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RegionNationsWA Delegate
India59The Democratic Republic of INDIA WAALE
The Utopian Freesocialists45--None--
South Orkney43The Most Serene Republic of Savoy-Habsburg
International Republican Union33The Constitutional Monarchy of The Independent Carolina
UDN28The Most Serene Republic of Allicia
The Collective Regional Association27The Federal Republic of The Collective Regional Association
The World of Narnia26The Most Serene Republic of Parenthos
Yerushalem VI21The Queendom of Wicconian
Cretanja Queendom21The Empire of American Great Empire
The New Alteran Empire21The Populist Empire of Karsopolis
France21The People's Trotskist Republic of Rakipuland
Zhaucauozian Friendship20The Mods want tacos fiefdom of Lunatic Goofballs
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by Max Barry

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