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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Wysteria145The Brains Are In The Freezer of Hydroponic Nation
The Supreme Union138The Union of GTCJ
The Royal Alliance125The Imperial Commonwealth of Paseo
European Union124The Democratic Republic of Occoron
Geopolity123The United States of Imperial Eagle
Union of Free Nations120The Arabian United States of Egyptos
The Greater German Reich103--None--
Eurasian Socialist Union104The Constitutional Duchy of Merlinton
Commonwealth of Diverse Nations101The Federal Republic of Amsterwald
Changes in Latitudes Changes in Attitude95--None--
Austritaria89The Republic of Grand Britaria
The Crown Federation of Recon88The Kingdom of Keralia
Atlas87The Potahto Lerd of Confederacy of Bavarian States
The New Commonwealth Society82The Free Confederacy of Cumberlanda
Frontier82The Kingdom of Omanadesh
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by Max Barry

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