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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Onett Asylum31--None--
Artificial Solar System29The Honorable Empire of Animadversion
The United Lands of SFHS28The Nomadic Peoples of The Paradoxical Space
The Spiral Arm27The Insouciant Pause of Reverency
United Federation of Planets27The Dragon Master of Aksun
The Lost Galaxy and Wasteland Nations26--None--
Dictatorship of the Velociraptor24The Empire of Blitzenberg
Warhammer 4000025The Hive World of Bakarussian
SideWalk Zone24--None--
United Nations of the Moon23--None--
Grand Alliance23The Holy Four Realms Sphere of Gaian Ascendancy
Kepler 10c20The Colony of Tenno State
The Core Galaxy20The Star Republic of Kestvala
Realm Infinituum20The Sovereignty of Vortukia
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by Max Barry

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