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RegionNationsWA Delegate
The West Pacific5,148The Doom Cricket Sensei of United RussoAsia
Taijitu401The All-House Union of Myroria
Lone Wolves United110The United States of Nolandisland
Military Intelligence Section Six82The Republic of The Israel Jews
Calefacta Aquas Piscinae78The Hot Tub Sanctuary of Peullaton
Esamir72The Democratic Republic of Blukon
Hell61The Red Mad Zombie King of Hell of The Stalker
Greater Ixnay59The Latin Empire of Lacus Magni
Kitain57The Wspólnota z Trzy Republiki of Pacific Brotherhood of Steel
Antarctic Oasis50The Flaming Pirates of Bloodstone Kay
Monkey Island51The Confederate Dominion of Separatist Peoples
Ankh Mauta46The Holy Marmalade Republic of Esternial
Realm of Unrestricted Science39The Scientific Collectives of Frenequesta
Global Right Alliance28The Not So Holy Red Blue Utopias of Bodegraven
Psychotic Dictatorships28--None--
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by Max Barry

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