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RegionNationsWA Delegate
The Fascist Union337--None--
World Alliance240The United States of Muchos Estados Unidos
The Alliance of Dictators224The Greater Intergalactic Empire of Servoth
Esamir186The Democratic Republic of Blukon
The Greater German Reich118The Democidal Dictatorship of E D F
Black Mesa Islands108The Infinitesimal Decimals of Johto and Kanto
The Confederation108The Grammatically Profound State of Vichtander
Fifth Empire86The Imperium of The Vekta-Helghast Empire
Coalition of Sovereign Nations47The Republic of Magonia
The Purist Puppets37--None--
The Union of Fascists36The Holy Militaristic Empire of The United Kingdoms of Austinarya
Test Region Please Ignore37The Republic of Jimi Hendrix Experience
The World After The Flash33--None--
Orbis33The Crowned Republic of Villeron
The Axis of Evil30The Unholy Imperium of The Wounded Love
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by Max Barry

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