The Regions

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RegionNationsWA Delegate
New Republica40--None--
India40The Assassin Den of Kolkatta
Pyandonea37The Social Democracy of Bodobol
A Liberal Haven36The Commonwealth and Outer Isles of Garchyland
My Pants27The Empire of Freeland and Manland
The League of Reformed Socialist States28The Revolutionary Republic of Kavamkao
Nations Under the Rador25The Free Land of Amslandia
Islamya25The Theocracy of Al-Banya
Atmoran Commonwealth24The Democratic Republic of Alister
France23The Democratie reelle of Gaiah
Latinoamerica23The Republic of Mateara
Vertaramin22The Allied States of Germeria
United Nations of the Moon21--None--
Ring of Fire17--None--
Kanada17The Borderlands of Extinct Aftermath
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by Max Barry

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