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RegionNationsWA Delegate
North Africa16The White Sands of Yoh-en-Boeit
South East Asian Comunity16The People's Republic of Nusantaran Sundaland
The Pacific Coast Alliance16The Republic of Pianoforte
The League of Reformed Socialist States16The Eastern Roman Republic of The Don River
Alliance of CBHS15The Social Anarchy of Coblentrekania
Empire of Andrew15The EPCOT and Conch Republic of Timmy City
Orbis Terrae15The Royal Empire of Iander
Communist International15--None--
Sacrum Romanum Imperium15--None--
The Nine Ring Federation15The Free Land of The Brotherhood of Outcasts
Alliance of Democratic Social Republics14The Democratic Republic of Mongolian Liberty States
Libcom14The Free Land of Syndicalist Bohemia
The Derpy Dominion14The Grand Duchy of Akasmia
Aeterna Publicae14The Hippie Communal Agora of Centro-Progressive Peoples Entity
International Union of Socialist States14The Grand Bumbledom of People Who Say Ni
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by Max Barry

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