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RegionNationsWA Delegate
The Heavily Armed States of Zohiania16--None--
United Socialist and Democratic Nations16The United Kingdom of New Wondour
Turkic Union15--None--
The Dictators league15The Dictatorship of New Sworway
The Revolutionary Council14The Socialist Meritocracy of Huntertopia
Vertaramin13The Allied States of Germeria
Hapes Consortium13The Irn-Bru Guzzling People of Zeontarg
The SOP11The Strength of Eminemily
The International Communist Union10The Egalitarian Proleteriat of Vashtanaraada
The United Nations Of The North Atlantic9The Kingdom of Poldarias
The Democratic Republic Union10The Republic of Aurlias
Union of Republics9--None--
Coalition of Post Apocalyptic States9The Federal Republic of Republic of Diana
The High Council of Aevum8The Machine Imperium of Novum Alexandria
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by Max Barry

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