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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Eurasian Socialist Union139The Constitutional Duchy of Merlinton
Union of Free Nations128The Arabian United States of Egyptos
European Union127The Democratic Republic of Occoron
American Union117The Republic of Tessen
Geopolity120The United States of Imperial Eagle
Commonwealth of Diverse Nations115The Empire of The German Iron Lands
Changes in Latitudes Changes in Attitude107--None--
Coalition of Sovereign Nations104The Republic of Magonia
Historia Novorum98The Infallible Republic of Morevonia
North American Federation94The Presidency of Our Governator
Frontier94The Constitutional Monarchy of Infinitzerland
Austritaria94The Republic of Grand Britaria
The Crown Federation of Recon94The Kingdom of Keralia
Kennan86The Military District of Vinco
NeoConfederate States of America83The Scientocratic Free State of Scientificum
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by Max Barry

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