The Regions

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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Ausozera66The Iron Superpower of Vanquaria
The Mars Space Colony63The Refounded Republic of The Dark Creed
The World Story59The Federal Union of Libertaria-Columbia
The Apartment Block57The Armed Republic of Bone Fort
The Confederation55The People's Free State of Vichtander
Black Mesa Islands53The Fibonacci Sequence of Johto and Kanto
The Republic Nations49The Federal Republic of Universal Socialism
The Reckoning46The Emirate of Riyahd
Frontier45The Capitalist Kingdom of Infinitzerland
Oceania41The Protectorate of Spanish Micronesia
Icarus39The Interstellar Domain of Solocon
League of Christian Nations37The Constitutional Republic of Union of Christian States
Realm of Unrestricted Science37The Scientific Collectives of Frenequesta
Deritan Meillur36The Royal Republics of Communist Espana
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by Max Barry

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