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Alliance of conservative nations!

The "Alliance of conservative nations" will never be free for the taking again, it was saved from the last tyranny leader all thank to The UNI of United north island 1 who saved the day.

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Alliance of conservative nations contains 2 nations.

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As a region, Alliance of conservative nations is ranked 15,964th in the world for Most Subsidized Industry.

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1.The UNI of United north island 1Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“The best”
2.The Constitutional Monarchy of UNA Protector 2Compulsory Consumerist State“Puppeteer”

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Post self-deleted by UNA Protector 2.

Nice try The Commonwealth of Squa Archipelago thinking I would give up the region that fast I don't think so, and don't ever contact me again!

Post self-deleted by UNA Protector 2.

Who's the best The UNI of United north island 1 that's right say again who is the best The UNI of United north island 1 that's right!

Drone sector 7g

1 year 177 days ago

I've known Lazz for a very long time in this game from back in the old ACN days. So I know him as well, or more accurately, better than anyone else in NS.
The carefully assembled facade he presents is as phony as the day is long.
I remember back then taking him out to the woodshed on the NS forums while he was being condemned back in the day (sound familiar?) for his backstabbing, and meddling in the old ACN.

Some ask "why do these people hate the RA so?"

Well it's because of Lazarania's constant "intrigue" he engages in. His never ceasing puppet attacks on other regions where he worms his way in, assuming others identities, his fav being Tunasai, he causes problems which others think are someone else entirely.
He refounds old regions of his "enemies" while being careful to avoid any connection to the RA that would expose him as the closet small time "raider" he perceives himself to be. A couple of his "conquests" for an example-
He almost took region=the_earth_alliance but was thwarted at the last minute by one of his current enemies that he has created.

Meanwhile someone else gets the blame for his antics. That is until they find out the true source of their problems has been Lazz from the start.
Ever wonder why the RA gets endless condemnation proposals, while not on the surface a raider region? That's why. Too many people have had contact with him, and have tired of his constant meddling.

So while he lies, and obfuscates, about why there are so many who outright hate him, he is laughing at all of the residents of the RA who buy into his phony persona.
Be aware that Lazz does not believe in loyalty. That is another reason why so many distrust him. He will burn off any of you in a moments notice for any perceived wrong on your part. He will attempt to wipe out any trace of your existence in the RA, and will if pressed, fabricate an alternate history to explain your presence in the RA.

He doesn't stand for anyone other than himself. Sad really, he considers himself a thinker, yet cannot find a job, nor have any female companionship in his cloistered life devoted entirely to messing with people on NS. He stands behind his "Christian" values, yet spends so much time lying, that one wonders exactly how much of the Holy Spirit really resides in someone so thoroughly warped with hate. Petty, petulant, and childish, he bans/unbans/bans people merely to express his rage toward anyone who crosses him.
The Monarchy of Lazzarania

1 day 22 hours ago

Tbh, I don't know who Talorin is or what his "beef" is. And, I couldn't care less to know. I'm simply not interested, and not interested in hearing anything it has to say. Talorin is beyond being the absolute last thing on my mind. Tbh, I keep forgetting about it all until someone on the RMB mentions it. lol :{)

Really Lazz?
Let's take a look at that. The following is copy/pasted from a conversation between two TRASIO agents. 007 (Lazz) 008 (Lord Whorfin)

007: Talorin condemn prop. against RA: Approvals: 19 (Talorin, Azgul, Guoarhiel, Conoga, Awas, KaiserAdolf, Mailam, Saxonopolis, Trektopolis, Isles of the United Armed Forces, Mirrania, Communist Bloodia, The Sons, The Cobalt Sky, Lokarnia, Aquatic Mammals, Southern Confederate America, Redentro, The Grand coalition of modern states) 23:56
008: Yes, I saw 23:56
007: Well these are on my list to mess with lol 23:57
008: Ain't gonna make it to the floor 23:57
007: Some of them, anyway. 23:57
008: Who's #1 23:57
007: won't. lol 23:57
008: 2, and 3 23:57
007: Talorin. 23:57
007: Guoarhiel..but that's under control. 23:58
007: Awas 23:58
007: Connected to that crude, incredibly stupid pommie called Fontoria. 23:59
007: Awas and Font were connected to Buddy 23:59
007: But Buddy dropped them 23:59
007: after they threatened him

How odd, here we are a week ago with Lazz talking about his enemies...on his list "to mess with". Hardly the innocent he claims to be.

Here we have a conversation in the Royal Alliance Regional battlefields chatroom. Here Lazz is explaining his plan to use a pawn to act unknowingly as a TRASIO agent- this is his explanation on how to accomplish this-

Lazzarania: The problem is in NS is "traceability" because all TGs (sent) remain... 1:59 PM
Lazzarania: So... 1:59 PM
Lazzarania: One contacts a nation on LJW, for example, and says "Hey I'd like to test out the War system, wanna go with me to the Regional Battlefields and play/test it out for a few minutes?" 2:00 PM
Lazzarania: When you and the target arrive 008 and 007 are there and there is a BS convo revealing nothing taking place 2:01 PM
Lazzarania: We say... 2:01 PM
Lazzarania: Oh sorry..the TRASIO Ops room was temp down 2:01 PM
Lazzarania: we'll leave and try it again... 2:02 PM
Lazzarania: Hey such and such..we actually would like to talk to u 2:02 PM
Lazzarania: you give the target the paassword 2:02 PM
Lazzarania: to get them in the TRASIO ops room... 2:02 PM
Lazzarania: I delete the war room convo 2:02 PM
Lazzarania: No trace that 008 has invited him to TRASIO ops room in NS tgs 2:03 PM
Lazzarania: sound good? 2:03 PM
Lord Whorfin: So far
Lord Whorfin: So far 2:03 PM
Lazzarania: then you have him in the ops room 2:03 PM
Lazzarania: and ask him to call back at a certain time each day or time he is on that suits you both 2:04 PM
Lazzarania: still no traceability 2:04 PM
Lazzarania: ever 2:04 PM
Lazzarania: he only knows you as 008 2:04 PM
Lazzarania: from there you can control him
Lazzarania: he has NO nation in the RA or NS to contact you on 2:05 PM
Lazzarania: only a prearranged time each day to show up as his oo number
Lazzarania: Not yet lol And poor bugger? the poor bugger is now in the exciting world of espionage? lol 2:07 PM
Lazzarania: It's just a security procedure, as we are a top secret security agency 2:09 PM
Lord Whorfin: I can certainly see this working..there are enough wannabe Bonds out there who who go full stupid thinking they were suddenly part of some super secret CIA/NSA program 2:09 PM
Lazzarania: lol 2:09 PM
Lazzarania: MI5 too

Here we get a look at the real Lazzarania, one which extremely few in all of NS ever get a glimpse of.
While he may play the innocent victim, behind the scenes he is always working at what he calls "intrigue". And he will never stop.

I have many more tales to tell about Lazz, and he knows every word of them is true.
Now don't be thinking I'm some angel, I haven't been. Half of what you hear about me is very true.
But unlike Lazz, I'm playing the game straight now. I have found a quiet, peaceful region to play my nation in. Without a sociopathic, petulant liar as founder.

So, why expose him? I'm tired of his BS frankly. He's the author of his own opposition, playing to the echo chamber in the RA, an RA that doesn't know who they have as a founder...until now.

So now I leave you to it then, but always remember Lazz, whenever another condemnation comes your way, or you claim innocence on your rmb because of some "unknown" reason someone is messing with you...know I'll be smiling, and shaking my head at your act...over, and over again.

Oh, almost forgot, Lazz...Remember when you told me about your use of proxy ip's? I know who your "other" WA is...I suggest you make things right before you are discovered by the powers that be. It would be most embarrassing for Lazzarania to lose his WA over such a careless act;-{)}

Tex Alberta (Lord Whorfin)

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