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RegionNationsWA Delegate
The Association29The Armed Republic of Orcish States
The Lost Galaxy and Wasteland Nations26--None--
Commonwealth of Allies25The People's Confederacy of Afrikaanza
Homestuck21The Blue Holy Zombie Community of Cimpl
The Revolutionary Council21The Hispanic Republic of Fenshamsland
The Scout Promise20--None--
Pokemon World15The Queendom of Gardevoirland
Republic of Channel Island15The Republic of Democratic Republic of Black Power
The Senate and People of Rome11--None--
The Heavily Armed States of Zohiania2--None--
A Van Down by the River9The Hip 2 B Square of Percy J Pickleface
Minecraftia8The Socialist Minecraftian State of Alexatian
World Changers5The Nomadic Peoples of Los Quebrados
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by Max Barry

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