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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Hippy Haven85The Republic of NovaTora
The Confederation78The Kingdom of Morisco
Esamir81The Kingdom of Duresia
Australia74The Kingdom of King Rankmore
International Socialism53--None--
League of Sovereign Nations49The Empire of Muzztopia
The Darwinish Coalition45The Autonomous Empire of Nhissaatiire
The Utopian Freesocialists43--None--
The United Federative of the UCE PUPPETS39--None--
The Communist Party of NationStates38The Vanguard Party of Ruzslava
New Socialist Bloc38The Community of Covington Diggity
Union of Socialist Soviet Republics35The Democratic Republic of Ezo and Tohoku
Nova Roman Empire36The Empire of The Great New Germany
New World Union33The United Federal Republic of Agham
Coalition of Sovereign Nations31The Republic of Magonia
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by Max Barry

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