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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Conservative League84The Foundation of Conservative Values
The Great American Union79The Democratic Republic of Le Cruise
Absolution77The Militaristic Federation of The Sheika
Antarctica77The Trenchant Order of The Voltarum
Laissez Faireholm55The Motors of Lincoln Sydney
Union of Proletarian States54The Community of LOLAF
Antarctic Oasis55The Flaming Pirates of Bloodstone Kay
The Empire of Tamriel56The Independent Army of Western Cyrodiil
Monkey Island52The Confederate Dominion of Separatist Peoples
Holy Rome50The United Republics of Great Jergania and Jonland
Land of Eagles48--None--
The Confederation of Unity50The Empire of U n i t y
Eladen43The Principality of Liberidad
Coalition of Sovereign Nations41The Republic of Magonia
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by Max Barry

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