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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Federation of Anarchist Communes10The Federation of Folkvangr Anarchists
Alliance of Democratic Social Republics10The Democratic Republic of Mongolian Liberty States
Erabor Union10The Democratic Dynasty of Nihilakh
Taranos10The Constitutional Monarchy of Meriad
UAA10The United Kingdom of Swednor
Union of pacific islands10--None--
The United Commonwealth10--None--
HVMUN10The Federal Republic of United States of Iver
Imperial Federation10The Protectorate of SOPCinder
Associated States10--None--
The Dub Nation10The People's Republic of Jahlibertad
Delicious Friends10--None--
Eurasian Socialist Union Warzone10The Circle Made of Squares of The Solarais Republic
Erheben10The Empire of Insinir
The Confederation of Donnach10--None--
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by Max Barry

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