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Welcome to ANIME! Home to kawaii schoolgirls, maids, catgirls, samurais, ninjas, mechas, magic users and space-travellers. Who knows, you might even meet one on the street, desu!

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Anime contains 79 nations, the 156th most in the world.

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1.The Kingdom of ThefreeInoffensive Centrist Democracy“And may the odds be ever in your favor”
2.The Democratic States of Atlantis FederationInoffensive Centrist Democracy“We are nicer than Canadians..wait not really”
3.The Queendom of RoritaniaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Live in a world full of your personal mo.”
4.The Physics Nation of SpylandoInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Bureaucracy is for Bakas!”
5.The Republic of Harem WaifusInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Nico Nico Nii!”
6.The Divine Union of GasaiYunoNew York Times Democracy“Don't Touch My Yuuki”
7.The Commonwealth of Hong Kong 97Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“Chin is Dead!!”
8.The Federation of NomalusInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Sanitae et Medicae”
9.The Principality of Z A F TInoffensive Centrist Democracy“For the glory of all Coordinators!”
10.The Kingdom of KohkaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“We will prevail”
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In terms of older shows I've just finished Last Exile and also Berserk here.

Anime themes? Yeah Log Horizon Lost In The Database is good (pity about the show it was paired with though), Sword Art Online Aincrad arc had a pretty decent theme. My favourite of recent times is the OP and ED of Koufuku Graffitti. They were both excellent as was the show really... :)

Drinking some Famous House brand Taiwan Banana Milk and I just smiled and laughed cheerfully.

Why can't products of this quality be manufactured in my country? I'm sick to death of Coca Cola corps BS.

Also, Sangaria's Melon Soda. :P~

I've ordered lots of different foods and drinks from an Asian market and am currently trying them out.

Ramune and Kopiko are the best snacks imo. Good thing I live near an Asian market.. saves me time..

Hong Kong 97

WA News, "And Here We Go Again" Edition. The General Assembly Resolution #292, the "Nuclear Security Convention", was repealed 10,269 votes to 3,764. So, get back to work on that nuclear power plant.

Next up for vote is another attempt to repeal GAR #286, "Reproductive Freedoms". We've gone over this in mind-numbing detail in the past, but it's pretty simple: The author wishes to repeal this proposal because, due to its wide-sweeping ban on restricting abortions, it legalizes such barbarities as sex-selective abortion and prevents the WA from legislating against it. We've already voted for this repeal, and strongly urge you all to as well.

I voted for it too, no one wants a china like abortion system.

Speaking of food, I wanted to watch an Ecchi/School themed Anime recently and the search function threw up 'Shokugeki no Souma' which is a cookery based Anime. I didn't expect much from it but... damn, it's good.

I pretty much watched it straight through, needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. :D

Onto the next Anime, a Fantasy themed one next methinks.

yeah Shokugeki is good.. helped my cooking a lot

Not really in the mood for a cooking anime right now. Need a good love comedy or action comedy to take my mind off real life troubles. After my stress level goes down, I'll probably go for a mecha anime.

I present to you fine people a haiku composed with love and care. This is The Same Thing

What is this boredom
I find that it looks the same
Monotony breaks

Any of you Kuddly Kittens want to join the "SUPER DUPER NATIONAL ANIMAL FIGHT I"? :D


Go here to enter your wee kawaii beastie in a glorious contest to the DEATH!

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