The Regions

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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Oblast da Geopolitica8The Allied States of The Great Empire of Naegling
The Alliance Pocket Universe7--None--
The Ascendancy7--None--
Terra Corvus6--None--
The Midgleyverse6The BillNyecracy of Nerdingham
Global Imperium Of Nations6--None--
The United Confederacy of Doom6--None--
Engeos6The Armed Republic of Coristis
The Freedom Fighters Coalition5--None--
Janetland5The Omniscient Crackhouse of The Psychic Rabbits
Somewhere Out There5--None--
Jennifers Treaty5--None--
The Union of Capitalist Meritocracies5The United Socialist States of The Mechanical States
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by Max Barry

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