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RegionNationsWA Delegate
10000 Islands1,052The Island Republic of Markanite
A World Power21The Federal Republic of Bassyruk
ACA8The Militant Nation of Sheltopolis
Achigh Kien3--None--
AFCC Patria Forces6--None--
Africa63The Union of Chungilio
Ainur183The Holy Empire of Augustus Telcontar
Alamiralia14The Sovereign Confederate States of The United Terran Republics
Alaran peri quan preciad20--None--
Albion418The Somewhat Emotional Delegate of The Royal Hapsburgs
Alliance of Absolute Monarchs32The Papal Duchy of Belique
Alliance Of Armed Nations36The Cultured Utopia of New-Netherealm
Alliance of Non Like Minded States3The Holy Queendom of Nitiy
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by Max Barry

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