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RegionNationsWA Delegate
East Mediterranean Treaty Organization9The Free Land of Cmyrnia
Empire of Oceania6The Empire of Great Celtic Empire
Equilism288The Federal Republic of Collatis
Europeia895The Cheesy Potato Monstropolis of Mousebumples
F R S S N27The Soviet States of Peoples Liberation Republic
Falkland Islands1--None--
Federation of Free Countries3The Federation of New Commonwealth of Australia
Fraline Union11The Armed Socialist Republic of Globana
Glenda Dawson HighSchool4--None--
Grand Counsel of Imperial Nations1--None--
Grand Federation of Miscellaneous Powers6The People's Republic of Glenistan
Hammerhead One1--None--
Hapes Consortium13The Irn-Bru Guzzling People of Zeontarg
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by Max Barry

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