The Regions

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RegionNationsWA Delegate
The Coalition of Democratic Nations254The Grand Federation of Brechalht
British Isles238The Premier League of TottenhamSpurs
World Alliance228The Grand Empire of Xolox
The Eternal Knights215--None--
Esquarium218The State of Democratic Koyro
United Sovereign Socialist Republics211The Federal People's Republic of Socialist Federative Republic of Sornia
The Coalition of Governments207The Crimson Dawn Vahric Empire of Vanhania
Imperium of the Wolf195The Wolf Chief of Themightymanuel
Commonwealth of Liberty187The Bundesreich of Paramountica
Sovereign Charter185The Democratic Empire of Enfaru
Ainur183The Holy Empire of Augustus Telcontar
Atlantian Oceania175The Free Kingdom of Falcania
Mordor177The Dark Lord of Malkir
Wysteria169The Brains Are In The Freezer of Hydroponic Nation
New Coalition of Nations168The Great Republic of Republic of new santiago
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by Max Barry

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