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A long time ago and far away there was A Nice Warm Cave. The hideaway was in a bluff overlooking the stream... The cave was formed by an overhang of limestone which roofed a room water-carved from shale in one bluff... "Why not stay and camp out with us?"

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A Nice Warm Cave contains 5 nations, the 2,617th most in the world.

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The Largest Information Technology Sector in A Nice Warm Cave

As a region, A Nice Warm Cave is ranked 10,060th in the world for Largest Information Technology Sector.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Lonely Desperation of Joads FarmDemocratic Socialists“We need to get a new cow”
2.The Reassurance of A Safe GuardMoralistic Democracy“In God we trust!”
3.The Grand Duchy of Tiberius DeorumDemocratic Socialists“There is now!”
4.The Jingoistic States of ProdyutDemocratic Socialists“Don't poke me!”
5.The Jingoistic States of Eyes of the OwlInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Hoot Hoot! Look forward Brothers!”

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A Nice Warm Cave Regional Message Board

Joads is embracing zombies, cuz we're tired of embracing cows.

The Black Riders? Them fellers seem to lose their way from time to time and end up in the cave. Me and Old Bessie, we always like it when folks stop by and suppress RMB posts.

Post self-deleted by Joads Farm.

Sure is exciting for me and ol' Bessie to watch them Black Riders fellas ride into "battle" again. The Cave is no match for such fierce warriors.


Post by Corruptionland suppressed by Improving wordiness.


1 year 69 days ago

If you are corrupt, then come to Corruptionland!

Our goal is to become the "most corrupt" region in NationStates!

(We can do other fun things too, but that's the number-one objective.)

All corrupt nations must join Corruptionland!

(Please check our regional WFE for the current minimum "Mugabe Relativity Rating" required for membership. And please check your "Analysis" page under "Corruption" to see if you meet that.)

And remember our motto...

Corruption is its own reward!

Home. Hi Joads.

Hello, just flying thru on our way south.


Post by Principality recruitment agent suppressed by A Safe Guard.

Principality recruitment agent

279 days ago


I am Richard, from Principality of Valconesia, which I'd like you to join!

Principality of Valconesia is a relatively new region with plenty of potential to grow. We offer equal opportunities to all those who join, whether they are new players or seasoned NationStates veterans, and will strive to make everyone feel welcome and work towards building a great community!

You can find our offsite forums here: http://w11.zetaboards.com/PR_of_Valconesia/index/. Feel free to check it out as it is there where most of the fun takes place. We have it all there! Roleplays, politics or just the general discussion or chit chat for anyone to participate in.

Feel free to telegram me any questions you may have and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. I hope to hear from you soon!


Richard I
His Royal Majesty the Grand Prince of Valconesia


Post by The imperial storm trooper news bot suppressed by A Safe Guard.

The imperial storm trooper news bot

267 days ago

Do you want to fight? Do you want to use military action in NationStates? No need to worry! This is the place for you!

The Imperial Storm Trooper Legion is a region dedicated to raiding in all forms. What is raiding you say? That you can find out by simply telegramming The imperial storm trooper. But, in short, it is an easy and fun way to attack other regions.

This is a small and new region, but the Founder is an experienced raider who is dedicated to creating a custom experience to all new members. You will find a nice home here, unlike the other raiding regions that are too big to cater to new members.

I don't mind them Black Riders fellers raiding the cave every other week but me and Ol' Bessie don't care too much for their supressin' what folks post on the rmb.

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