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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Oceanside18The Technological Terror of Evil Grantica
The New Axis Powers18The Federation of New Russian Union
Dystopian Future with Minecraft17--None--
The Great Roman Empire17--None--
KAISERREICH17The United Imperial Dominions of Canton Empire
The World of Few16--None--
Orbis Terrae15The Royal Empire of Iander
Sacrum Romanum Imperium15--None--
New Democratic Republic of Foothills15The United Provinces of Ectarlars
The United Multiversal Confederation14The Imperium of The Conez Imperium
The Derpy Dominion14The Grand Duchy of Akasmia
Order of the Knights of Pigcheese14The Jingoistic States of Nazgulgrad
International Union of Socialist States14The Grand Bumbledom of People Who Say Ni
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by Max Barry

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