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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Geopolity102The United States of Imperial Eagle
The New Commonwealth Society104The Proud Nation of Tabcorp Park
European Union97The Democratic Republic of Occoron
League of Sovereign Nations101The Empire of Muzztopia
Esamir99The Social Democracy of New-Zealand
Austritaria93The Republic of Grand Britaria
Hemithea92The Hierarchy of Feroxi
NeoConfederate States of America87The Empire of Sparta12
Tychrome100The Imperial Chancellorate of Lyrasona
The Darwinish Coalition87The Chibi Paris of Shiny Charizard
The Supreme Union82The Empire of Dawinia
Yerushalem VI100The Moon Worshipping Death Cult of Morlodania
Union of Free Nations76The Republic of Ruiru
The Allied Republics76The Federal Drakan Republic of Obito
Commonwealth of Allies69The Porklips Prevention Agency of Nordenwald
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by Max Barry

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