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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Christadelphia13The Republic of Gsenlingf
The Heights13--None--
Yerushalem VI13The Queendom of Wicconian
Alliance of Democratic Social Republics11The Republic of The New Middle Eastern Alliance
The Combined Empires of Blackeir11--None--
The Alternative Left11--None--
The Socialist States of the Philippines11The Democratic Republic of The Brave Barili Cebu
The Epic Pony Region11The Epochal Equine Empire of Eastern Equestria
Atmoran Commonwealth11The Lokolteiren Lokoltei of Faal Lot Himdah
The United Regions Of The World11--None--
The Trump Hotel And Casino10The Sultanate of Chef Ron-Ben Israel
The Coalition of Free States10The Matriarchy of Baxterville
Egypt10The Two Horizons of Ra-Harakhte
Bloodbender Heaven10The 人民国 of Onlae
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by Max Barry

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