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The world contains 140,438 nations in 18,707 regions.

Today's Featured Region: The United Kingdom of the Netherlands

Welcome to the United Kingdom of the Netherlands, We are a peaceful region with a historic monarchy, an active forum, and a welcoming community. Netherlands is the seat of power for the United Netherlands, visit out forum to find out more!

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Sovereign: HI&RM Richard I | Princess Imperial: Kara | Prince of Orange: Alexander O'Brien

| Speaker of Staten-Generaal-Citizens Assembly: Ellie

Updates & Notices
- Featured 11-12-13
- Charles IX named Prince Royal

Today's World Census Report

The Safest in the World

The World Census ranked nations on a variety of scales to produce an indication of how safe a country is to visit.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
97901.The Empire of LUKE THE CONQUERFather Knows Best State“We live and survive”
97902.The Matriarchy of InesrinrMother Knows Best State“The centre cannot hold”
97903.The Greek Champion Leaders of AEK RivaldomaniaDemocratic Socialists“AEK Ole !! AEK Ole !! AEK Ole ole ole !!”
97904.The Republic of HannitopiaRight-wing Utopia“Don't tread on me, not even a little bit”
97905.The Empire of Castle MiniaIron Fist Consumerists“Acquire, Acquire All”
97906.The Democratic Republic of PyretinaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Advance and benefit”
97907.The Republic of Dino KnightWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Do what you gotta do”
97908.The Angelus Velocitas Eradicato of Project EfficiencyInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Striving For Efficiency”
97909.The Armed Republic of SuperSonic PhantomCorrupt Dictatorship“You can't kill what you can't see”
97910.The Rockstar Bunny Haruhi of XilosylInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Enter the Warp”
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