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Today's Featured Region: Kingdom of Alexandria

~*~ Kingdom of Alexandria ~*~

Welcome to Alexandria, a fresh community with experienced hands. A place to call home for people seeking a fresh start, a new way and prepared to work hard in building their new home. Home to a mixed fantasy-Athenian theme with elements from the long running videogame series, Final Fantasy to make it unique amongst the NationStates world and split into three counties. Come and find out for more to see how you can play a part in shaping a fresh world with others!

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Today's World Census Report

The Least Corrupt Governments in the World

World Census officials visited a range of government departments and recorded how frequently bribes were required to complete simple administrative requests.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
99711.The People's Republic of ProspyritaeniaFather Knows Best State“Bow to the might of my hand”
99712.The United States of MILITARY ZONEFather Knows Best State“We Will Live Free Or Die Fighting For It”
99713.The Dictatorship of SwigistanCorporate Police State“إرهاب!”
99714.The Grand Duchy of FlandrensisCorrupt Dictatorship“Flandrensis Domi Nostrae.”
99715.The Colony of Doug FunnieCorrupt Dictatorship“Unleash the Powers of the Quail”
99716.The Republic of BorinquennWA MemberFather Knows Best State“Ad victoriam, non sibi sed, patriae.”
99717.The Kingdom of VerenziaIron Fist Consumerists“Faith is Strength”
99718.The Empire of Planet Trade OrganizationPsychotic Dictatorship“Futile courage is only a chilling elegy”
99719.The Republic of New West FrisiaCompulsory Consumerist State“In Naam van Oranje”
99720.The Theocracy of Catholic Virgin IslandsCorporate Police State“God helps us to walk on the right way”
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