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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Balder4,075The Ancient Nordics Lands of Solorni
Albion514The Free Land of Moolaha
The Land of Kings and Emperors401The Nick Powell of Aelbarrow
Commonwealth of Liberty220The United States of Paramountica
Confederacy of Allied States208The Sonacist People's Assembly of Scotatrova
The Alliance of Dictators203The Greater Expansion of Servoth
New Europe125--None--
The Confederation88The Confederacy of Dumia
Esamir90The Kingdom of Duresia
Coalition of Sovereign Nations83The Republic of Magonia
Ioraqus80The People's Republic of Wadden-Amrum
Ultimum Terrae66The Second Tunda Confederation of Cazzador
American Union66The User-Friendly Democracy of Nearly Finland
The Empire of Tamriel61The Colovian Kingdom of Western Cyrodiil
Commonwealth of Diverse Nations60The Federal Vielan Republic of Ortis
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by Max Barry

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