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RegionNationsWA Delegate
North Korea118The United Socialist States of Chaego
Esamir116The Social Democracy of New-Zealand
The Darwin Allied Republics111The Großen Sozialistischen Reich of The federal republic of Simonia
Hippy Haven94The Mostly Harmless Nation of Hicdarr
United Sovereign Socialist Republics89The Federation of Socialist Federative Republic of Sornia
Black Mesa Islands83The Infinitesimal Decimals of Johto and Kanto
United Left Front79The Soviet Socialist Republic of Jnania
NationStates Sesquipedalian Countries65--None--
Das Kommune62The United Socialist Federation of 4years
The International Communist Union43The Proletarian Republic of New Langsia
The Communist Party of NationStates42The Marxist-Leninists of United Marxist Nations
Juche Union41The Union of Socialist Republics of Russia
The Remnants of The United Study Group40The Federation of The Eastern Antarctic State
Congress of Armed Proletarian States36The Class War Zone of Teksi
Nationalist Commonwealth of Free Regions35The Holy Imperium of Man of Gigaverse
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by Max Barry

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