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RegionNationsWA Delegate
The United States of Freeport50--None--
Unified Coalition of Nations50The Arcadian State of Promethius Prime
Philippines50The Holy Republic of Ariusgrad
WAYNE 201650--None--
Celtic Nations49The Queendom of Faunhaven
Alstroemeria48The Dominion of Gunji-Gun
Wheels of Boredom50--None--
The Respected Realms49The Free Land of Tiltpa
The Grand Imperial Alliance49The United Kingdom of Alexandria-Prussia
Libertarian48The Amerikanisches Reich of ThinkPads
The United Immaculate Empire48The Empire of Lothairia
United Empire of Islam48The Islamic Emirate of Turkhestan
WRHSAPGOV201548The Holy Empire of Le grand dieu du feu
Bracara et Caralis48--None--
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by Max Barry

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