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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Lazarus3,154The Comrade Chairman of Funkadelia
Osiris3,001The Phairly Phorgetphul Pharaoh of Cormac A Stark
Europeia723The Mouse-a-rific Mousetastic Moderator Mousedom of Mousebumples
Wintreath463The Republic of De La Malvarma
Europe406The Democratic Republic of Jenesia
Yggdrasil355The Shining Cartel of South Titania
The Independent Order343The Planetary Federation of Sintroa
Coalition Of Freedom308The Commonwealth of Republic of South Carolina
Glorious Nations of Iwaku268The Hakurei Fargonianism of Albrook
Equilism259The Victorious Fighting Buddhas of The Monkye
Democratic Socialist Assembly257The Democratic States of Terlibe
Renegade Islands Alliance249The Intelligent Lifeforms of Lichto
New Warsaw Pact249The Federation of Riflemoor
Spiritus214The Peace and Love of The Salaxalans
Esquarium192The People's Republic of Namor
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by Max Barry

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