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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Aeldorin18The Holy Militant Empire of DEC-LAND
United Poland Union16The Kingdom of Rzeczpospolita Krakowska
Dorocena16The Discovered Land Of of Jagz Nation
Eastern Place13The Republic of Spotland
Bunicken12The Federation of The Dalmatian Cities
The SOP12The Strength of Eminemily
Glenda Dawson HighSchool11The Democratic Republic of Chowderopia
Union of Republics10The Kingdom of ShaoLei
Dyst United9The Military State of Aesea
Eowyth Union9--None--
Minecraftia9The Ender Minecraftian State of Alexatian
The Conservative Coalition8The Grand Duchy of GraySoap
The Little Guys United8The Sultanate of Saudistania
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by Max Barry

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