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RegionNationsWA Delegate
The Revolutionary Council19The Socialist Meritocracy of Huntertopia
The HeadWall Monastery19--None--
The Heavily Armed States of Zohiania18--None--
United Socialist and Democratic Nations18The United Kingdom of New Wondour
Andaba16The Constitutional Republic of Mallandia
The Dictators league16--None--
Kanada15The Queendom of Thneeeeeeedville
Turkic Union14The Republic of Qazaq Eli
The International Communist Union13The Democratic Socialist Union of Vashtanaraada
Hapes Consortium13The Irn-Bru Guzzling People of Zeontarg
East Mediterranean Treaty Organization12The Democratic Republic of Efthymia
Natan Region11--None--
The United Nations Of The North Atlantic11The Kingdom of Poldarias
The SOP11The Strength of Eminemily
Germilar11The Holy Empire of BARSUNA
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by Max Barry

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