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RegionNationsWA Delegate
The Confederation of Unity28The Imperial Republic of U n i t y
Holy Rome24The Union of People's Republics of Boergandina
United Poland Union23The Parliamentary Monarchy of Rzeczpospolita Krakowska
The World of Few18--None--
The SOP19--None--
New Brannack20The Orthodox Nationalist empire of Tigerus
The Embassy17The Empire of The party for money
The Classy Confederation18The Grand Duchy of Creona
The Coalition of Free States16The Federal Republic of Deutsch-franzosische
Pharos15The Empire of Renastera
Vivion15The Sultanate of Sahrla
United Legion of Peacekeepers15The Holy Eternal Empire of HYDRA-Russian Empire
Free Countries Treaty Organisation14--None--
The Socialist States of the Philippines13The Indomitable Spirit of The Brave Barili Cebu
The Royal Imperial Directorate13--None--
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by Max Barry

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