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RegionNationsWA Delegate
New Vegas7The Regional Command of UNNCR
Ponychan7The Republic of JamesJoycia
The United Empires Of the Raht Sea6--None--
The Empire of Xia Qai6--None--
Nations of the Death Metal Military6The Enlisted Navy Seal SWCC of Isles of the United Armed Forces
New North America NNA6The Rebuilding Repulic of Probaptical
The League of United Nations6The Draconic Kingdom of Vulkaniya
Arcana Alliance6--None--
Kingdom of Saxony6--None--
Carpe Diem5The United States of Zolentia
Ukrayina5The Matriarchy of Pearlamia
Empire of Oceania5The Empire of Great Celtic Empire
The Dawnguard5--None--
United Space Corporations5--None--
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by Max Barry

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