the point? Never fear, though; the proposal author, Sciongrad, is not taking this lying down. He's apparently intending on resubmitting the proposal. You can see the new thread here. So who knows? Maybe we'll get a chance to vote on this after all.

I try to vote as irrationally as possible in WA things.

It's fun knowing my vote counts.

Hello peeps! :D

Does this group actually talk about anime?

It's good to be back ^-^

The Colony of The goats of rebellion wrote:Does this group actually talk about anime?

Once a month or so they'll be a few posts relating to it.

The United Republic of Rationallia wrote:Once a month or so they'll be a few posts relating to it.

We do talk about anime sometimes but its not like we enjoy it or anything...baka!

The Republic of Marxhaven wrote:We do talk about anime sometimes but its not like we enjoy it or anything...baka!



Ore wa ochinchin ga daisuki nandayo


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