Nations of Ainur

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NationWA CategoryMotto
The Free Land of 0_8Anarchy"0_8"
The Dictatorship of 1Nation1Psychotic Dictatorship"Follow the Leader"
The Republic of Aaron GoodwinLiberal Democratic Socialists" I do better ghost hunting than Zak"
The Kingdom of AfferaronDemocratic Socialists"Gott mit Uns"
The Kingdom of Ainur OfficialInoffensive Centrist Democracy"We Strive To Be Great."
The Garden of Aioros TelcontarInoffensive Centrist Democracy"Non nobis, Domine, sed nomini tuo da gloriam"
The Community of Aipotu RuoDemocratic Socialists"Not a perfect society. But a better one."
The Kingdom of Al mouhamadiehCorporate Bordello"3ish 7ayetak"
The Republic of AmbioraInoffensive Centrist Democracy"One must be kind, until one finds reason not to."
The Free Lands of Ashton MercerWA MemberDemocratic Socialists"A dying flame still burns hotly."
The Theocracy of AtheistMoralistic Democracy"Without religion we'd all just kill each other.."
The Holy Empire of Augustus TelcontarBenevolent Dictatorship"Don't Tread on Me"
The Rogue Nation of B4tm4nFather Knows Best State"J0k3r you will be stopped!"
The Federal Republic of BenjaminstateWA MemberCivil Rights Lovefest"De gustibus et coloribus non est disputandum"
The Oppressed Peoples of Califian ColoniesPsychotic Dictatorship"Dominium Rerum"
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