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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Eladen33The Oracle Queendom of Virulent Racism
The Holy Land of D Spence30The Arrow in the Knee Region of Stormblade
Monkey Island31The Doctoral Monkey Feet of Mousebumples
The Unseen Imperators Puppet Farm29--None--
Lavinaria29The Tribal Federation of Benuhal
The Refuge26--None--
Angels of Derp24The Democratic Geniocracy of Ceffyltir
The United Cats21--None--
Ponychan21The Liberal Society of The New Dog Nation
Amerikanisch Empiredom21The Aggressive Dick-tatorship of Coltvania
Psychotic Dictatorships20--None--
The Bad Place19--None--
Xooberon Almighty18--None--
Space Sector RPRA18The Defensive Pacifist Nation of Sneaky Bastards
Minecraftia18The Holy Minecraftian State of Alexatian
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by Max Barry

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