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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Sanctum352The Artistically Dark Lordship of CreepyCut
World Alliance251The Federation of Serenarea
Illuminati141The Imperial State of Jalona
Sunalaya161The Community of World Assembly System of Yaramaqui
Esamir71The Democratic Republic of Blukon
Coalition of Catholic States27The Empire of Synaxis
The British Empire22The United Kingdom of GreatBritainandIreland
Kvatch65The Kvatchian Hofkinaar of Iscaren
The Republic Nations63The Communist Régime of Terminal Isles
Calefacta Aquas Piscinae81The Hot Tub Sanctuary of Peullaton
United Empire of Islam51The Emirate of Turkhestan
The Empire of Tamriel63The Colovian Kingdom of Western Cyrodiil
The Church of Eris13--None--
Holy Lands4--None--
Military Intelligence Section Six76The Republic of The Israel Jews
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