The Regions

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RegionNationsWA Delegate
The Weart44--None--
New Republica36The Federal Republic of Woolwark
A Liberal Haven33The Commonwealth and Outer Isles of Garchyland
The League of Reformed Socialist States29The Constitutional Monarchy of Lockewood
Onett Asylum26--None--
Nations Under the Rador24The Free Land of Amslandia
Bloodbender Heaven24The Jinsan Teirin Kisa of Onlae
Orbis23The Federal Commonwealth of Regica
United Nations of the Moon23--None--
Zhaucauozian Friendship22The Happy Flying Meadow of Three Weasels
Egypt21The Theocratia Pesedjetus of Ra-Harakhte
France22The Democratie reelle of Gaiah
The Orion Pact20The Empire of Majarcus
United Cookies22The Holy Empire of Cookieanity
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by Max Barry

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